Small Bearded Dragons | Care And Considerations

Whether you have a bearded dragon as a pet or you are considering getting one, it is necessary for you to know which one you should select. Are small bearded dragons a better choice or adults? Such decisions can change your experience and even the requirements for caring for these creatures.

Bearded dragons are not picky eaters like it is notoriously believed. However, there are some food restrictions, or rather, some food preferences that must be followed if you want to see them grow healthy and happy. Many pet owners do not get into these details but the truth is that if you care for your dragon from an early age, and feed them foods that are good for them, they will grow into healthy adults. Let’s see if getting a small bearded dragon is better or if you should get an adult pet dragon to ensure that it is easy to care for them nutritionally and emotionally!

Small Bearded Dragons

Get To The Pet Shop And Observe

When you get to the pet shop, observe the bearded dragons there. Which one appeals to you? Is it the tiny one that is moving around with more energy than the older one? Whichever one appeals to you should be your first choice. However, when you decide on getting an adult or infant, the first step has to be to find out what kind of food and how much of it you would have to give it. While we all want to pet a dragon that appeals to us, its well-being and health are also important!

Small Beardies And Their Nutrition

Bearded dragons have to consume calcium and protein in high amounts. The reason for this is that calcium is integral to their bones and protein is the muscle-building tool! When you decide to adopt a small bearded dragon, ensure that its calcium intake is fulfilled by non-dairy sources such as fruits or health supplements. The pet shops often supply prepared bottles of liquid calcium enhanced with vitamins and minerals along with some portion of protein. You can feed various vegetables to the small bearded dragon so that it enjoys the munching activity and grows well before your eyes!

Small Dragon Vs Big Dragon

Small bearded dragons are cute and will keep you entertained. You will feel like you got a new companion who is willing to sit with you for as long as you like. However, these creatures are solo survivors in many ways and would love to return to their tank or exclusive enclosure. Young and small beardies are adorable on their own. However, if you already own an adult beardie, things can get serious for the little one!

Small bearded dragons Vs Big Dragons

These reptilians have a dominant nature and they tend to assert their superiority when they co-exist. The older bearded dragon can injure the small one only to take the pledge of submission. Many small dragons become hurt and may even bleed a lot if they are left with an older bearded dragon. Dominance can be a killer for these little reptilians and you would have to keep an eye if you got a small dragon pet as a companion to an adult one.

Care For Growing Bearded Dragons

Your small beardie will grow up fast. If you provide them with the right kind of environment, you will see them grow rather quickly. At each stage of growth, the nutritional requirements of dragons changes. If they consumed only a few insects, some small pieces of veggies, and the calcium liquid. They will rely more on solids and insects now.

The change in nutrition will mean that you might have to rely on a better vegetable and fruit salad prep for the pet. However, the food group preferences remain the same. If your bearded dragon is small, it consumes less solids. However, as it grows, its inclination will change from liquids to solids. Also, have a look at Are Bearded Dragons Smart.

Small Dragons In The Tank

If this is your first time getting a pet, know that they require an exclusive place to live from day one. These reptilians are solo creatures and from the first day, you will have to set up the tank for small dragons just like you would for an adult dragon. Small bearded dragons need UVB lamps for external heat, and they would also need all the other necessities like a basking stone or a plantation area where they can hide and sleep. You cannot take these small creatures lightly, they mean business when it comes to requirements!

Why Do Small-Bearded Dragons Become Still

Ever noticed that your bearded dragon becomes still while standing or basking? The reason is that it either sees its own reflection in the glass, or it is simply enjoying a lot! Such behaviors are common and while they may worry new pet owners, they mean only temporary thought processes or reactions.

Behaviors I Should Watch

Small bearded dragons can be quite entertaining. If you felt that they are behaving differently or if they are not in their usual mood it can be due to numerous reasons. These reptilians are not very expressive but their behavior speaks louder! If you see your bearded dragon gets angry and scratch you, hiss at its image, or even dig the tank’s floor, these behaviors show anxiety and restlessness. A quick check on their surroundings can ensure that they are not upset or they do not have any disturbance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will small bearded dragons need the same size of tank as adults?

Small bearded dragons might enjoy a smaller tank but since they grow up fast, we always recommend that pet owners get a big tank once. It is hard to change tanks after every few months because of the fast growth of the dragon.

Will small bearded dragons get scared in the dark?

Bearded dragons are programmed to be alone and they survive well when they are in their tank. You do not need to worry that they will not be able to sleep in the dark. These small creatures can survive well on their own.

In A Nutshell, Small Is Fun

Small bearded dragons can be delightful pets as you see them grow and the bond becomes special. However, at each step of their life, you need to ensure that you feed them well and keep their surroundings according to their needs to ensure that their behavior remains calm and you get to enjoy them as much as they enjoy their new home.

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