Are Bearded Dragons Smart? | Understanding Their Intelligence

Bearded dragon owners know this and many wanting to get this reptilian, ask the same question, ‘are bearded dragons smart?’ While we hold the answer to this question for a while, it is essential to mention that all creature on Earth is capable of taking care of themselves, and they are pre-programmed to know what kind of foods and environment will suit them.

So, maybe the question about bearded dragons being smart should be something like, ‘are bearded dragons as smart as or smarter than other pets or not?’ Bearded dragons are reptilians that originate in deserts and arid regions where there is less water. However, when you keep them at home, some of their characteristics change according to their new habitat.

Are Bearded Dragons Smart

How Smart Is Your Pet Dragon

Bearded dragons are smart reptilians and they can handle themselves and their surroundings well when they have to. What does being smart mean to you? Does it mean that the bearded dragon can sense what is good for it and what is not, so it can take care of itself? If yes, then the answer is that yes, bearded dragons are very smart and they understand how to protect themselves and survive on their own.

If you want the bearded dragon to fetch its own dinner and live in a clean tank, then, of course, you are being slightly unreasonable as it is a crawling reptile that cannot function like humans! However, when compared to numerous animals, these reptilians are quite smart and can understand various situations according to their needs and requirements. Moreover, you can read Are Small Bearded Dragons Are Easy To Pet.

How Smart Is Your Pet Dragon

An Interesting Experiment

European researchers did an experiment to understand if bearded dragons could work together and open a wire gate to have access to food. One trained bearded dragon was kept with seven untrained bearded dragons. When the trained dragon opened the gate by itself, each of the seven followers was able to learn and do as the trained dragon did. Moreover, when a controlled group was observed, four bearded dragons that did not see a trained dragon open the door were unable to open the door.

This experiment puts quite a few things in perspective regarding the bearded dragon’s smartness. These reptilians can see and learn, but they cannot learn by themselves. While the experiment was about opening doors, it can be concluded that dragons cannot do things that are not in their natural habitat. However, the things that they are programmed to do, they will do well!

For example, if a bearded dragon is given squash as a whole vegetable, it may be able to bite into it and open it to reach the pulp. This is because they are programmed to find food for themselves. However, if you will place water in a covered vessel, they might not be able to get to it if they do not know where the lid opens. This experiment nullifies the belief that bearded dragons are not evolutionary creatures because they have the ability to change their ways to suit their lifestyle. Bearded dragons are followers of true imitation, which means that they can be easily trained to live at home.

The Ability To Learn

When any animal is able to learn, it becomes a good social adapter and can well-adjust to its environment. Bearded dragon owners will like to know this because everyone wants a pet that can be tamed, and may live according to the ways that their owners feel are good for them. You can show your bearded dragon where their food is, how they can bask in the sun each day, and even how they can thrive in the environment you provide.

The Bearded Dragon Habitat

When you get the bearded dragon home, you put them in a tank with a basking stone, a UVB light, and even dishes in which you give them water and food. However, the wild dragon will not know what each individual facility can be used for, and this means that they will not know how to use it. If you teach them where to sit when they are ready to absorb some light, where to turn if they have to eat, and which plants to use as a night-time resort, these dragons will learn it all!

Similarly, their appetite and food requirements can also be managed. In the wild, bearded dragons eat as much as is available and as much as their bodies need due to the extra exercise. However, if you reduce their diet according to their physical activity in a confined space, then there is no way that these bearded dragons will not follow! They learn, and they are smart enough to follow what they have been taught for their benefit. Also, find out Are Bearded Dragons Friendly.

Bearded Dragon Habitat

This also denotes that bearded dragons will follow what is for their benefit. These reptilians are aware of what is good for them and what isn’t. There can be numerous things that are not fit for your pet dragon and the more you teach them how to stay away from them the will. Pet owners can train their bearded dragons in ways that are going to be beneficial. Whenever you are looking for some training tips, remember, that teaching them by example is a good idea. Bearded dragons are smart creatures and they will learn soon.


Bearded dragons are smart reptilians and they can learn fairly quickly. Whenever you are ready to train your pet, be sure that they will be good followers and will become social, and interactive in their own ways. These reptilians have a good capacity to learn and they will adapt to their environment in a short period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bearded dragons learn their meal times?

Learning meal times is not a difficult task, and bearded dragons are smart enough to understand and adjust their appetite according to the time that you train them to eat.

Do bearded dragons have the ability to understand what we say to them?

Bearded dragons might not respond to verbal instructions but if you show them something they will be able to follow easily.

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