Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms? | Safe & Nutritious?

Bearded dragons love insects! This crunchy, and slimy yet satisfying meal not only fulfills their protein requirements but also satiates these reptilians as if they had a gorgeous meal that was delicious and like a treat! Can bearded dragons eat silkworms? Are all insects equally satisfying for bearded dragons? Let’s find out!

Bearded dragons are not very large reptilians and they cannot swallow animals or pests that are too large. Moreover, every creature has some preference in taste, and pet owners can only know their pet dragon’s preference when they feed them different kinds of foods. So read on to find out if silkworms are good food for your dragon pet or not.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Silkworms

Bearded dragons can definitely eat silkworms on a daily basis. You can feed them this insect and they will not tire from it! The reason for this liking is that silkworms are soft, slimy, and juicy. These pests are a perfect fit for the daily nutrition of bearded dragons and they will enjoy every feed.

You can feed your bearded dragon up to fifteen silkworms every day and it will not only feel full but will stay happy because like all of us, these creatures have a happy mood if their desires are fulfilled! Another very special component of silkworms is calcium. If your bearded dragon does not get enough calcium, it cannot have a strong skeletal structure and can die from the softening of bones as a result of Metabolic Bone Disease.

We all want to see our pets happy and growing. You can ensure that your bearded dragon gets all the essential components and the taste by eating these spectacular insects. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mealworms.

What Is In Silkworms

Silkworms are a famous insect species because they secrete saliva with a fiber that is used to make silk. This insect is rich in protein and vitamins. Moreover, it contains all the essential minerals that are good for bearded dragons. Apart from the nutrition, these slimy insects are pleasant for bearded dragons as they do not need to chew too much to get the juice out of what they are eating! The effortless taste makes it a good treat for your pet.

What Is In Silkworms

The fluid content in silkworms is also suitable for bearded dragons and all these things combine to give it the great taste that this reptilian seeks in what it eats. You will see your bearded dragon in a good mood every time you serve it silkworms.

Advantages Of Silkworms For Bearded Dragons

Silkworms can be very beneficial for dragons and here is a summary of what you will be fulfilling for your dragon’s daily needs if you feed it these worms:

Advantages Of Silkworms

  • They do not bite back,
  • Silkworms are easy to serve for owners as well,
  • They do not smell bad,
  • They do not have a lot of bloody residues as the dragon will eat the worm fully,
  • You can breed them and serve as much as you like,
  • Your dragon will be in a good mood.

Availability Of Silkworms

Silkworms are found in china, and they are used primarily for the production of silk. However, since they are such a tasty treat for your dragon pet, you might want to buy them again and again. The complication is that you will have to breed them by yourself, and they have to be fed Mulberry leaves! These insects feed on mulberry leaves only so you cannot feed them anything else.

The effort that you will have to make for your bearded dragon is that you will have to ensure that they get their feed regularly otherwise they will die. This may be tough for people that live in areas where this fruit tree does not grow. The Mulberry tree can grow in a variety of climates but it cannot grow in icy areas. Moreover, this tree has high sugars, and many of you might think there can be an alternative feed for silkworms but in reality, they will not eat anything else! If pet owners can get past this complication, their bearded dragon should consider itself lucky to get these insects every day!

Availability Of Silkworms

How To Feed Silkworms To Your Pet Dragon

You can feed silkworms easily without any issues because the dragon does not have difficulty eating this slimy worm. Usually, some insects have tough skin or they have thick antennae or other parts that can make them hard to swallow. Pet owners have to cut up those insects and then feed their dragons, but with silkworms, there is no need to make many changes as they are perfect food already. When bearded dragons can slurp the worms with ease, but if you have a younger dragon pet, you will notice that even they can eat silkworms with ease. In fact, many people recommend that younger bearded dragons must be fed silkworms only!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are silkworms expensive?

Silkworms may not be expensive but they are not even available at pet shops and bait shops because they are not sold as food for bearded dragons. These worms are only bred and kept to produce silk.

How can I keep silkworms at home to feed my dragon pet?

Pet owners can breed worms at home by keeping a moist jar for them and feeding them with mulberry leaves. You will have to feed them these leaves only.


Bearded dragons can eat silkworms in fact they love to eat these insects. You can feed them many insects but they enjoy some of them over others. The best thing about silkworms is that you do not have to cut them to feed them and that is good news for pet owners. The silkworms can be daily food if you can breed them on your own because they are not commercially available.

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