Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water? | Safe Or Not?

Whenever pet owners get bearded dragons home, they want to know all about what they can feed them and how should they decorate their bearded tank setup. Another very common concern is ‘can bearded dragons drink tap water? If you recently got a new pet dragon, you would be interested in knowing the same as well.

Bearded dragons are reptiles from the arid and dry regions of Australia. These reptilians can live without water and scarce food for days, however, when you keep them in a caring environment, you cannot expect them to adapt to scarcity or poor living conditions since they become petted animals!

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water

Bearded Dragons And Tap Water

You can give your bearded dragon tap water to drink. However, it is essential for you to ensure that they do not get chlorinated water at any time. Yes, we all know that animals are not as sensitive as humans. However, if you feel that your pet will be as tough as the animals living out in the wilderness, that is not so. When bearded dragons are kept in a safer environment, they become sensitive to all the things that are considered bearable in the outer world.

Bearded dragons have a slow metabolism and they are cold-blooded, which means that they need to be in an environment that keeps their blood temperature moderate. If you give them an excess of any mineral or food that is not good for them, it will bring about a drastic impact. Tap water is safe but it can have chlorine and other minerals in an unbalanced quantity.

While humans are larger creatures and can sustain the occasional excess of a mineral or element like chlorine, bearded dragons may not be so hard-gutted. You must ensure that the tap water has balanced nutrients and is not hard on your pet dragon’s system.

Bearded Dragons And Tap Water

How To Keep Tap Water Safe

Tap water can be made safer by using a de-chlorinating filter to purify the water. These filters are available commercially, and if you use these, you will be ensuring that there are essential ions and electrolytes available in the water. Another option is to use bottled water that ensures a balanced amount of minerals and elements. Moreover, the electrolytes and ions present in bottled water will keep your dragon hydrated and full of energy. Moreover, their digestive system will work well and this will have an impact on their moods, energy levels, and a whole lot more!

How To Keep Tap Water Safe

Dragons are native to dry climates so they will not require a lot of water on a daily basis. However, you will have to provide it in their tank so they do not have to go without it if they do not feel like it. Nevertheless, pet dragons find it odd that most dragons do not like to drink from a still source like a bowl of water. They want a running source, which cannot be provided in the tank. This is why many owners feed their dragon’s water with a dropper or spray them with water so they stay hydrated. Whichever method you use, try and use de-chlorinated water to keep your pet healthy and happy.

What If Bearded Dragon Drinks Chlorinated Water

If you keep giving your bearded dragon chlorinated water, they might develop rashes or an upset stomach. Moreover, some dragons stop eating regularly due to nausea from chlorine in the water. If these conditions prevail, you must take your bearded dragon to the doctor.

In the long run, if your bearded dragon keeps consuming too much chlorine and stops seating, it may become risky and may lead to its death. Bearded dragons are built for rugged and dry climate regions, but when kept at home, their system can be quite sensitive to small quantities of chlorine in their everyday routine.

How To Ensure Good Water

Always make sure that you keep the water bowl or feeding dropper for your bearded dragon clean. If the tank is not kept clean, it can make these creatures miss their daily intake and if they do, it can cause various serious problems like low bowel movements, and constipation.

Another good tip to ensure a good water intake of fresh and pure water is to change the bowl every day. Bearded dragons like to soak in water and often use their drinking bowl for a shallow bath. However, if you do not remove the water and replace it with fresh one daily, the bearded dragons will stop drinking from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the water has chlorine in it?

You should either boil the water with chlorine or filter it before giving it to the bearded dragon. This will ensure that they remain healthy and there is no chance of too much chlorine build-up or any adverse impact due to regular intake.

Will I have to give my bearded dragon bottled water every day?

It is recommended to fill up the water bowl in the tank with bottled water, it will ensure that your bearded dragon does not drink contaminated or impure water.


Bearded dragons can drink tap water if it is not chlorinated. The best way to ensure clean and safe tap water is to use a de-chlorinating filter or simply serve bottled water, which has a balanced amount of minerals.

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