Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers? | Are They Harmful?

When pet parents got their cute little guinea pigs home, they are worried about what to feed them. Apart from Timothy Hay, and green vegetables, what else could be a part of their daily feed? Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers? This question is best answered when you know all about these rodents’ nutritional requirements.

Guinea pigs are rodents and they are quite active if their diet is healthy. These creatures cannot make their Vitamin C in the body and have to rely on external sources such as foods, supplements, and multivitamins. Guinea pigs also need to eat greens, and some fruits, so then what kind of salad veggies are good for them?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers? Complete Food Guide

While we are talking about cucumbers, guinea pigs can eat this vegetable. However, you must also know that cucumbers don’t offer a lot of nutrients, and since these small rodents eat less when compared to us, it is better to replace these cucumbers with something more nutritious. Cucumbers are a diet food, and that is why it’s a salad vegetable.

There are a few things that we all know about cucumbers even if we do not know what the main nutrients are, there are some things that are still famous. For example, cucumbers are refreshing, and they also have fiber, which helps regulate the digestive system. Let’s dig deeper and see what is in cucumbers that make them one of the most used vegetables in the world.


What Is In Cucumbers For Guinea Pigs

Cucumbers have the following nutritional value, and there are so many good things about them that make them a good food for guinea pigs:

Water Content: The water content of cucumbers is way more than any other nutrient as they have more than 90% water mass. This is the prime reason that they are refreshing and cool.

Low-Sodium: There is a negligible amount of sodium in cucumbers, which means that they help flush out toxins and promote healthier body functions.

Vitamin C: The little amount of nutrients in cucumbers offers a decent amount of Vitamin C, which is an excellent nutrient for guinea pigs. Your pet will be more active after a small amount of cucumbers.

Minerals Such As Potassium, And Vitamin K: These essential nutrients are a good addition to the diet for guinea pig pets.

All these nutrients are good for guinea pigs so at least we knew that feeding cucumbers will not be wrong. However, there were many other foods that will make your guinea pig pet equally happy while they also offer more nutrition. This is the first indication that while cucumbers are a good food choice for these rodents, there are better things to feed them.

Do Guinea Pigs Enjoy Eating Cucumbers

Guinea pigs are quite human when it comes to the refreshing aroma of cucumbers. Your little pet will love nibbling on cucumbers, and they will eat more than what you’d expected them to take for a meal. This vegetable is a good choice for guinea pigs because they like the taste of this salad veggie. Moreover, it is good for their teeth too.

Guinea pigs have sharp teeth that keep growing. They are drawn towards crunchy foods and a little tougher than squash. This is because they get satisfaction when they bite into it. Since cucumbers are hard, they are a good choice for guinea pigs. Not only because of the taste but because of the satisfaction it gives them. If your little pets can eat cucumbers to feel more comfortable with their teeth. You will not see your guinea pig pet bite into hard materials like rugs and wood because their teeth would be at peace, or at least for a short while. Also, have a look at Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cauliflower?


Guinea Pig Health Requirements

Guinea pigs are rodents and their needs are different from mammals. These pets can have some tough requirements. We do not mean hard to pick vegetables, but hard foods. Timothy Hay and other kinds of grasses are good daily food for them because they offer roughage. These pets will like to nibble all day, and they are going to be looking for food all day. However, keep the top nutrients in mind. These rodent pets will need a lot of roughage, and Vitamin C.

If you do not feed enough Vitamin C to these rodents, they will become weak and develop serious skeletal issues that may become dangerous. Lack of Vitamin C in the body reduces immunity and even makes the body’s functions weak. The skeletal structure will not remain strong and they will lose their activity levels. All creatures are going to be strong only when they are active and can move about. If you want to see an active and loving pet, feed them sufficient Vitamin C.

Excess Of Cucumbers For Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs like cucumbers, and even enjoy eating them, but how much cucumbers are good for them? Try and feed only a few slices of cucumbers as a snack to these furry creatures. If you feed them more cucumbers than this, it can cause diarrhea, and may even result in vomiting.

One nutrient that guinea pigs do not digest well is calcium. If they consume too much of it, this element can cause bladder stones, which can be painful as well as dangerous. Try and keep their daily dosage to a few slices of the vegetable. Any more than that can be excessive pressure on their bladder and kidneys.


Cucumbers With Skin Or Not

If you are feeding cucumbers with skin, it can be very hard for the guinea pigs to chew every bit of it and turn it into a pulp before swallowing. The unchewed chunks with skin can become a problem as they can cause constipation or vomiting in rodents. It is best to serve them only the pulp instead of adding skin to it as well.

The best way to serve this vegetable is to cut it into half slices or even quarter slices and serve them without skin. Your guinea pig will love to eat this vegetable and you will see them happy and active. Also, find out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes With Skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add cucumbers to some other foods and then serve?

Yes, you can add cucumbers to the main meal, or you can even give it to guinea pigs for a snack. They will love cucumbers both ways.

What kind of vegetables can I feed with cucumbers?

Look for any vegetable that is rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients because cucumbers have high water content and can be filling but it does not offer a lot of nutrients.

Will guinea pigs enjoy cucumbers if I shred them?

Yes, you can shred the cucumber pulp and feed it to guinea pigs. As long as there are no skin and hard seeds in the vegetable, guinea pigs will enjoy this vegetable.


Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers? This question goes a lot deeper than a yes or no. Once you get to know what rodent pets need, there will be more to offer them so that you see them healthy and happy. Make sure you serve this vegetable to your guinea pig in small pieces rather than chunky slices with skin. This feeding style must feel like a small detail, but it is the right way to serve this vegetable.

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