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Bananas are one of the most eaten fruits around the globe by human beings and no doubt their delicious taste leaves us longing for more, but is this the case with our beardies too? It is an undeniable fact that bearded dragons love fruit and bananas are one of their favorite tastes too. But can bearded dragons eat bananas like us?

The brief answer to your question is yes! Beardies can eat bananas, however in a controlled amount and not too often. Although we gobble up this fruit whenever we want, lizards can’t do the same. This is due to the different body nutrient requirements of these small reptiles.

To start with, a caretaker must know all about the meals he or she is feeding the exotic pet. And so, not only should he know how often the meal should be fed, but also the benefits and disadvantages of that particular meal. But no need to worry, you will find every informational fact you need to know about feeding bananas to your pet right here!

Nutritional Values of Bananas

We’ll start by sharing the calories and nutrients in the fruit. These are the values for 100 g of bananas. You can analyze the table to understand how beneficial or harmful a banana is for your pet.

Nutrient Value Unit
Water 74.91 g
Energy 89 Kcal
Protein 1.09 g
Fat 0.33 g
Carbohydrate 22.84 g
Fiber 2.6 g
Sugars 12.23 g
Calcium, Ca 5 mg
Phosphorus, P 22 mg
Sodium, Na 1 mg
Vitamin C 8.7 mg
Iron, Fe 0.26 mg
Magnesium, Mg 27 mg
Potassium, K 358 mg

Why Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

Bananas are loved by beardies and if you feed them in a restricted amount, they enjoy multiple benefits too.

Firstly, they are loaded with potassium. Potassium has several health benefits in the body. It helps in healthy muscle contractions and also aids the nervous system. Moreover, potassium molecules in the body maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by preventing high blood pressure. Potassium also plays a role in regulating fluid balance.

Secondly, bananas are packed with fiber. The dietary fiber enhances bowel movement and keeps the digestive system clean. It keeps the body safe from stomach problems like diarrhea and constipation.

Lastly, the vitamins in the satisfying fruit serve many benefits for a living being. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are greatly efficient in improving the development of the tissues, and organs. The vision is enhanced and the dragon is saved from night blindness too. Moreover, the immune system and the reproductive system are fortified. The muscle tissues and the bone tissues are strengthened too.

Why Can’t Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas Often?

Bananas are not a staple food. Therefore they cannot be eaten often. Consuming any food in excess will lead to serious health issues for your beloved pet.

Firstly, bananas contain a lot of sugar. The high amount of sugar leads to various fatal health issues. Ripe bananas are already high in sugar and many of the times they overripe to turn brown, these brown ones are even higher in sugar. It can cause high blood pressure and dental issues like decay. More importantly, it can cause obesity which then results in laziness, heart problems, kidney problems, and liver diseases.

Moreover, excess consumption of bananas can also cause metabolic bone disease (MBD) as there is a high percentage of phosphorus in this fruit and so the calcium to phosphorus ratio is very poor. The higher percentage of phosphorus rapidly absorbs calcium and causes a calcium deficiency in the body. The lower calcium can also lead to weaker bones and teeth falling.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

As the downsides of eating too many bananas can prove to be fatal, it is recommended to only feed them once or twice a month.

Bananas should be given in small portions and should be clean and sliced properly in smaller chunks. The chopped bananas prevent the dragon from choking.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Banana Peels?

Yes! Beardies can ingest banana peels safely. The peels of the banana have essential minerals like magnesium and potassium, which are very beneficial for your pet. They also have Vitamin B6 and B12. Both these vitamins have no side effects and only work to enhance the body’s functions.

However, it is best to feed the peels rarely, to prevent toxicity, tough digestion, and excess nutrients.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Banana Leaves?

Yes, banana leaves are very healthy too. They contain carotenoids, Vitamin B12, and polyphenol compounds. These healthy compounds increase the body’s metabolism and keep your lizard active by breaking down fats and proteins. They also strengthen the brain development and nervous system of a bearded dragon. Moreover, it also benefits the immune system by making it stronger. Therefore, beardies can safely eat banana leaves if you feed them in small amounts and only sparingly.


Yes, beardies can eat bananas. The fruit is rich in potassium and other vitamins along with fiber. However, excess feeding should be avoided as it can cause major health concerns. It is recommended to feed small chunks of bananas as salad toppings once or twice a month only.


Can bearded dragons eat dried bananas?

It is best to feed only fresh fruits to your pet. Dried bananas have excess sugar as they are sweeter in taste. The high sugar content will harm your pet’s health as it will cause high blood pressure, dental decay, and obesity.

What other fruits can the bearded dragon eat?

There is a list of fruits that a beardie can eat, but remember fruits should constitute only 20% of the whole diet. The major part should constitute insects, greens, and vegetables. The fruits that a beardie can eat include mango, watermelon, figs, apple, peach, apricot, papaya, dates, etc.

Can bearded dragons eat brown bananas?

No, you shouldn’t feed brown bananas to your pet. The brown bananas are overripe and hence contain a lot of sugar content. And as we have mentioned, excess sugar can cause high blood pressure, obesity, dental decay, and other derived diseases.

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