How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy? Bearded Dragon’s Happiness

Bearded dragons are not like cats or dogs that purr or wag their tails to show their pleasure. These subtle creatures have different ways of showing their moods. How do you know if your bearded dragon is happy? It is essential to understand what makes these creatures happy, and how they will stay healthy. A happy pet is a healthy one, so know all about it.

Pet parents should always take care that their pets are well taken care of, and they understand the creatures that are in their care. Bearded dragons can be a little difficult to read, especially when you have not kept a dragon before. Their moods will determine their diets, their daily physical routines, and everything else that ensures that they live healthily and fulfilled life. We all want to see a comfortable pet, so it is necessary to understand their pleasure and displeasure. Here are a few points that would help you understand how to keep your pet happy.

How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy

When Are Bearded Dragons Happy

The young or adult bearded dragons are usually kept in a tank, and there can be many small accessories that help them indulge in physical activities like walking logs, and even chasing small insects. However, once in a while, you would like to take these dragons out of their tank and interact. Check out the following indicators that would show you that your pet is happy:


1. No Aggression

Usually, when bearded dragons are angry, they show particular traits such as scratching glass or even bobbing their heads. These creatures have a peculiar habit of showing aggression through repeated gestures such as hissing or digging or the ones mentioned earlier. However, when these creatures are happy, they do not do any of these things.

2. They Like Closeness

When bearded dragons are happy, they will sit near you and not wiggle away from your arms. Often pet parents like to cuddle with their pets as they watch television, or just relax while sitting. However, if your bearded dragon is angry or upset, it may try to get away from you, but when they are happy, it will like the closeness and will not move. These creatures are quite simple and loving, and when they sit with you, it is as if they want to return this happiness. They will try and keep you happy by not moving away, and ensuring that you get quality close time with them.

3. They Are Active

These bearded pets can be very dull when they are not happy. The activity levels of these little animals are surprised when they are happy. They will move around, dig the sand leisurely, and even keep strolling around in the tank. When they are active, they even eat well. This begins a circle of well-being as these animals feel physically fit, and mentally stable. More happiness means a better routine and higher energy.

If your bearded dragon is still, not moving much, it will also lose its appetite. This will result in an unhappier pet because they become anxious and the symptoms of anxiety and unhappiness heighten. Seeing your bearded dragon active will mean you have kept it happy.

4. Regular Meals

With regard to food, bearded dragons and humans have similar behavior. When they are happy, they eat regularly and to their hearts’ content. However, if they are upset, ill, or angry, they might not eat much. Pet parents must keep an eye on how their pet dragons are eating. This will help them understand their moods and if there are any external factors that make them unhappy and skip their meals.

5. Bright Skins

No these bearded dragons are not chameleons, but since they are from the same group, some of their characteristics might be the same. Brighter skin colors are a sign of happy bearded dragons. Even when you go to a pet shop and ask the pet shop owner about the happiest bearded dragon they have, they will point out the ones that look brighter than the dull ones.

When your bearded pet is happy, it will look vibrant, move a great deal and even eat regular meals. All these healthy patterns add to their normal routine and they become healthier. If you can understand what will make them happy, you can ensure that they will grow nicely, and you will enjoy their company. Also, find out Why Do Bearded Dragons Bob their Heads.

How To Ensure Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy

A few external factors may impact bearded dragons in an adverse way. If you can ensure that these creatures are not met with unpleasant environmental conditions, they will remain happy.

1. The Temperature Of The Tank

The temperature in the tank must be optimum for these bearded dragons. Your bearded pet will become irate if the temperature is high or low. The heating lamp in the tank must be set to the right temperature so that your pet is active, happy, and feeds well.

2. No Interference

Bearded dragons are solitary creatures and do not like their space to be shared. Make sure you keep their spacious tank for themselves only. If there is an inmate, they might stop feeling hungry and may even show signs of irritation. These creatures, especially males dominate the others.

3. Nutritious Meals

If the food you serve the dragons is not good for them, they will become weak because their daily nutrition will not be met. If you can feed them foods that suit them best, this will keep them happy and thriving. You will see your bearded dragons happy and active.


How do you know if your bearded dragon is happy? There can be many ways to understand this. There are some obvious external factors that might help in ensuring that your dragon pet stays happy. When you take care of the dragon, it will always be happy. This way, your pet will look happy and reciprocate your affection. Get to know how they behave so that you see them close to you, and in a pleasant mood. Moreover, please read all about Bearded Dragon Brumation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my bearded dragon become unhappy if I pat it?

Yes, sometimes if you pet the bearded dragons on their head, they can become irritated and angry. This is because of the third eye on the top of their head. However, if you cuddle dragon pets, they will remain happy and fun to be around.

If I feed my dragon pet insects, will it make it happy?

Bearded dragons love insects and if they enjoy a nice meal, they will stay happy for the whole day. Feed them insects and you will see a happy dragon pet.

What will happen if my pet dragon is angry for a long?

If the bearded dragon is angry for a longer period, it might upset them enough to continue their behavior such as head bobbing, scratching the tank floor, missing meals, and even hissing. Make sure that you change whatever is making them angry.

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