Why Is My Bearded Dragon Turning White? | Common Causes Explained

Bearded dragons are reptilians acclimatized to the hot and temperate deserts of Australia. You can keep these dragons at home but you will have to ensure that the temperature of the tank is kept constant between 65⁰ F and 110⁰ F. If the temperatures are higher or lower, your bearded dragon might not feel well. Similarly, other environmental factors also impact dragons. If some conditions are not suitable, you may be asking, why is my bearded dragon turning white?

Bearded dragons are wild reptilians but even then they are quite sensitive. By sensitive we mean that they can easily be disturbed by various issues. Is the white color also a sign that these reptilians are disturbed by something in their environment? Find out how each behavior results from some external factors.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Turning White

Bearded Dragons Turn White Before Shedding

Bearded dragons turn white when they are shedding their skin. All reptiles shed their skin once in a few months. If you feel that your bearded dragon is looking whiter than usual, it is because this creature’s top skin layer is becoming lifeless and they will be getting rid of it soon.

Shedding is a complicated time for the bearded dragon as they get irritable, and even get upset over small things such as a different meal than the previous day. In more drastic cases, some younger dragon pets stop eating as well.

However, they get used to the process as they grow. Younger bearded dragons shed more often but as they grow older, they shed less. However, throughout their lives, these reptilians go through numerous skin-shedding periods, and before each of them, they become white. Also, read How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs.

Bearded Dragons Turn White Before Shedding

What To Do When Bearded Dragon Turning White

When you see that your bearded dragon is turning white, you can anticipate that they are about to shed. When this happens, there can be many things that can be done to make your bearded dragon feel comfortable.

These small tips can help pet dragons shed more easily. It is not an easy phase as it is, and then they become anxious as well, which only worsens the situation. Try the following things to ease them:

What To Do When Bearded Dragons Turn White

1. Warm Baths

If you give your bearded dragon a warm bath every day it will shed easily. The warmth of the water makes their skin itch less, and it also softens the dead cells, making it easier to remove them. You can take a small tub and fill it with enough warm water to cover the bearded dragon’s body up to the shoulders. The head should not submerge as that can be dangerous.

When the bath is over, you can rub your bearded dragon pet to ease them and within days you will notice that their color is back because they were able to get rid of the lifeless skin. You will instantly notice that your pet dragon becomes happy and active immediately after it sheds the skin, and even the white shade disappears. Also, read Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed.

2. Massage

A good massage will help the bearded dragon regulate body temperature and as that happens, they become more comfortable with themselves and can shed easily. Moreover, the massage also allows the loose, and dead skin cells to shed as the new skin from below becomes suppler. Massaging will also make your bearded dragon comfortable as the dead skin makes them itch a lot.

Bearded dragons shed skin for two weeks and then as their old skin sheds off completely, they become happy again. However, this process recurs after every few months.

2 Major Reasons For Becoming White

Bearded dragons can turn white due to a few other reasons that disturb them. These reasons are mostly related to their environment. If you see your pet dragon become white, check for the following conditions:

Reasons For Becoming White

1. Feeling Hot

If the bearded dragon is at a very high temperature, it will become uncomfortable and will turn white. The white color shift is so that they can emit heat through their bodies. When it gets cold, bearded dragons turn dark because it helps them absorb heat and retain it. However, turning white is a clear indication of the opposite circumstances.

2. Serious Illness

When your bearded dragon becomes ill and is about to die, it turns dark but the tail, face, and limbs become white! You might find this alarming but if you consult a vet at the right time, you may be able to see your bearded dragons thrive.

Turning white is an indication of terminal illness and extremely unhealthy conditions. You should take your pet to a vet if you see that they are not shedding skin, are in moderate temperature, and still getting white on the limbs, face, and tail. Furthermore, you may also wanna read Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my bearded dragon ill if it is white all over?

Usually, the whole body turning white only means skin shedding or temperature change then which can be due to some serious issue. You can ensure good care by following the guidelines given above.

Is my bearded dragon shedding after every three months if it is turning white?

Yes, bearded dragons shed skin after three to four months so if it is turning white, there is nothing to worry about.


Bearded dragons turn white for a number of reasons. You can help them by ensuring that their environment is suitable and they are shedding skin easily. When there are no environmental problems and your pet dragon is still turning white, it is time to consult a vet. Be sure to get your pet treated in time as turning white can also indicate some kind of illness.

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