Can Bearded Dragons Eat Coriander? | Safe Herb To Offer?

Coriander is a popular herb and it is used in all kinds of dishes from soups to main courses. If you have a bearded dragon at home you might want it to taste the same kinds of things that you like. Can bearded dragons eat coriander? Get to know what is good for your dragon pet so that you can feed it according to the dragon’s needs

There can be a million items that suit humans but do not suit animals. Moreover, bearded dragons are reptilians with a slow metabolism, which can make their health a problem if they do not eat foods that suit their system. Read on to know how bearded dragons can eat coriander, and what will happen to their health if you give this herb to them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Coriander

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Coriander

Coriander is on the list of allowed foods for bearded dragons. If you want, you can add this herb to the daily mix plate of veggies and fruits for these reptilians. Coriander is a safe plant for these reptilians and there is an aromatic and refreshing taste that can add to the other foods on the plate also. However, when giving food to pets, you have to know what is good for them rather than what tastes good. However, the coriander plant bears small flowers, and such plants can be harmful to bearded dragons. Make sure that you feed your dragon pet coriander that does not have flowers because those plants can harm the liver health of your pet.

Bearded dragons are omnivorous animals that can live on both plants as well as animals. The animals that these bearded dragons eat are actually insects. When you feed your dragon pets veggies and herbs, you are fulfilling their vitamin and fiber requirements. Moreover, calcium-rich vegetables will also be a good addition as protein for bearded dragons but their calcium needs are fulfilled by vegetables and fruits.

Coriander offers good nutrition to bearded dragons because it is not high in water content and has many vitamins. Moreover, the calcium amount in coriander is less, but it is there, so consuming coriander will be a good change for dragons and they will get well adjusted to it if you feed it every day. Please read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint, you may find it useful.

Bearded Dragons And Coriander

What Is In Coriander

Bearded dragons need protein and calcium, we have established this fact by now. Coriander is one of the dark green vegetables. This herb has dark green leaves and a nominal amount of calcium, but due to other benefits, it is acceptable. When you feed this leafy plant to your dragon, they will like it not only for the taste but also for the benefits.

This herb has a lot of magnesium, Vitamins A and C, and is a rich source of iron as well. Calcium may be low in this herb but as long as the other nutrients are high, you can rest assured that your pet will benefit from this herb.

What Is In Coriander

Bearded Dragons Can Eat Certain Vegetables But Not Others, Why

There are a few vegetables that have a lot of calcium and therefore, they are allowed. However, many veggies do not have high calcium. While some low-calcium vegetables are allowed, others are not. The reason for that is phosphorus. Phosphorus is an element that can hinder the absorption of calcium in bearded dragons and that can be harmful. If the calcium absorption is not sufficient, these dragons can have soft bones, which leads to paralysis and metabolic bone disease. This disease leads to death in most cases unless it is detected in its early stages.

Bearded Dragons And Healthy Vegetable Intake

When bearded dragons eat allowed vegetables on a daily basis, their calcium absorption remains fine and they become very healthy. Their bones keep growing and they remain active. Coriander and other allowed vegetables have a good impact on bearded dragons and if they remain within the range of these foods, they will not fall ill or become unhealthy. Their growth patterns will be fine all through life. Also, check out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Collard Greens.

What If Bearded Dragons Eat Coriander Once A Day

Since coriander is an allowed vegetable, bearded dragons can have it once a day without any unwanted side effects. The side effects of coriander can only be healthy and happy bodies and an active pet for you! If pet owners feed their bearded dragons coriander every day, the only impact it will have is that the dragons might enjoy an aromatic meal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What other herbs can dragons have?

Bearded dragons can have basil and thyme along with coriander. You can ensure that they remain healthy by giving them the allowed herbs and vegetables only. It can be exciting to see your dragon enjoy its meal and coriander has a strong aroma that will make it visible to pet owners that their pet is loving their meals!

Will bearded dragons eat coriander stems or do I have to give them leaves?

You can chop coriander into small pieces and sprinkle it on top of the vegetables that you give to your bearded dragon every day. The vegetables also have to be cut up into small chunks that are smaller than the eye size of your pet. If you give them bigger chunks they will not be able to swallow them crushed, which means they might get choked intestines which can lead to irregular bowel movements.


Bearded dragons can have coriander because it is an aromatic herb and can also offer essential vitamins and minerals. When bearded dragons consume this vegetable daily, they become more and more healthy, and they might even enjoy the smell and taste of coriander along with other vegetables. You can see your bearded dragon pet thrive with this veggie so go ahead and add it to their daily palate.

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