Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary? | Safe Herb To Try?

Bearded dragons are omnivore reptilians and there are many green vegetables and fruits. While insects are their main source of protein, they rely greatly on plants as well. However, new pet owners must know what kinds of plants and veggies are alright for their dragon pets. Can bearded dragons eat rosemary?

While we all use rosemary quite commonly in our foods, is it suitable for dragons or not? While we can answer this question with a yes or no, pet owners must be able to assess each fruit, vegetable, or herb’s benefits and harms for their dragon pets. Unlike mammals, bearded dragons have a sensitive system. Since pets are only exposed to the clean, and protected environment of their tank, with sufficient food supply and a healthy environment, their body is not as sturdy and immune to hazards from food as wild dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary Or Not

Bearded dragons can have rosemary on rare occasions. The frequency of feeding this herb must not be an everyday thing, and there are several reasons for that. However, before explaining the reasons, it is essential to understand what is good for bearded dragons and what is not.

Rosemary For Bearded Dragons

What Is In Rosemary

Rosemary is a herb and it has thin twig-like branches and thin leaves. The think stock of this herb has very little water, and it also has other essential components. However, the calcium quantity of this herb may be considered but it is eclipsed by the presence of phosphorus. Phosphorus is an element that hinders the absorption of calcium in the bearded dragons’ bodies.

Ideally, foods that have half the amount of phosphorus as calcium, meaning that the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 2:1, then it is safe for these reptilians. If the ratio is disproportionate, then it can become harmful for dragons as their calcium requirement will not be fulfilled.

Since rosemary has a disproportionate ratio, it can become dangerous for dragons to consume it. Pet owners want to see their pets thrive, and it will be beneficial for them to know what is in every vegetable, and fruit. The bearded dragons do not show their discomfort like many other pets. Therefore, you will have to know what is good for them to avoid any kind of issues.

What Is In Rosemary

How Much Rosemary To Feed Bearded Dragons

When you feed rosemary to your pet dragon, make sure that it is accompanied by some calcium-rich food so that their daily calcium needs are fulfilled. Unfortunately, calcium can get flushed out of the body and that is why it has to be taken on a daily basis to avoid MBD to set in.

This aromatic herb can be a pleasant treat for dragons, but consider it like a garnish instead of making it the main dish! Add some vegetables to the plate, along with a spoonful of rosemary herb, so that there is no water content and the veggies cover up for the high phosphorus in this herb.

What Other Herbs Can Bearded Dragons Eat

Bearded dragons can eat thyme, and basil along with rosemary. However, to see how much of these herbs can be given to the dragon, you must read up on these herbs to see what they offer to the pet so that you can adjust the amount accordingly. If there is high calcium, protein, and vitamins in any herb, and the water content and phosphorus are low, it is a good choice!

You can mix herbs with vegetables also because it complements the flavor and then, and the aroma of herbs is always a good way to spice up the palate. Also, have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rose Petals.

What Kind Of Foods Can Bearded Dragons Have

To understand the best food choices for bearded dragons, you must know what their primary nutritional needs are. Protein, calcium, and vitamins are the main nutrients that bearded dragons need. Fiber and minerals are also necessary for these creatures. Protein ensures good muscular development for dragons while calcium makes the bones stronger. When bearded dragons grow, they need calcium to hold their growth and if they get lesser calcium than needed, they become very weak and eventually lose their ability to walk.

Less calcium also leads to Metabolic Bone Disease, which means that the bones of these dragons get weak and soft. If this happens, they cannot bear the weight of the dragon, and eventually, the dragon becomes paralyzed, which can lead to death. Bearded dragons need foods that have high amounts of protein, calcium, vitamins, and fiber. If food has high water content, that is also undesirable.

These reptilians are found in dry, and hot areas like deserts, and their bodies are made to live with less water consumption. If they consume more water than needed, it will become a problem. For fruits, you might want to read about Blackberries and Bearded Dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will bearded dragons become ill if they eat rosemary?

If you feed this phosphorus-rich herb to bearded dragons regularly they might become ill and may even develop a serious sickness that will hinder their everyday life. Ensure that this herb is given to the pet dragon only fortnightly or once a month.

Can I give rosemary to insects?

Yes, you can feed bearded dragons rosemary with insects. However, the frequency of rosemary dosage must be less. You cannot give the dragon this herb every day.


Can bearded dragons eat rosemary? The answer can be yes but pet owners must know what is in this herb so that they can feed it to their pet dragons accordingly. You can check out the content of this herb above, and since there is a high phosphorus amount, it is recommended that you give it to your dragon pet only twice a month or lesser.

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