Do Bearded Dragons Need A Heat Lamp? | Necessity Explained

Bearded dragons are reptilians that are designed and naturally built to live in hot weather. When you place these dragons in a tank at home, they are away from the sun and their bodies will react differently if they do not absorb natural rays. Why do bearded dragons Need a heat lamp? There are more than a few reasons why a UV lamp is an excellent addition to the tank where you plan to keep your new pet dragon. It is one of the important fixtures that must be in place even before your new pet gets home. The reasons for this are discussed in detail.

Do Bearded Dragons Need A Heat Lamp

What Is A Uv Lamp

The UV lamp is a light lamp that gives out ultraviolet rays. The sun’s rays give off ultraviolet light during the day and all animals living in the wilderness need this light. Their bodies are built so that they require these rays to function properly. In case of the absence of UV rays, many animals can suffer from various issues. You may see a more active and happy bearded dragon if they receive the right amount of UV rays from the sun or even a lamp. Here are some of the body changes that occur when bearded dragons receive these rays.

Importance Of Uv Rays For Bearded Dragons

The sun provides energy to everything on Earth and there are thousands of species that benefit from the various kinds of rays that are emitted by the center of the Solar System. We might not see the UV or Infrared rays but they have some use, and each creature is affected by them. UV rays have a wide spectrum and are divided into UVA, UVB, and UVC. Bearded dragons require all kinds of UV lights while some of them are focused on specific benefits.

UVA lights give the same effects as Vitamin A, which is to improve sight. UVB helps absorb calcium better and gives Vitamin D to all living organisms. If bearded dragons do not get UVB, they can develop some serious issues such as Metabolic Bone Disease. This disease results from the calcium absorption capacity of dragons and which means that their bones lose calcium and become weak.

Moreover, when the bones lose a significant amount of calcium, they become soft and cannot bear the weight of the dragon. Gradually, these creatures become paralyzed and eventually die. The importance of UV light is more than just enjoying the sun, it is essential for the health and growth of dragons. Moreover, you can also read How Long Can Bearded Dragons Go Without Heat?

Importance Of UV Rays For Bearded Dragons

How To Ensure That Bearded Dragons Benefit From The Uv Lamp

When you set up the tank for bearded dragons, you must place a basking stone under the UV lamp where the bearded dragon can sit and enjoy a few hours. This lazy rock or the basking rock is a spot that bearded dragons will like because of the warmth. Moreover, the bodies of all animals and humans are designed to prosper in conditions that are favorable for them.

When bearded dragons are exposed to UV lamp light, they feel more energetic and active. Due to this their appetite, physical activities, and even their moods will improve. When bearded dragons do this regularly they will become healthier and better at everything they do.

What Will Happen If There Is No Uv Lamp

The UV lamp is an excellent way to ensure the health of your bearded dragon. There are so many benefits of UV lamps due to which we can say that it is a need for bearded dragons. In case you feel that you can miss this fixture out of the tank and fulfill the dragons’ nutritional value to cover up for it. There can be a few corrections to make the bearded dragon’s calcium absorption better but it cannot cover up for the omission of the lamp.

Bearded dragons can suffer significantly if there is no lamp in the tank. They can develop bone problems, and they can even become anxious since there is no bright light for 12 hours of the day, which they are designed to experience so that their body clock works correctly and they sleep for the 12 dark hours of the night. Bearded dragons become restless if they do not get enough light, and due to this, they cannot sleep properly either. When your dragon pet cannot have a healthy daily routine, it can develop many other health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place a regular light lamp in the tank?

No, bearded dragons need a UV lamp because their bodies absorb the ultraviolet rays. |For us, it may seem like regular light but the dragons can only retain the calcium they consume if they get this specific spectrum of rays.

What if my pet dragon does not sit under the lamp?

If the temperature of the tank is adequate, and the lamp is working with full intensity, the bearded dragon will sit under the lamp because it will feel more comfortable and energetic due to the absorption of UV rays.


Bearded dragons need UV lamps because there are numerous benefits of absorbing UV rays. The calcium absorption, bone health, and even the appetite of your dragon get can significantly become poor if they do not get the light from these lamps. Pet owners must install a UV lamp in the tank from the first day they get their new pet. If your pet does not get light from this lamp, no matter how much you fulfill the calcium and Vitamin D requirement from food, they will suffer.

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