Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula? | Nutritional Considerations

When you get a bearded dragon as a pet, it is crucial to know what it will eat, and what has to be off the list forever. Can bearded dragons eat arugula? We all know how healthy greens are, and how we must consume them daily. Green vegetables are quite essential but are they equally good for your pets?

If you are a novice bearded dragon owner, you may end up feeding your pet some vegetables or fruits that are not suitable for them. Moreover, if you do not know how much about the feeding habits of these exotic creatures, it is time you get to know all about them. Even if you believe that greens cannot be harmful, they might not be the best thing for these reptilians. Moreover, the quantity of the vegetable also greatly matters for the sake of its health and survival.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula – All Explained

Bearded dragons can eat arugula, but this vegetable cannot be given regularly. The nutritional value of this veggie is high, but there is a high water content, which has the potential of being harmful to bearded dragons. Too much watery food can upset the stomachs of small animals and may result in fatal digestive diseases, therefore watery arugula should not be given more than two tablespoons per day and should also not be fed on a daily basis.

On the other hand, bearded dragons benefit from this green due to its high calcium content and optimum amount of phosphorus. The calcium helps the young bearded dragons to grow and adult dragons to maintain their bones. Arugula has the ideal calcium content as compared to other vegetables and fruits. Plus, there are also vitamins in arugula that make it a good meal.

Firstly, the rich content of vitamin A keeps the dragon in good health overall if taken occasionally. But remember that too much Vitamin A can cause toxicity inside the lizard’s body. Secondly, Arugula contains a good amount of Vitamin C that enhances the immune system of bearded dragons and makes them stronger against diseases. Lastly, Arugula has Vitamin K which has an overall healthy effect on your pet’s diet. Moreover, you may also want to read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Chard.

Beardies Eat Arugula

Nutritional Facts About Arugula

According to the USDA database, these are the average estimated nutritional values of Arugula per 100 g or 3.5oz.

Nutrient Amount Unit
Energy 25 Kcal
Carbohydrates 3.6 g
Sugars 2 g
Protein 2.6 g
Vitamin A 2373 IU
Vitamin C 15 mg
Vitamin K 108.6 ug
Phosphorus 52 mg
Calcium 160 mg
Potassium 369 mg
Water 91.7 g

Tips On Feeding Arugula

Bearded dragons are not common pets and therefore they need to be fed cautiously. Just as specific as their diet is, so are the ways of feeding them. Here are a few tips on how to feed Arugula to Bearded Dragons.

Tips On Feeding Arugula To Bearded Dragons

Do Not Overfeed The Arugula

To begin with, the first tip has to be to note the number of meals you are feeding your dragon pet. Just as we mentioned above. A bearded dragon should not be fed more than two spoonfuls of Arugula in a day. It is best to bring variety in its meal with other courses like worms and fruits. Make sure they have a balanced diet.

Moreover, arugula can also not be fed to bearded dragons daily. This vegetable has all the right nutrients, and they are healthy but feeding arugula to bearded dragons daily will surely affect their kidneys, thyroid, and liver. This is due to the more than optimum amount of goitrogens in the greens, which disrupt thyroid function.

Chop The Arugula Into Small Pieces

We all know that bearded dragons are small lizards after all. They can easily be choked on larger bites of food. Whether it is greens, insects, or other meals, bearded dragons cannot swallow larger pieces of food easily, they need their food to be broken down into smaller bits. Chop the arugula into smaller pieces according to the size of your pet. The cardinal rule of chopping food to the right size for bearded dragons is to make it smaller than the distance between its eyes.

Buy And Feed Fresh Arugula Only

In addition to feeding nutritious food, make sure you have fresh items in hand. Whenever you are at the market, make sure the Arugula you buy is fresh and not stale. Also, do not store the arugula for too long in the fridge. If your arugula has gotten off, then throw it away, do not feed it to your pet as it might upset its stomach. Also, check out tips to Feed Watercress To Bearded Dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rocket and Arugula the same?

Yes! Rocket and Arugula are the same. Rocket is the other name of Arugula, which is a Mediterranean herb with flavored leaves. Arugula is also known as salad rocket, Roquette, Rucola, and Rucolii. All of these are loved for their amazing flavor in salads.

What other leafy vegetables and herbs can bearded dragons eat?

Bearded dragons can eat a variety of leafy greens in limited quantities. These are mustard greens, broccoli, savory, green cabbage, green beans, bell peppers, parsley, kale, clover, turnip greens, escarole, Bok choy, and some other healthy greens too.

Can I feed Romaine lettuce to a bearded dragon?

Yes, you can feed it to your bearded dragon, however, it is not very healthy for the dragon. It has no calcium value and very few nutritional benefits. You can feed it other salads that are more beneficial like arugula and kale.


Arugula is a great herb and can be a great ingredient in a salad. However, one should be mindful of feeding it to a bearded dragon. They should be fed in very little amounts and not as a main meal. You may also love to read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro.

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