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From practicing veterinarians to home-grown pet lovers, our team consists of a variety of writers who love to share their experiences with all of you. Pets are precious creatures who cannot communicate the way humans do, hence some special attention to their psychology so that we can care for them the way they should be cared for. Bearded dragons are different from the mammalian pets most people keep at home, and that is why we understand the importance of knowing more about them. Every piece of information aims to provide the basic knowledge that pet owners need to design daily meals and the tender loving care that will keep your bearded pet thriving.

From nutrition safety to the utmost care and gentle touch that you can provide, we try that authentic and well-researched knowledge is selected for all of you. Now you will know what this silent creature is up to, and how you can ensure that it stays happy and healthy.


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We aim to provide all new pet owners, and aspiring bearded dragon owners the basic information about their reptilian pets. Gone are the days when people limited their pet choices to cats and dogs. Now, you can bring home a subtle and passive bearded dragon and enjoy its company. Our team of writers and editors are not only good at what they do but also go out of the way and spend time with pet dragons. These team members are devoted caretakers and know what it takes to ensure a happy bearded dragon pet.

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