Can Bearded Dragons Eat Nectarines? | Safe Or Harmful?

Whenever the season comes, the sweet and enticing aroma of fruits can be a great way to perk up the senses. Pet owners might feel that like them, their pet bearded dragons can also consume all the fruits that taste and smell good. Can bearded dragons eat nectarines?

Let’s find out!

Nectarine is a type of peach and has a sweet aroma with a pleasant taste. This fruit does not even have a lot of fibrous particles like peaches, which may make pet owners believe that it is a good choice for small bearded dragons. However, the taste and smell are not what make any fruit favorable for these reptilians.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Nectarines

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Nectarines

Bearded dragons can have nectarine but only rarely because of the disproportionate calcium and phosphorus ratio. You must ensure that the amount of nectarine is low otherwise there will be many complications. Pet owners must know what kind of foods their bearded pets can have so that they can feed them the things that are beneficial for them. Do you know what kinds of fruits are beneficial for bearded dragons? Here is a little detail about how to care for your dragon.

Nectarines For Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons’ Nutritional Needs

Bearded dragons feed mainly to fulfill their protein, and calcium requirements. When they eat foods rich in these two nutrients, there can be some compromise on vitamins and fiber. Although, the latter two are also quite essential. Bearded dragons need foods that are not too high in water content, and have lower phosphorus amounts because this element can hinder the absorption of calcium.

The calcium to phosphorus ratio in any allowed food is around 2:1, which means that there is enough calcium to outdo the phosphorus and therefore, there is no danger in consuming such foods on a daily basis. There are numerous calcium-rich fruits for dragons but if there is one that has high phosphorus, it should be off the list for frequent consumption. Have a look at this guide as well Can Bearded Dragons Eat Avocado?

What If Bearded Dragons Eat Too Much Nectarines

If bearded dragons eat too much nectarine, they will have to consume a large amount of phosphorus as well. If there is high phosphorus in their system, they will not be able to absorb calcium and their bones will suffer. If the calcium intake or absorption is low, bearded dragons become weak as their bones become soft, and cannot lift the weight of their bodies. If the bones keep deteriorating, they can become so soft that bearded dragons become immobile and this can lead to death.

What Will Happen If Bearded Dragons Eat Too Much

The disintegration of the skeletal infrastructure is like making the bearded dragon become still! And all of this starts with a proper diet. If you want to see your pet dragon grow healthy, you must ensure that they get protein, calcium, fiber, and vitamins. They cannot consume phosphorus-rich foods and that is why nectarine should be a rare treat and not an everyday fruit.

Which Fruits Are Allowed For Bearded Dragons With Nectarine

Bearded dragons can have apples, apricots, dates, guavas, berries, and raisins. Foods with too much water content, acidic nature like citrus, and high sugar content with phosphorus cannot be given to them daily.

There are some fruits that can be taken rarely like mangoes, melon, and kiwi due to the high acidic, water, and sugar content. However, once in a while giving sweet-smelling fruit can work well for bearded dragons because they like colorful and aromatic foods, and everyone deserves to spoil themselves once in a while! However, if you plan the occasional meals in a way that the overall nutrition of the day is fulfilled in a healthy way, that should work for all. Please have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples.

Which Fruits Are Allowed For Bearded Dragons With Nectarine

By this, we mean that owners can give nectarine to the bearded dragon along with food that has high calcium and protein so that the high phosphorus in this fruit balances out. When the dragon eats a high dose of calcium in a day, the phosphorus in nectarine will have more calcium to work along, and that way it can hamper the absorption of some of it. However, this is not a rule. Foods with high phosphorus amounts cannot be fed regularly just because you are fulfilling the calcium amount with some other food!

How To Serve Nectarine To Your Pet Dragon

Since nectarine is a rare food for pet dragons, you can serve it with other fruits, vegetables, or insects. However, how will you serve it? The rule for the size of food is that each piece must be smaller than the eye size of your bearded dragon. If you serve larger pieces of the fruit they can be hard to break down into smaller pieces and swallow. If dragons eat larger chunks, it can cause a blockage in the large intestine and restrain bowel movement, causing impaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give peaches to my bearded dragon instead?

Just like nectarine, peaches are also an occasional treat for bearded dragons. Since nectarine has a smoother texture, it is preferred by owners. However, peaches and nectarines must be fed twice a month or even less than that.

What should I do if my pet bearded dragon ate nectarine once a week up till now?

If your bearded dragon feels fine, all is well! You can stop feeding it this fruit regularly and restrict it to only once a month. Meanwhile, increase the calcium intake for your dragon so that it can reinforce its calcium consumption significantly. This will ensure that its bones are strong and healthy.


Bearded dragons can have nectarine rarely only due to its high phosphorus content. Pet owners must know what kind of foods to give their dragons so that they can grow healthy. Nectarine can be an occasional treat, but must not be served on a daily basis. You would also love to read Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blackberries.

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