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Guinea pigs like to nibble on different leafy vegetables. When you begin thinking of things to feed them, your first ideas would come from the items in your kitchen. Can guinea pigs eat arugula? The answer is yes, they can eat it but you will have to ensure that it is in moderation. We all know that some vegetables are all about benefits for guinea pigs. These green vegetables can be fed to your rodent pets every day, but arugula is not one of them.

Guinea pigs rely on dry pellets and hay because their roughage requirements are high. Moreover, the water requirement for these little creatures is not too high because they eat very less when compared to other creatures.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Arugula

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Arugula Or Not

Guinea pigs can eat arugula only once or twice a week because it is not suitable for a daily meal. There are many beneficial nutrients in arugula, but it isn’t the best vegetable for these rodents. Arugula is a green, leafy vegetable that is a loved salad component. Arugula is also served with pizzas, and there are many other ways to enjoy it too. Many people grow arugula, or rocket salad in their gardens and eat it fresh whenever they want.

Green leafy vegetables like arugula will always be a good addition to your salads and food, but for your guinea pigs, they are a weekly treat because of their nutritional value of this vegetable.

To understand why you will have to keep this vegetable for a weekly snack, it is essential to know what is in it. If you know what kinds of nutrients guinea pigs need, and what arugula has to offer, you will understand why you should only feed it only once a week. Check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blackberries next.

What Does Arugula Contain For Guinea Pigs

Arugula is a great source of vitamins and many other valuable nutrients. Let’s take a look at them and see which one fits well in the guinea pigs’ nutritional requirements.

Vitamins: Arugula is rich in vitamins such as vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is much lesser than A in this vegetable, but that is also good because guinea pigs cannot synthesize this vitamin in their bodies. Vitamin A is good for eyesight and there are so many ways in which this vitamin helps various body systems.

Fiber: Fiber is an integral part of the guinea pig diet and you can rest assured that arugula can fulfill this nutrient in the diet. However, the fiber in this vegetable is much lesser than what guinea pigs require daily.

Water: The water content in the arugula makes the vegetable crunchy and delicious. Moreover, the water content in arugula helps guinea pigs stay hydrated.


Calcium: Calcium is a vital mineral for all animals as it strengthens the bones and helps with various body systems. Arugula has abundant calcium which makes it a good choice for guinea pigs. Moreover, this amount is safe as an excess of calcium can cause bladder stones in these rodents.

Iron: Iron is another essential mineral that helps blood cell production and maintains blood health. Arugula has a good amount of iron, and that makes this vegetable a good fix for guinea pigs. However, what is it that makes it an unsuitable daily staple for your rodent pet?

What Makes Arugula Unsuitable For Daily Consumption

Arugula has an extremely high amount of vitamin A, which makes it an unsuitable vegetable for guinea pigs. An excess of vitamin A makes this salad veggie unsuitable as it can cause many minor and major issues for guinea pigs.

Vitamin A is fat-soluble, which means that if taken in excess, the surplus amounts get deposited in the lipid layers of the body. Too much vitamin A can lead to liver and brain damage and guinea pigs storing it in their body will be at risk.

Similarly, high amounts of calcium can be a problem. However, the high vitamins pose a bigger risk for guinea pigs and while these problems begin with minor issues, they can become quite serious. Iron overdose can also cause diarrhea and which causes anxiety and severe loss of appetite. When guinea pigs stop eating, they can become extremely irritable and weak. Also, read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peppers?

Arugula Unsuitable For Daily Consumption

How To Feed Arugula To Guinea Pigs

You can feed arugula to guinea pigs as complete leaves. These leaves are crunchy and can be easily chewed by these small rodents. You must make sure that the leaves are properly washed so there is no trace of dust or any sand.

Arugula grows close to the ground so it can get extremely dusty. Moreover, it is best to grow arugula at home because you do not want to use commercially-grown vegetables that may have pesticides or fertilizers used on them.

A few leaves of arugula can suffice and your guinea pig pet will enjoy them as well. These rodents like crunchy, and leafy vegetables. However, make sure that this dose is only once or twice a week. If you prefer to serve it twice a week, it should be reduced to one leaf per serving.

Two leaves per week can offer good nutrition as the number of vitamins and minerals are high in arugula. If you serve anymore, it might cause an overdose of these nutrients. Furthermore, you can check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Asparagus.

Arugula To Guinea Pigs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is arugula a safe vegetable for guinea pigs?

Yes, arugula is a safe vegetable although if you keep feeding it in excess, the overdose of vitamin A can become a problem for your pet.

Will I have to grow arugula at home?

You can grow arugula at home easily. If you cannot grow it, buy organic one from the grocer because organic arugula will not have any pesticides sprayed on them, or there will be no use of fertilizers.

What other vegetable should I feed my guinea pig?

You can feed any of the allowed vegetables to your pet such as kale, cilantro, romaine lettuce, and parsley.


Can guinea pigs eat arugula? The answer is yes, but you must ensure that the dosage is restricted to only once a week. There are many vitamins and minerals in arugula, which can be in excess if you increase their intake. Pet parents must always try and feed organic vegetables so that guinea pigs become healthy and grow actively. Also, check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bell Peppers.

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