How To Clean A Bearded Dragon? | Easy Care Guide

Hygiene is important for every living creature. Bearded dragons also require routine cleansing but in case you are a new pet owner you might have to learn how to clean a bearded dragon. Cleaning pets is essential because they may be accumulating dirt, bacteria and all kinds of germs from their environment pet owners must ensure that along with the environment, the pets remain clean physically.

How To Clean A Bearded Dragon

How Do I Clean My Pet Dragon

You will have to give your pet dragon a warm bath regularly so that they do not smell and their bodies remain clean from any fecal waste, dust, or even food stuck to the coat. A warm bath for dragons is not hard, but it has numerous benefits for them. Here are the necessary steps that will keep your dragon clean and happy.

How Do I Clean My Pet Dragon

  1. Use a shallow tub to fill with warm water. The water depth should only cover the bearded dragon’s body while its head should be out of the water.
  2. Add a drop or two of shampoo or soap to increase the cleansing power of water.
  3. Always check the temperature before letting your dragon in the water. The best temperature for a warm bath is 100F.
  4. Let the dragon remain in the bath for a long time. However, ensure that the temperature of the water does not fall below 70F.
  5. Keep scrubbing the dragon after every few minutes to ensure all the dirt comes off.
  6. In case your dragon pet is very dirty and there is filth in the water, use another tub to run a fresh bath for them.

The gentle scrubbing should be done with a hand towel or a cloth so that the bearded dragon does not get upset with a forceful massage. Moreover, pet owners must ensure that the soap is mild and does not cause any kind of lather because if the dragon gets worried about being in an unknown pool of bubbles, it may not enjoy the bath.

After you get the bearded dragon out of the bath, dry it with a soft towel, and always use a soft patting motion rather than rubbing. Do not use hair dryers or any blower to try and dry the dragon quickly. Bearded dragons only enjoy bathing when it is peaceful and calm. Hurried actions or quick movements will not do your dragon any good. Moreover, you may also want to know How To Clean A Bearded Dragon Tank.

The Benefits Of A Warm Bath

Other than cleansing, a warm bath can be beneficial for your dragon for various reasons.

Benefits Of Warm Bath

  1. Bearded dragons experiencing constipation can benefit from a warm bath. When they bathe, their blood circulation improves, and their bowel movement is checked. When they are bathed frequently, they become healthier due to the clean feeling along with regular bowel movements.
  2. Bearded dragons are reptilians, which means they are cold-blooded and need heat from the sun. A warm bath can be good for these creatures because they can easily regulate their body temperature and that means their metabolism is efficient. If dragons are in low temperatures they can become lazy, and their bodies go into hibernation, which means that they become more and more active and their body systems work well.
  3. It helps shed skin easily, Bearded dragons need to shed their skin after a few months, and if you can ensure that they take warm baths every few days, shedding skin becomes easy for them.

These benefits will make your pet dragon happier as they thrive in warm places, and like to be clean. A warm bath is soothing for humans, and dragons also enjoy the tranquil feeling if they are in a warm bath, with nothing in the water to obstruct their sight. Sometimes dragons may react if they cannot see the rest of their body.

Dry Cleaning Your Pet Dragon

If you cannot run a bath for your dragon pet every day, ensure that you clean them regularly with a warm, wet cloth. Sometimes you only need to clean your pet after it defecates and for this purpose, a wet towel or wet tissue paper does the job well. Towel cleaning or a dry bath is good for bearded dragons to ensure that they stay clean. This daily routine has various benefits because your pet knows that it is becoming clean. Moreover, the routine will make it become more happy and calm and that is an essential quality for the well-being of your pet.

How Often Do Bathe Bearded Dragons

You can bathe your bearded pet whenever needed! There is no prescribed frequency as these creatures love to be in the water and will feel happy whenever you leave them in. You can do this every day, or you can do it once a week if there are time constraints. The rest of the days you can simply clean them with a washcloth so that they remain hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my bearded dragon drown if I leave it in the bath?

You do not need to fill the bathtub for your bearded dragon. In fact, fill a small tub and keep the water shallow enough to only allow the body of your bearded dragon to be in the water. Their face must be out of the water at all times.

Will my bearded dragon need a special soap or shampoo?

You only need a few drops of shampoo or soap, and it doesn’t have to be a special one. Make sure you use a mild one and not one of the medicated ones! A few drops of soap are all that you need to make the bearded dragon cleaner without any severe effects on the body.


Bearded dragons can enjoy warm baths to stay clean at all times. You can make these creatures get used to a warm bath easily because they enjoy it a lot. However, if you cannot bathe them regularly, you can keep them clean by cleaning them with a wet cloth. However, a warm bath is more favorable. Also, have a look at the Best Substrate For Your Bearded Dragons.

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