Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts? | Safety Tips & Guidelines

Everybody loves peanuts as a part of their daily treats. Whether you enjoy them as butter, with chocolate or candy, or on their own, peanuts are everyone’s favorite. Can guinea pigs eat peanuts? It is natural for new pet parents to ask this question. However, the answer differs from what you hoped it would be. Peanuts are unsuitable for guinea pigs, and you should avoid feeding them to your pet.

Guinea pigs are furry and small, and their digestive system is very sensitive. These creatures can eat many kinds of fruits and vegetables, but nuts are a big no. If you want your guinea pig to thrive and live happily, remember to keep nuts away from them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts? All Explained

Guinea pigs rely on roughage, minerals, and vitamins for their daily nutrients and general health. The vitamins, protein, and calcium contribute to the guinea pig’s primary health, while roughage makes it easier for this creature to digest food.

When you feed nuts to guinea pigs, they will not only get unwanted nutrients but will also be at risk of choking. Peanuts are rich in fats and protein, which can make the little guinea pigs obese, and the high protein can cause constipation.

Peanuts are small, and eating them would mean getting choked if the guinea pig swallows them whole. Choking may result in serious consequences, and you might see your pet pass out due to the stress and inability to breathe. The ideal way of giving these rodents anything to eat is to cut them into bite-sized chunks, and peanuts are smaller than that. Moreover, this legume is hard and may be hard to chew, so the chances of swallowing them whole are high.

The amount of fat in peanuts is many times more than adequate for guinea pigs. You can see the list of nutrients below to see how damaging peanuts can be. Read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mushrooms next.

Nutrients In Peanuts For Guinea Pigs

Peanuts are full of many beneficial nutrients for humans. However, many of these nutrients do not suit guinea pigs. Find out more about the nutrition of peanuts here:

Fats: The amount of fat in peanuts is around 49 grams in 100 grams. This staggering figure encompasses the 6.3 grams of saturated fats, which can be a problem for heart health. The high-calorie peanuts are energizing due to their high-fat content.

Carbohydrates: The amount of carbohydrates and sugars in peanuts is also high, with a total of 16 grams, out of which 4.5 grams is sugar. High sugars also contribute to the risk of obesity, and you may see your guinea pig become inactive and heavy. As they gain weight, these creatures will not be able to exercise and run about freely, and as a result, their daily food consumption will reduce, and they will get weak internally.


Protein: Peanuts are rich in protein, and guinea pigs require them for healthy growth, but excess of this essential nutrient might result in constipation. As they keep getting an excess amount every day, the result can be fibroids in the organs in their body.

No vitamins A and C: The amount of vitamins in peanuts is very low, and guinea pigs require vitamins A and C more than other small creatures. Vitamin A keeps their eyesight strong, and vitamin C prevents infections. Guinea pigs are prone to both, so their vitamin A and C intake must be good. Peanuts do not offer these crucial nutrients. You can also see Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dandelions.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peanut Shells And Peanut Butter

No, peanut butter and peanut shells are also forbidden as they also damage guinea pigs’ health. Peanut shells can choke these small creatures. Although there is high roughage in peanut shells, the choking hazard and the harmful nutrients will make them a bad choice for these rodents.

Peanut butter is soft and may have chunks. The chunks can cause choking while the butter is too soft for guinea pigs’ dentition.

These little rodents have big teeth that keep growing. They need to eat hard foods that help fill the teeth and keep them short. If guinea pigs start eating soft foods, their teeth will keep growing and will cause serious problems.

What Happens If Guinea Pigs Eat Peanuts

If you are not feeding your guinea pig pet any peanuts, there is a chance that they nibble on it if you are having some and drop a few. If this happens and the guinea pig doesn’t choke, you can only fear a bad tummy ache or diarrhea for a short while.

However, if the guinea pig gets choked, try and remove the peanut by pressing on the guinea pig’s tummy. You must seek medical assistance immediately to ensure that there is no remaining peanut in the throat. For more knowledge, you can check Can Guinea Pigs Eat Leeks?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will peanuts kill guinea pigs?

No, peanuts will not kill guinea pigs but they do not offer any benefits. The fat and carbohydrate content can cause obesity and inactivity in these rodents. It is better to replace these legumes with more nutritious food.

What kind of nuts can I feed my guinea pig pet?

All nuts are harmful to guinea pigs because they can choke these little creatures. Moreover, the nutrients in nuts are not healthy for guinea pigs. You can fill your guinea pig’s palate with fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

What should I do if my guinea pig is eating peanuts?

You must discontinue serving these legumes to guinea pigs. There is no nutritional benefit, and the small size of peanuts can choke your pet. If you have been feeding peanuts until now, eliminate them from their diet and ensure that you give them ample vitamins A and C daily to fill up the deficiencies.


Can guinea pigs eat peanuts? While these nuts are good for us, they can harm guinea pigs. There is a high fat content in peanuts, and there are no vitamins. Moreover, carbohydrates are also high. You must avoid this legume for your guinea pig pet. Since guinea pigs do not eat a lot of food, make sure that you feed them only nutritious and beneficial foods. Also, read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potato.

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