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Bearded dragons have subtle behavior and whatever they do makes them seem like a ‘cool-headed’ reptilian. If you ever asked, ‘why do bearded dragons close their eyes?’ the answers can be surprising for you. Bearded dragons are not very expressive creatures and they behave in unique ways against different external factors such as heat, loud noises, and even bad lighting. Bearded dragons might be closing their eyes for various reasons and you can try and understand them better if you notice why they do it at various times.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Close Their Eyes

Dragons Express Discomfort By Closing Their Eyes

Bearded dragons express discomfort when they close their eyes. This is just as if a human faces bright light and closes their eyes because the brightness disturbs them. If you didn’t agree with this example, you can consider another one here! An ostrich buries its head when it sees trouble coming, similarly, if bearded dragons do not like something happening around them, they want to shut it out by closing their eyes.

Dragons Express Discomfort By Closing Eyes

Animals do not react to various situations impulsively or by thinking them through, they look for a quick escape and shut their eyes so they do not get to witness or stay in that place that causes them displeasure. If your bearded dragon closes its eyes while it is awake, there is something in the environment that is disturbing it. Also, find out Why Bearded Dragons Bob their Heads.

5 Facts Why Bearded Dragons Shut Their Eyes

As pet owners, you can look for what is disturbing the dragon and if you remove that particular discomforting factor, the dragon will be comfortable again! Look for the kind of discomforts that may cause them to shut their eyes:

Why Bearded Dragons Shut Their Eyes

1. Is It Too Hot Or Cold?

If the tank is not at the right temperature, the cold-blooded bearded dragons can have a tough time getting their body temperature in the right place. The optimum temperature for these reptilians is around 65⁰F to 90⁰F. If the temperature is lower than this, there might be too much cold in the tank. However, the higher side of temperature that is bearable for bearded dragons is 110⁰F, which makes adult dragons feel fine but smaller ones may have a problem adjusting to it.

However, always try to keep the temperature constant and do not let your dragon suffer in the cold or heat only because you feel that it is a normal temperature according to the climate of your location.

2. What Kind Of Lighting Do You Use

Bearded dragons’ tanks must have a UV lamp that can give them light and some heat too. These lamps are a good source of light primarily because they are not too light, and not too dim either! The correct brightness matters to your pet, and therefore, you should ensure that the lights are only available according to the daytime. If you leave the lights on at night, the bearded dragons get nervous and then they lose focus as well. The pets will become happier and healthier if the lights are according to the 12-hour sunlight and 12-hour without any light rule!

3. Is There Too Much Noise

If there is too much loud music or changing lights like disco, the bearded dragon will be shutting its eyes a lot! Loud music makes the ground vibrate and bearded dragons do not like loud music or sounds that can make them tense. Moreover, the vibrations will be a bigger problem because it makes them feel scared. So if you have some party going on, it is better to move it to another room or move your dragon out because the lights and loud music are a big problem for your pet. Also, check out Do Bearded Dragons Like Music.

4. Are They Eating Properly

If bearded dragons have some kind of eating disorder, or if they are not feeling well, they will shut their eyes. Bearded dragons are very sensitive creatures but they do not know how to express themselves. They become nervous and the best thing that they think of is closing their eyes. You can try and check the diet, and whether they are eating enough. Another milestone to catch is whether they are excreting properly or not. Any small disorder might seem small to you, but for dragons, it becomes the main focus and in an endeavor to get it out of their mind, they close their eyes!

5. Movement Around Them

If a fan is moving in speed, or there is a swinging pendulum or even a window curtain that is moving fast due to wind, these dragon pets can become scared and nervous. Look for any fast-moving object around them, and move it away. If bearded dragons get nervous about any external factor around them they begin to feel upset and close their eyes. A fast-moving object can be a disturbance that they would want to avoid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my bearded pet die if it starts keeping its eyes close?

Bearded dragons will not die but they will become unhappy and unhealthy if you do not address the problem in their environment.

What can I do if they are upset because of their partner?

If bearded dragons are upset due to their tank mate or partner, you can try and create more space for them. You can also try and keep two tanks so that each dragon feels safe and independent.


Bearded dragons are very subtle creatures and they only want to stay safe from the threatening or disturbing environment around them. If you have a dragon pet you would want to know why they close their eyes even when they are awake. Read through the various reasons and you can ensure their well-being. Moreover, you may also want to check out Bearded Dragon Brumation.

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