Are Bearded Dragons Friendly? | Temperament Explained

If you have ever observed bearded dragons closely in pet shops or at a friend’s place, you might have thought that they seem aloof and unconcerned with their environment. They do not respond if you snap your fingers, and they will not wag their tail when you pat them. Are bearded dragons friendly creatures or are they hostile?

Bearded dragons have a unique nature and that is why many people want to keep them as pets. These reptilians have a very disciplined and self-centered routine, and that does not mean they are selfish. Instead, they focus on themselves and the things that impact them. You will find several proofs of their amicable nature, and once you know this side of them, you will want to keep one with you!

Are Bearded Dragons Friendly

Bearded Dragons As Pets

Bearded dragons are good pets as they do not create any noise, or mess and respond to their owners after some time. When these reptilians pass the early stages of their acclimatization in the new place, they will become comfortable and at peace. This is when they will begin to show signs of familiarity and attachment. However, it will not be like other animals because these dragons are passive creatures. As pets, bearded dragons are quite self-engrossed and do not mind if they remain in their tank all day. However, these pets will interact with owners and will show some signs of attachment when they are patted or made to sit close.

Bearded Dragons As Pets

Bearded Dragons With Humans

When you bring home a bearded dragon, it will take some time to get used to the new environment and that’s natural too. These animals need time to adjust to new faces, and a new home, and even the meal timings and menu will be different! These changes take time for these subtle and passive creatures to get into the swing. However, once they know they live with you and that you care for them, they will not stress out and show their discomfort anymore.

Bearded dragons are quite friendly with humans. Yes, they will not come and cuddle neither will they sit on your hand or on your feet, asking you to pat them, but they will look at you without wondering who you are and what you want! If you have been around a dragon you will know what we mean!

When you pat them they will respond by lying low and allowing you to love them. Similarly, they will look at you when you speak. The look in their eyes will tell you that they are fond of you. The love with your pet can be an emotional bond because these creatures cannot speak and will not let you think that they do not care about you. You can interact with your pet dragon and each time you will feel as if they know what you are talking about and will respond in their own way. Also, find out Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets.

Bearded Dragons With Humans

Bearded Dragons Are Cuddly In Their Specific Ways

As we mentioned earlier, these pets will not wag their tails or lie on the floor before you to get some petting love. These dragons will enjoy sitting close to you and will love to watch television or listen to soft music. They will show signs of satisfaction while you are close.

Moreover, if they do not see you for a few hours, their distress will be visible in their behavior. These dragons can become restless and anxious. Moreover, they show stress marks on their bodies, and their hissing and head bobbing might also increase. All these signs show how upset they get when they do not see their owner. The way these dragons react to different things is not only appealing but will make you keep them close forever.

Bearded Dragons Cuddly Behavior

Male And Female Bearded Dragons

The male bearded dragon is more of a dominant and outgoing creature than the female. Female dragons are shy and do not interact as much as male dragons. However, they are not hostile. Both genders need time to settle in their new home but once they do, they become attached to the owner and will require some time and love. These pets feel comfortable when their habitat is complete, in case anything is missing they become restless and anxious.

Pet owners become a part of the environment for these dragons. If they do not see their owners, or if they get a vibe that their owner is upset or worried about something, they become anxious and stressed. These gestures, or rather, a way of loving the owner make bearded dragons excellent companions. You may also want to know Do Bearded Dragons Have Feelings?

The Daily Amiable Environment

Bearded dragons are not misbehaving pets. It is not as if one day you return home to see that they have created a mess. These creatures remain in the tank, and yes, even if they dig around the tank it is not too much of a hassle. However, if due to any circumstances these reptilians feel that you are angry with them or you are not happy about something they did, they will react to it. This shows that bearded dragons like an amiable environment and will not enjoy any kind of upset situation, even if you believe that disciplining them or showing their displeasure is acceptable.

Frequently Asked Question

Do bearded dragons bite?

Biting is an angry gesture by the bearded dragon and is usually done when they are upset and confused about something in their surroundings. If you try and hold them and they bite, it might be due to their inability to recognize you as the owner, or maybe they are not happy with something they ate! Otherwise, when these creatures are happy and content, they do not bite at all.

Will bearded dragon come to me for a pat?

Bearded dragons love to be around their owners. If you are sitting and reading a book, the dragon can sit next to you for hours only to enjoy the closeness. You will enjoy their subtle way of demanding time and love.


Bearded dragons are friendly animals and they love their habitat, including the pet owners. For these creatures, cuddling and petting is a subtle expression of love and they respond to it. Some creatures can be hostile but bearded dragons are not among them! These animals are friendly and only show distress during the adjustment phase in a new place. When they will feel good about their surroundings, they will become friendlier than they seemed at first.

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