Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets? | Comfort Or Concern

Bearded dragons are reclusive, and silent reptilians and as pets, they can be the most unobtrusive due to their private nature. We all know that reptilians are cold-blooded animals so do bearded dragons like blankets? Or is it a bad idea to cover them in one? Many new pet owners ask these questions in an endeavor to know their dragon better and to provide them with what is right.

When it gets cold, or when you feel that the bearded dragon might like to be covered, you may be confused about whether it is a good idea or not. Let’s find out how your dragon pet might react if you cover them with a blanket. Moreover, what is the best time to wrap them, and is it even safe?

Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets

Bearded Dragons And Blanket Covers

Bearded dragons love blankets and they like to snuggle up under the cover. If it gets cold, you can cover the dragon with a blanket to keep it warm. However, the warmth of the tank must be kept into account as well. Owners must know that if it gets too hot for the dragon under a blanket, it may experience uncomfortable and even harmful results.

Bearded Dragons And Blanket Covers

Bearded dragons must be kept between the temperatures of 65F and 105F. If you cover them in a blanket and the tank temperature is also high, they will not like it and might not be able to remove the blanket either. Here are some times that call for a blanket cover for your pet:

When To Cover The Bearded Dragon With A Blanket

You can cover the bearded dragon with a blanket when you feel that it will be colder than usual. These times can be:

When To Cover The Bearded Dragon With A Blanket

1. When You Give Them A Bath

A warm bath can be soothing, but as soon as the bearded dragon is out of the water, it may feel cold because of the water on the skin, and the cool air making it colder. You can cover your dragon with a blanket so that it does not get cold and remains comfortable.

2. Chemoreception And Anxiety

Chemoreception is the sensory reception of the smell. If the bearded dragon is away from you and feels anxious, you can rub your hands off the blanket and cover it with that. When you cannot attend to them, bearded dragons will not feel anxious because they can smell you from the fabric and that keeps them calm.

3. Comfort

Just covering your dragon pet for comfort will be a good way to make them feel happy, secure, and at home. When dragons feel happy, they remain healthy and their appetite gets better too. These reptilians are very sensitive and if there is anything uncomfortable around them they lose their appetite. On the contrary, providing them with a comfortable blanket to stay warm will be a good way to see them thrive.

4. Napping

When you see your bearded dragon close its eyes to sleep, cover it with a blanket to make it feel secure and cozy. The more comfortable napping pattern also adds to health.

5. Use Heated Blankets

The use of heated blankets is recommended as bearded dragons feel the healthiest in warm environments. Sometimes normal fabric blankets do not give bearded dragons a warm feeling because they need external heat as well. Moreover, a layer of fabric on top might obstruct external heat from touching the dragon and instead of feeling warm, they feel cold! A heated blanket will ensure that they stay warm. Also, read How Long Do Bearded Dragons Sleep?

Are Blankets Safe For Dragons

Blankets are safe for bearded dragons if they are not obstructing the heat from the UV lamp or the sun. If your bearded dragon does not get heat from these sources, it can fall ill. Make sure that the blanket is heated, and that you do not keep your dragon covered all the time.

Are Blankets Safe For Dragons

When we cover ourselves with blankets, our bodies generate heat and make the blanket warm too. That is why we feel comfortable and cozy. However, bearded dragons are cold-blooded, which means they cannot generate heat. If the blanket gets too cold, your bearded dragon will become very lazy and may even fall ill. The way to make blankets safe is to use heated blankets and ensure that the dragon is not cold.

What Kind Of Blanket Will Be Best

Use a blanket that is soft and does not have any fibers coming out. If the bearded dragon swallows these fibers or if they get into their noses, it can be uncomfortable and may cause anxiety. Choose a quilted design with a foam filling and cotton outer layer, which will be soft enough to keep the dragon well, and will also be light enough so they don’t feel weighed down. You can find many options in online stores or can even make a small quilted blanket and bed for your pet dragon.

What Kind Of Blanket Will Be Best

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my bearded dragon feel suffocated under a blanket?

No, your dragon pet cannot suffocate under a blanket, however, it is always recommended that you cover the dragon to the shoulders.

Why should I wrap my dragon in a blanket after a bath?

Covering bearded dragons with a blanket after the bath will ensure that they remain hydrated as these creatures absorb moisture from their skin as well.


Bearded dragons like to wear blankets and they feel warm and secure in them. However, make sure that you have a soft cotton blanket and do not allow the dragon to be covered all day. Keep blanket hours specific to times when the light is low or it is nighttime so that these creatures do not miss out on any warmth from the sun or the UV lamp. Also, have a look at Why Is My Bearded Dragon Turning White.

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