What Cant Bearded Dragons Eat? | Forbidden Foods List

Bearded dragons can be a tricky pets for most of you if you haven’t gotten a chance to understand their behavior and special needs. These reptilians can be picky eaters, so one of the first questions new pet owners ask is what cant bearded dragons eat?

The answer is simple! Once you get to know what is healthy for these dragons, and what can be harmful to them, the diet becomes clear. The essential vegetables, fruits, and insects will mean your dragon’s well-being. If you want to see your pet happy and thriving, make sure you know which kinds of vegetables, fruits and insects are off the table at all times.

What Cant Bearded Dragons Eat

The Vegetables To Avoid

Bearded dragons have to consume green vegetables so that their fiber requirements are met and the essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and minerals are also completed. If your bearded dragon does not consume vegetables it can be severely undernourished.

The vegetables that are off-limits for your pet dragon include:

  • Spinach
  • Romaine
  • Broccoli

These veggies do not have the nutritional value that your pet requires and therefore, they can be avoided. Moreover, the calcium and phosphorus ratio of all the vegetables has to be considered. If any vegetable has a high phosphorus content, it hinders the absorption of calcium.

You can serve bearded dragons a mix of greens and vegetables with color so that they find their palate appealing. Many vegetables are allowed for bearded dragons. However, owners must take the prohibitions seriously.

One cannot imagine that consuming spinach, romaine, or broccoli once in a while will be fine. If a food item is not suitable for bearded dragons, it will not be advisable for a single time even. Also, read Metabolic Bone Disease In Bearded Dragons.

The Vegetables To Avoid

Fruits That You Should Not Feed

Bearded dragons can eat all kinds of fruits except avocados. Since they like to eat colorful foods, fruits can be a good option for them. However, consuming high water content fruits like watermelon, and high sugar fruits is not good for bearded dragons. There are some fruits that should be consumed in small amounts or occasionally.

Bananas are high in sugar and potassium, and you must ensure that your pet dragon does not consume any fruit or vegetable more than is prescribed for them. More you are particular about getting to know the bearded dragons’ nutrition requirements. Have a look at Bearded Dragon Diseases.

Fruits That You Should Not Feed

Be Careful With Insects

Insects are an essential part of a bearded dragon’s diet. Their protein and fiber requirements are met by insects. While all kinds of insects are allowed for your bearded dragons, you must ensure that the insects you feed them are free from pesticides or any other chemicals.

Wild insects are usually chemical carriers and since there is no confirmation of their route, there is a chance that they have some chemical content in their bodies.

Always feed insects from a safer environment like your home garden or from the pet shop where insects are available for dragons. Many bearded dragons eat insects in one go and therefore, it is essential for everyone to ensure that they get insects from a safe place. Also, find out about Bearded Dragon Stress Marks.

Be Careful With Insects

Adverse Effects Of Wrong Diets

If bearded dragons are fed the wrong vegetables and fruits, they will not show their discomfort with their facial expressions. You will observe a difference in their behavior and that will indicate their discomfort due to ingestion issues. If the bearded dragon consumed something that does not suit them, they will be sluggish, irritable, and will lose their appetite.

The prolonged effects of eating the wrong vegetables and fruits will result in changing color or showing stress marks. Moreover, your bearded dragon will feel undernourished and can die if it continually eats prohibited foods.

What To Do If A Bearded Dragon Eats Prohibited Foods

If your bearded dragon eats the wrong kinds of veggies and fruits, you must take them to a vet. Watch out for any behavior signals that indicate discomfort. Moreover, the activity levels of your pet dragon will change. However, going to the vet is the first step after giving your pet more water to drink so that the wrong vegetables or fruits can wash out.

Pet owners must ensure that they take timely steps for the well-being of their pets. In case of any time-lapse, the dragon may suffer adversely since they do not express their discomfort. Bearded dragons are subtle in their expression and therefore your observation will have to be better!


Bearded dragons cannot eat a few vegetables and fruits. If you feed them insects with chemicals or pesticides sprayed on their body that can also be harmful. All owners must know what to feed their pet dragons so that they can avoid adverse effects leading to death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed my bearded dragon radishes?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat radishes. However, you must ensure that you do not give them more than the prescribed amount on a regular basis. There can be many reasons why a fruit or vegetable is prohibited for bearded dragons. If you can figure out the reasons, you will be able to keep your pet free from any accidental diet items!

Why can’t I give my bearded dragon spinach?

Many people as to why spinach is not suitable for bearded dragons. The answer is that it does not offer the right nutrition for dragons. The minerals are high and there is less fiber and more water content. There are better choices such as turnip greens, and collard greens that will fulfill your desire to feed bearded dragons green vegetables.

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