How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs? | Step-By-Step Guide

If you have a pet dragon who has now become an adult, you might wonder about its reproduction cycle, and if you have a female dragon, it might be time to make room for it to lay eggs. Learn how to incubate bearded dragon eggs so that you can help them in this natural process, and ensure that they remain safe and healthy!

Bearded dragon females can lay eggs when they are not even a year old, and this will mean that they need your attention quite early on in life! Pet owners will have to know how to tell when the dragon female is ready to lay eggs, and what they should do to ensure that everything works well.

How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs

How Do Bearded Dragon Females Behave

Bearded dragon females start laying eggs at the age of eight months and this cycle continues till they are a few years old. When it is time for these dragons to lay eggs, they become lazy and begin spending more time on the basking rock.

In a few weeks, you will notice that their belly has swollen up and the eggs can be felt under their skin.

Bearded Dragon Females Behave

When the bearded dragon is about to lay eggs, it begins acting irate and may start digging and scratching the floor of the tank. Furthermore, you may see them hiding behind plants and hissing if they do not find a warm spot.

At such times, owners must provide a safe hiding place that is not cold. You can place another lamp in that area, or maintain a slightly higher temperature than you usually do so that even the corner covered with plants is warm.

It is possible for female dragons to lay eggs even when they are alone and there is no male bearded dragon with them. Sometimes owners separate their male and female dragons when they think that they might come to the age when they will reproduce.

However, did you know that a bearded dragon female can hold sperm for almost seven months? This means that if you have separated the bearded dragons only a month before the female laid eggs, there is a high chance that these eggs will be fertile.

Sometimes the bearded dragon female may also eat one of the eggs if it feels that it needs some nutrition. Moreover, owners have to care for the dragon that lays eggs because the egg depletes the female of calcium, and that can become a problem. If you do not want your bearded dragons to have offspring, it is best to keep both dragons away from each other’s living space. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed.

5 Ways Of How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs

Nowadays you can find store-bought incubators that have a filling of moist, and warm substances such as vermiculite or perlite. These incubators can provide the warm and humid environment that these eggs need to thrive so that they hatch well and the offspring is strong and viable. If you want a more personal attempt and do everything by yourself, try the following ways:

Ways To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs

1. Make A Nest For The Dragon

You can make a small nest for the bearded dragon to lay the eggs and rest. Female bearded dragons know the kind of place that is best for their eggs. You can make a warm, and soft bed for them in a hidden corner of the tank. Make sure that the UV lamp is close by so that the dragon can get energy from light. When they lay eggs, bearded dragons become weak.

2. Prepare An Incubator

You can set up the incubator in a plastic box and set it with some humid substrate. However, keep the box in UV light s that the substrate absorbs ample rays and gives the female dragon a comfortable spot when the time comes.

3. Remember, No Movement!

The bearded dragon eggs are not like fowl eggs. You must not roll, flip, turn or shake the eggs as that can destroy the fetus inside. The eggs must be removed from the nest and placed in an incubator with utmost care. When you flip or move the eggs, they will not hatch!

4. The Place With Care

When you place the eggs in the incubator, make sure that the temperature and lighting are ideal. It will help owners if they get a proper incubator from the pet shop rather than making one at home as the temperature and uniform light for all the eggs are essential factors.

5. Care For The Female Bearded Dragon

When the eggs are all in place, make sure that you care for the bearded dragon female’s health. Laying eggs can be an exhausting change and these reptilians lose a lot of nutrients. Many female dragons can die if their nutrition is not completed and covered up after they lay eggs. Also, check out Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored next.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many eggs do bearded dragons lay at one time?

Bearded dragons can lay up to twenty eggs in one go. This cycle continues for several years and they can lay eggs more than twice every year.

Can we pick the eggs and put them in another place?

Yes, owners can pick the eggs and place them in an incubator where all the eggs get a uniform environment so that they can hatch healthy offspring.


Pet owners that have a female bearded dragon must know how to incubate bearded dragon eggs if they want them to have offspring. Bearded dragons need special care when they are about to lay eggs and you have to prepare the eggs beforehand. Make sure you provide the right environment for the dragon. Also, check out Why Is My Bearded Dragon Turning White.

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