Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored? | Understanding Their Behavior

Bearded dragons are wild reptilians from the deserts of Australia. In the wilderness, these creatures have a busy life since they have to look for food, and also have to save themselves from the various predators around them. If these reptilians are in captivity, their lifestyle is different and many pet owners might wonder, do bearded dragons get bored?

Bearded dragons are not like other pets who express their moods and demand their owners to pay more attention to them. It is natural for owners to misunderstand the expressions, and behaviors of these creatures. If you have gotten a bearded dragon recently, read on to see how you can make sure that you understand if they are really bored, or is it something else.

Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored

Do Bearded Dragons Get Bored

When bearded dragons are looking bored, the chance is that they are bored! Like all other living creatures, pet dragons can get bored and when they do, they will not look at you for attention, but their behavior will change. Let’s see why this happens, and if it is a pet dragon’s property, or do wild bearded dragons also feel bored?

Do Wild Bearded Dragons Get Bored

When in the wilderness, bearded dragons have numerous tasks every day. They need to hunt for insects, walk all the way to the plantation patches and fill their appetite for greens. All these things do not make them feel bored for most of the day.

When these creatures eat, they like to laze around in a safe place away from predators. As they bask in the sun to become warmer and move their metabolism a little faster to digest the food. We wouldn’t call this basking time boredom because it is a well-deserved resting period.

Do Pet Bearded Dragons Get Bored

Pet dragons have a different lifestyle and they do not have much to do all day! These creatures go to the feeding dish, get back on the basking rock, and then move to the hidden spot to sleep! The limited exercise and no new challenges of daily life may lead them to boredom. Also, find out Why Is My Bearded Dragon Turning White.

6 Ways To Reduce Your Pet’s Boredom

When you own a dragon, ensure that you make a few changes to its routine and add a few things for them to do. Here are some ideas!

Ways To Reduce Your Pet’s Boredom

1. A Walking Log In Bearded Dragon Tank

If you place a walking log in the tank for the dragon, it will like to climb it and walk, and then come down from the other side. This small activity can make a difference as when there is nothing to keep the dragon busy, it will look forward to the daily walk on the log. Moreover, the size of the tank can also make a difference so maybe you can place a few logs so that the dragon has the option of walking a different log every other day!

2. The Size Of The Tank

The size of the tank matters! If it is a small tank, your bearded pet will have nothing to do and will get bored. However, if the tank is large, everything will be away from each other and they will have to walk from one end to the other. This is why the size of the tank should be big because each dragon needs some space, and it should be enough to allow some movement and exercise.

3. A Walking Wheel Or A Small Toy

Have you ever seen a cat play with a yarn ball all day long? How about you keep a small toy like a water fountain or a tiny wheel that they can move when they are walking? This small focus of attention can create a difference.

However, pet owners must also know that if bearded dragons see a moving object or a confusing motion, they feel uncomfortable and may even become isolated and aloof. Make sure you do not keep any toy that moves a lot and creates panic for the dragon.

4. Place Them Out Of The Tank

Bearded dragons can be your perfect TV companion! You can move them from the tank and place them next to you. These creatures will not mind some cuddle time as they enjoy your company while there is some movement on the screen to keep them entertained! This activity can cut their boredom a great deal!

5. A Laser Pen Is A Great Idea

If you see your bearded dragon just looking ahead, and bored in the tank, you can use a laser pen to entertain it. Focus the laser on the wall of the tank. As you move the pen, the dragon will chase it and try to catch the red dot that it sees moving in the tank! This game is good and you will find your dragon’s chase so adorable.

6. Hunting Insects

Dragons can spend their free time chasing insects and killing them for food and pleasure! You can leave a few worms and roaches in the tank every day for your dragon to hunt them. However, one thing that you should take care of is that these insects must be so small that if the dragon eats them whole it does not choke them. Also, read How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will boredom kill my dragon pet?

No, bearded dragons do not die from boredom but it is good to ensure that they lead a happy and healthy life. That is why owners must keep them busy!

Can I take my bearded dragon to play with my friend’s dragon pet?

That is not a good idea because there are so many other issues such as dominance, and territory invasion that will make bearded dragons more anxious and uncomfortable.


Bearded dragons can get bored easily if they are in a tank and not in their natural habitat. Look for different ways to keep them busy. You can try some of the ways that we have mentioned, such as a walking log, or a laser pen. Try all of the tips shared here and you will see a difference. Furthermore, you can also find out Can Bearded Dragons Get Depressed.

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