Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed? | Bearded Dragons’ Emotions

Bearded dragons are reptilians that like to stay alone. However, pet owners realize that every living creature wants attention and has feelings. Your pet dragon will also want to be attended to and loved. Can bearded dragons get depressed if they do not get attention from their owner? Or will they remain fine even when they remain alone most of the time? If these dragons are solo creatures, what makes them feel low or depressed?

All these questions are usual and many pet owners worry about their bearded dragons because of course, we are humans and it is natural to wonder how and why would anyone or anything want to stay alone and happy! Get to know all about your dragon so that you can create an environment that will be healthy for them.

Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed

Bearded Dragons Can Easily Get Depressed

Bearded dragons have feelings and of course, they can get depressed! However, since they are aloof animals, it is hard to tell what ticks them off, and what causes distress. Although these creatures like their own space, if they see another bearded dragon in the same home, and it disappears or they stop seeing it, they may get depressed. Similarly, if their partner dies, they get depressed.

There can be many other reasons as well. The most common is losing a dear one and since they do not show it much, it can be hard for pet owners to understand.

You may have studied that bearded dragons have a slow metabolism, and they become weak if they do not consume the right things. Similarly, if you see bearded dragons lose their desire to move about and if they are staying in one place, it can be depression.

This state can enter the danger zone if bearded dragons lose their appetite and begin to get weaker. Their loss of appetite results in immobility and weakness of bones, which makes them even more anxious and depressed. Also, find out How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs.

Do Bearded Dragons Get Depressed- How To Avoid

Pet owners can ensure that their pets do not get depressed by taking care of a few basic needs only. Bearded dragons are not high-maintenance pets because their requirement from you is very less. They need good food, and a clean and safe space to live in.

If they live a free life, without any small or big worries, they will be fine throughout life. Of course, if you have another pet dragon, they both might feel depressed if the other one is removed or something happens to it which leads to separation, these creatures become sad and may get too depressed over time.

How To Avoid Depression In Bearded Dragons

Take Care Of Nutrition And Cleanliness

Make sure that your pet’s nutrition is on point. There will be no need for pet owners to worry about if their pet is healthy and active. Physical activity and good health cover up a lot of small issues in dragons. For example, if your pet is disturbed by a fast-moving object like a fan or flickering lights, but it is healthy and active, it will not react harshly and feel sad over a small, and temporary change like lights or sound will become manageable.

However, if the bearded dragon is weak and unwell, it will take effect from every small thing because they are sensitive by nature and do not express it like other mammal pets that can make sounds and even react to situations more expressively.

Take Care Of Nutrition And Cleanliness

Other than nutrition, make sure that there is no disease or illness that can make your dragon weak and depressed. A few drastic issues with dragons can occur if they are not taking enough protein and calcium. If they do not consume protein while growing up they will have low muscle mass and will not be able to lead an active life.

Simultaneously, if they have lower calcium, their bones will not be strong and their body weight will not be supported by the bones. In both cases, the result is anxiety and depression, which will lead to low appetite, weakness, and immobility. When depression seeps in, it may even lead to death.

Apart from nutrition, another factor that you can take care of is good space and hygienic surroundings. Bearded dragons are wild reptilians but they are not used to living in dirty captive spaces and this means that if their tank is dirty, it becomes depressed and will stop moving around or enjoying the UVB lamp.

All these things have a domino effect which ends in a drastic depressing state and ends in so many issues that it becomes irreversible. Therefore, you must ensure that they are well taken care of, clean, and fed nutritious foods. Also, read Why Is My Bearded Dragon Turning White.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first sign of depression?

You can ensure that your bearded dragon is beginning to get depressed if you see a reduction in its food consumption and physical activity. When bearded dragons begin to feel weak their depression can get worse. They begin to get anxious over their low mobility and eventually become so depressed that they do not eat, do not move, and even feel worried.

What can I do to cheer up my dragon pet?

You can feed it its favorite insects, make it sit next to you, and keep its tank clean. These things will put your bearded dragon in a better mood. When you show love to your pet it will feel better and there will not be tail wagging or any other sign, but the activity level and good food consumption will show that your pet is better again.


Many pet owners who find their dragons to be aloof and inexpressive ask, ‘Can bearded dragons get depressed?’ The answer to this is that yes they get depressed and may even get impacted by it to the extent that they stop eating and may even get more anxious. This state can lead to irreversible circumstances if you do not address it on time. Moreover, you can read Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored.

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