Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus? | Nutritional Analysis

So you got a bearded dragon home and now you are confused about what to feed it. You might look through the fridge and pantry to find something that will suit them. It is natural to start with foods that you like, and you might even ask, ‘Can bearded dragons eat asparagus?’

There are some vegetables and fruits that are found in every kitchen. Asparagus may be a simple and pleasant veggie to try, but is it going to suit your dragon pet? You will have to know more about the nutritional needs of your pet, and of course, it will always help to know what is in each vegetable to understand if it is suitable for your new pet or not.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the common types of vegetables and it is also a safe and healthy vegetable for a bearded dragon. However, it is not guaranteed that your bearded dragon will love to eat asparagus because of its strong flavor and bitterness. This vegetable is rich in nutrients which include vitamins C, A, E, and K. It also contains minerals such as fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium, and many more. But can bearded dragons eat asparagus every day? Is asparagus a good food source for your dragon?

Asparagus For Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons can eat asparagus occasionally because the good nutrients are not in the proportion that will suit bearded dragons. This veggie has a good amount of nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants, fibers, calcium, phosphorus, and many more. Furthermore, you may also want to know What Plants Can Bearded Dragons Eat.

Nutritional Facts About Asparagus

Vegetables are always healthy for a balanced diet of bearded dragons. Vegetables are rich in nutrients, Asparagus contains all sorts of nutrients inside it. The nutritional chart below gives the values of nutrients in 100 grams of Asparagus according to the US Department of agriculture.

Nutrient Value Unit
Vitamin K 41.6 ug
Vitamin A 38 ug
Vitamin E 1.13 mg
Vitamin C 5.6 mg
Vitamin B6 0.091 mg
Vitamin D 0 ug
Iron Fe 2.14 mg
Sodium Na 2 mg
Phosphorus P 52 mg
Calcium Ca 24 mg
Sugars 1.88 gram
Fibers 2.1 gram
Carbohydrate 3.88 gram
Total lipid (fat) 0.12 gram
Protein 2.2 gram
Energy 20 kcal
Water 93.22 gram

As you can see Asparagus has many nutrients which provide a health boost for your bearded dragon. Firstly, Asparagus has 92% of water which keeps your bearded dragon hydrated and boosted. But if it is fed daily to your bearded dragon then it can cause diarrhea.

Secondly, it contains a good amount of Fiber that will save your bearded dragon from an upset stomach and it helps them with proper digestion. Thirdly, Asparagus has phosphorus which is good for the kidney and muscle function of a bearded dragon.

In addition, it contains vitamin C which makes a healthier and stronger immune system and also adds to the reproductive health of these bearded dragons. It also contains vitamin E which heals the damaged cells of your beardie, while vitamin K is essential for blood circulation.

Last, but not least, it also contains a small amount of protein which helps your bearded dragon build strong muscles.

Can Asparagus Be Harmful To Them

Just like any of us cannot consume our favorite candies and fat-rich foods, bearded dragons also need some balanced nutrition to lead their day toward a healthy life. Asparagus can pose some risks if pet owners are not careful about how to feed this veggie to their bearded pets. You can avoid choking or even impaction of the intestine due to semi-solid food stuck in them by cutting them into small little slices so they can eat the asparagus much more easily.

Can Asparagus Be Harmful To A Bearded Dragon

Asparagus also contains a good amount of fiber which can cause inappetence, diarrhea, and digestion problems, which can become more serious if asparagus is fed as a full meal. If you are a responsible owner of your little bearded dragon then you must know that it is very important for them to consume calcium more than phosphorus. However, if they don’t consume much calcium then the result is for your bearded dragon suffering from an illness like a metabolic bone disease.

Unfortunately, asparagus contains a very low amount of calcium and a higher amount of phosphorus which can lead to much more serious illnesses. So, bearded dragons should only be fed on a small quantity of asparagus and also in moderation. It also contains a good amount of oxalic acid, which is also known as oxalate. It is much similar to phosphorus acid; oxalic acid can also cause metabolic bone disease. Also, check out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn.

How Much Of This Vegetable Can They Eat

Asparagus can be given to the bearded dragon but in a controlled amount and occasionally. This vegetable consists of 92% of water which is a very high amount of water and it can cause digestive problems like diarrhea. Bearded dragons can eat asparagus three to four times a week. However, we cannot say for sure that they will like this vegetable because of its bitter taste. Although these vegetables cannot be eaten as a full meal, they can be garnished on full meals for your bearded pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bearded dragons eat cooked asparagus?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat cooked asparagus because it will be easier to chew and swallow than raw for your bearded pet and when the asparagus is cooked it decreases the oxalates, making it less likely to metabolic bone disease for your bearded dragon.

How to prepare asparagus for a bearded dragon?

If you want to cook asparagus for your beardie then cook it without oil, pepper, salt, or any other ingredient. If the asparagus is too big then you must chop the raw or cooked asparagus into small pieces so they won’t choke.

Can a baby bearded dragon eat asparagus?

Yes, a baby bearded dragon can eat asparagus but I recommend that you don’t give them any. At this age, they need 80% of live food and 20% of vegetables. There are many other healthy and nutritious vegetables other than asparagus such as collard greens, yellow squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, etc.


Like many other healthy vegetables, asparagus is also rich in nutrients but too much of this vegetable can lead to many serious health issues. They should only be fed three or four times a week and in a restricted amount. Giving asparagus in moderation will keep your bearded dragon healthy and safe. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers.

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