Can You Put 2 Baby Bearded Dragons Together? | Can They Coexist?

Bearded dragons are reptilians originating from the deserts of Australia. Nowadays, many families wish to keep these animals as pets and therefore they want to know how to care the best for them. Can you put 2 baby bearded dragons together? Get to know how they like to live so that you can ensure that well-being. Like any other pet, owners believe that a baby bearded dragon will be a good choice because they will understand its nature and it can adapt to the new environment more readily. However, if you decide to get two baby dragons, what will it be like?

Can You Put 2 Baby Bearded Dragons Together

Baby Bearded Dragons In Pairs

Bearded dragons like to be independent and they are quite solitary in nature. You may have seen two dogs, cats or even birds live happily together, but when it comes to bearded dragons, try to get a single one because they can fight over dominance and many other issues like owner attention. If the two bearded dragons are males they will not show signs of dominance at first, but as they grow, they would want to set the rules of hierarchy among themselves.

Getting a male and female bearded pet will be fine because females are usually unconcerned with dominance and hence the male does not feel threatened. Whereas two females can live together in a tank quite peacefully for a few months until they have boundary issues. One way or the other, bearded dragons in pairs will cause some complications and it is better for pet owners to keep the dial as down as possible.

Baby Bearded Dragons In Pairs

Two Male Baby Dragons

When you get baby bearded dragon males, their primary concern will be to get good nutrition and grow. Dragons as young as three months old will not fight among themselves but they will require your attention and care. We have been telling pet owners that these reptilians are subtle animals but when it comes to needs like food and care, they require full attention.

As the two males will grow they will have space issues and also dominance issues. As babies, you can place both the male dragons in one tank because they will not need a lot of space and can learn a few things from each other such as drinking from the water pool or choosing a corner for their daily excretion! However, the advantages of sharing a tank are not as many as the disadvantages! If you see a bearded dragon sitting in the corner while the other dragon is roaming freely, do not get alarmed! These young males will try to set their boundaries as early as possible and the stronger one will win!

Two Male Baby Dragons

A Male And A Female Bearded Dragon

If you bring home male and female bearded dragon babies, they will live peacefully in a single tank. It is crucial to mention that the tank for young dragons can be small but if you are getting two dragons together, and each of them requires space, it is best to get a big tank and set it up in a way that the space is equally divided.

A male and female dragon will not fight as they grow although their nutritional needs are going to be different. Owners must ensure that they feed the two dragons according to their needs. You must know how much calcium and protein to feed male and female babies because their adult life will be deeply impacted by that. As the pair will grow older, they will not have dominance issues and will be living rather peacefully!

A Male And A Female Bearded Dragon

Two Female Baby Bearded Dragons

If you keep two female bearded dragons together, there will be lesser supervision to do for sure! The female dragons are not as fixated on dominance and do not compete with one another for nutrition needs. However, the tank will have to be bigger as these females will grow and demand more space for each of them.

Even female dragons can have fights and they may get violent, especially if one is invading the other’s space and is a threat to their nutritional fulfillment, however, it will not be as violent as two males can be.

How To Avoid Male Dominance

You may keep two male baby dragons in a tank but as they grow, separate them. As soon as you see your male dragons nodding their heads or raising their arms to show submission, it is better to separate the two dragons because they might become more violent or may cause harm to each other. Instead of amplifying the supervision, it is easier to allow independent space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my male bearded dragons kill each other?

Bearded dragon babies cannot kill each other however, they may become hostile toward each other. If the two are the same size, there will be no threat to everyone but they can be the cause of stress for each other.

What can I do to keep both bearded dragons happy together?

Owners can set up the tank in a way that the bearded dragons enjoy their exclusive space. So that they can live peacefully without any threat from others.


Many pet owners will ask if they can keep two baby bearded dragons together in a tank. While this can be possible, there are some precautions and things to consider for every pet owner. Get to know all about bearded dragons’ cohabitation and then decide whether you want to get two baby dragons, or just one. Also, you would love to read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Baby Food.

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