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Bearded dragons are reptilians that originate in the deserts of Australia. However, you can get them anywhere you live, and you will have to know which place is best for getting a pet. But where to buy bearded dragons that will come with a complete record?

Before we answer this, you must also know why a complete record is essential for pet owners so that they can care for their pets effectively. We all keep pets because we want to see them thrive and find a companion in them. Here are some ways to find the best pet shops and breeders near you, and you can try all of them after knowing why a reliable source is essential.

Where To Buy Bearded Dragons

Why Are Pet Shops And Breeders Of Any Importance To Pet Owners

When you buy a bearded dragon, you would need to know its correct age. When you have to care for your dragon, you need to know the right age to ensure that it gets proper nutrition. If you get an infant, the food will mainly be based on the daily calcium and protein intake in liquid form. The right age in months or weeks will help you determine the number of nutrients essential for the dragon.

Moreover, the breeders or pet shop can tell you if the dragon is from the wilderness or if was it born in a controlled environment. Wild bearded dragons are sturdier in nature, and they are accustomed to their natural habitat, which will impact how soon they will adjust to your home. Also, read all facts about bearded dragons too.

5 Ways To Find Bearded Dragons

There are various ways in which you can find reliable breeders and pet shops. One way is to search the various Internet tools. You can put in the search of where to buy bearded dragons near me, and you will get many options:

5 Ways To Find Bearded Dragons

Google Maps

You can find pet shops near you on Google. This search engine can provide you with directions as well as the timings of the shop and its contact numbers in case you want to call before visiting. Google Maps also gives the searchers reviews from all the people that have visited and tried the services of any particular place. These reviews can help you decide if you want to try it out or not.

Internet Search

When you search for bearded dragons on the Internet, a list of websites comes up, and you can see where each pet shop is. This list may consist of only pet shops because individual breeders do not have websites that will show up on any kind of communication radars! However, pet shops are also an excellent way to find dragon pets. Moreover, these shops take care of the pet for some time, so they know if there are any characteristics that you must know about the creature you buy from them!

Reddit And Interactive Forums

If you are looking for unedited and unfiltered sources of information about bearded dragons, take a look at the various Reddit threads about bearded dragon providers. These can be breeders or local pet shops that sell bearded dragons. The people who have bought pets from such places share their experiences, and they can also help you know all the things that you must find out before getting a pet dragon. These forums are an excellent way to find out a lot of information on caring for bearded dragons and knowing how to look for a better breeder.

Social Media Forums

The various social media forums have communities and groups that focus on pets and their upbringing. Finding a good breeder can be more challenging if you look for it on Google. However, these forums will help you find breeders that many people have relied on before. A breeder is essential because they ensure that healthy and stable pets are sold. They select the fittest dragons to breed, and the result is a potentially healthy dragon that will be a good pet for you.

Reaching Out To Individuals

When you see reviews on Google or on any Facebook or Instagram page, the individuals who share their experiences can be a good resource for sharing personal concerns one-on-one. These individuals can help you with the contact numbers and maybe even share details of their pet who has laid eggs and maybe has baby dragons.

Individual bearded dragon owners can be a good resource, and who knows, if you are lucky, you can find a bearded dragon among these owners who are willing to give away one of the hatchlings after they are stable!


People looking for pets often search, ‘Where to buy bearded dragons near me?’ While you can find many pet shops on the Internet, there are some intelligent ways to find the best options around your location. Try out all the ways we have mentioned here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to find bearded dragons in my city?

Nowadays, you can find bearded dragons anywhere. Thanks to breeders and pet shops, every city has various outlets where bearded dragons are available for adoption and pet owners. You can simply ask around or visit the nearest pet shop to find a healthy and happy dragon!

Why do I need a reliable breeder or pet shop?

Like any other animal, bearded dragons that are bred from healthy parents will be healthier too! If you want a healthy and happy pet, turn to a reliable breeder or shop to get your new pet. Dedicated breeders and pet shops keep a check on the age of the dragon as well, and that can be of importance to owners for various reasons.

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