Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries? | Berry Treats For Pets

Guinea pigs can eat blackberries, but only in moderation. Blackberries can be a nutritious snack for everyone and we all know that berries are a great way to get a surge of antioxidants. However, can guinea pigs eat blackberries and benefit from them? All pet parents must know what kind of fruits and vegetables must be fed daily, and which ones should be restricted to once or twice a week. Once you know this, it will be easier to ensure the health of guinea pig pets.

Guinea pigs are small-sized rodent creatures. They do not eat large quantities of food like dogs, but they enjoy big portions of hay and dry pellets. However, the few vegetables and fruits that you feed them will provide vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is essential to plan the daily diet properly.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries? Find Out The Details

Blackberries are a great source of vitamins and they are widely used in so many ways. However, guinea pigs can eat this fruit in moderation. By moderation, we mean that the dose has to be small and you cannot feed blackberries every day. The reason for this frequency of feed is due to various reasons that will become clear when you take a look at the nutrients in blackberries.

As with all small animals, guinea pigs become upset and may suffer from various kinds of illnesses and health conditions when they eat vegetables and fruits that are not suitable. All of us want to see our pets healthy and happy, which means that caring for their diet is essential. Must read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peppers as well.

Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries

Nutrition In Blackberries For Guinea Pigs

Blackberries are rich in many nutrients, and here is a brief detail of the main nutrients found in this fruit. You can understand why you must restrict the dose of blackberries for guinea pigs after reading this.

Vitamins A and C: Vitamin A keeps the eyes healthy and vitamin C is a great source of immunity and strength to combat infections and diseases. An adequate amount of vitamin C makes guinea pigs stay healthy and safe from scurvy and other infections.

Moreover, vitamin C integrates several body systems. Your guinea pig can remain safe from various skin and internal infections which is a big benefit because these rodents are naturally prone to infections.


Fiber: The reason guinea pigs should eat a lot of hay is that they need high roughage for proper bowel movements and a strong digestive system. The fiber in blackberries can be beneficial in meeting the daily requirements of fiber in the diet.

Antioxidants: These compounds eliminate free radicals from the body and make guinea pigs strong as it strengthens the immune system. When free radicals are removed from the body, guinea pigs become healthier and safe from infections. Must check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bell Peppers next.

How To Feed Blackberries To Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs like the taste of blackberries and they would like to eat them, but is it safe for you to feed them every day? No, you must keep the dosage to one or two blackberries served whole. Guinea pigs can easily chew and swallow these soft berries. You will not have to chop or blend them as they are quite small in size.

All pet parents must ensure that they wash the berries properly to remove pesticide sprays or dust from the earth. Berries grow on shrubs and they may have dust on them when you get them from the market. Nowadays, you can buy packaged and fresh blackberries so it is convenient to feed them to your guinea pig pet.

However, it is essential to note that you must not feed candied or canned berries to guinea pigs. These processed berries contain more sugar, which is harmful to guinea pigs. Moreover, there can be preservatives in canned food, which is not good for these small creatures. You can also feed oranges to your guinea pig pet. Check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Arugula next.

Feed Blackberries To Guinea Pigs

Disadvantages Of Feeding Blackberries To Guinea Pigs

Blackberries are rich in sugar, which means that your guinea pig will be at risk of becoming obese. If guinea pigs consume a lot of sugar, their slow metabolism will not allow complete digestion. This results in the rodents storing sugars in their body as fats.

Moreover, the high sugar level makes them anxious and extremely irritable. When guinea pigs gain weight they become immobile and as a result, their appetite decreases. While they look heavy and plump, they keep getting weaker from the inside.

Another reason for keeping blackberries as a weekly treat is the digestive issues that arise from the high sugar in blackberries. Your guinea pig pet can develop diarrhea, and may even get an upset stomach and cramps due to the high sugar.

Additionally, a sugary diet means bad dentition as guinea pigs can get cavities that may hurt when they eat. Tooth infections and painful gums can become serious issues for these rodents. Also, see and find out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will blackberries make my guinea pig ill?

Yes, if you keep feeding blackberries every day, your guinea pig will get diarrhea and may even get stomach cramps due to the upset stomach.

Should I replace blackberries with any other fruit?

If you are feeding blackberries daily, it is best to feed them to the guinea pigs just once a week. If you feed this fruit according to the frequency mentioned, your guinea pig is safe.

Should I feed more blackberries if my guinea pig likes the taste?

Guinea pigs like blackberries but that does not mean that you should feed them freely. Do not feed more than two blackberries per week.


Can guinea pigs eat blackberries? The answer is that you should feed them only once a week. The reason for this is that there is high sugar content in blackberries, which can cause diarrhea and may even make the guinea pigs obese. Many small issues also arise from high sugar levels. Pet parents must introduce low-sugar fruits for guinea pigs and keep this treat for occasions.

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