How To Clean A Bearded Dragon Tank? | Maintenance Guide

Bearded dragons require a clean and homely environment where they can thrive and enjoy a good life. When you get them as a pet, make sure you learn how to clean a bearded dragon tank to ensure health and well-being. The tanks for dragons are usually made with glass walls and a plastic base that is covered with newspaper and sand. Here are some easy ways to ensure cleanliness in your pet’s enclosure.

How To Clean A Bearded Dragon Tank

First, you need to know how often tank cleaning is required to ensure that your pet enjoys a clean space but doesn’t feel uncomfortable due to frequent relocations either! The tank cleaning can be cleaned lightly every day, while a deep cleaning regime must be followed once a week. This cleaning routine will ensure a tidy and hygienic environment all the time.

How To Clean Bearded Dragon Tank – Daily Cleaning Routine

The daily cleaning routine will require only a few minutes from pet owners. This type of cleaning should be aimed at cleaning the tank just like we fluff cushions, pick up toys and tidy up our living spaces. This routine can help remove food remains, and any leftover insects while rearranging the plants in case any of them is out of place.

Moreover, if you see any fecal excretion, it should be removed immediately to avoid any bacterial growth. Pet owners must ensure freshwater changes and clean food bowls that are placed inside the tank. You do not need any water or soap to clean the tank daily. However, it may be required once a week.

Daily Cleaning Routine

Weekly Cleaning Regime

The weekly deep cleaning routine will require soap, water, a cleaning cloth, and disinfectant. You will have to keep the bearded dragon out of the bearded dragon’s tank set up¬†and remove the basking rock, plants, and feeding bowls for this routine. The sand must be removed and if you can replace it with a fresh one that will be great! The carpet or newspaper under the sand must be washed or replaced respectively.

The tank walls must be cleaned with water and soap and dried clean. You must pay special attention to corners as bearded dragons have a habit of kicking trash away from where they sit and that may accumulate there. Once the carpet and walls are spotless and disinfected, you can start placing everything the way it was.

In case you cannot replace sand every time, be sure to clean it well. You can even wash it and allow it to dry in the sun. The sand, carpet, or even the walls must remain odorless because if you use scented cleaners, the bearded dragon might feel uncomfortable. Another critical factor is to rearrange things the way they were before cleaning so that the dragon does not feel like a stranger in its space.

The Mixture To Keep The Tank Scent Free

To avoid any kind of detergent scent or even laundry fresh smell that humans may find comforting but bearded dragons don’t, you can try a mix of natural substances to cleanse the tank without giving it any scent.

The Mixture To Keep The Tank Scent Free

Vinegar And Water

When mixed in equal quantities, vinegar, and water clean out all the dirt and even act as a disinfectant due to the acidic nature of vinegar. However, the scent of vinegar needs a day to fade away.

Baking The Rocks, Logs, And Other Accessories

This method is good as it disinfects the accessories without the use of any chemicals.

Bleach Solution

If you dilute one part of bleach in ten parts of water, the mixture can help disinfect and get stains off the substrate and walls. However, you must try natural ways to clean before turning to this alternative as it is an occasional fix and cannot be done every week. The toxic fumes that remain in the environment can harm your pet.

In case you do not use sand in the tank and have a reptile carpet or substrate as a base, the best way to clean it is to take it out, wash and then dry it thoroughly before setting it in again. Moreover, you can also read How To Clean A Bearded Dragon.

What Happens If The Tank Is Not Clean

Every creature is designed to enjoy a clean and safe environment. Bearded dragons and other pets feel comfortable when their surrounding area is hygienic. In case you are unable to provide a clean tank, bearded dragons will show signs of anxiety, and discomfort, and that may result in depression as well.

Bearded dragons require a basking rock, a UVB lamp, and even a more relaxed spot with plants where they can rest. If you move these things, it might become a reason for the dragon to feel out of place, which may make it feel distressed.

A Clean Tank Means A Happy Bearded Dragon

A hygienic and clean environment is always an excellent way to ensure mental peace and physical safety. Reptilians are sensitive animals, and they can get ill without showing a sign of distress through their actions. However, you will notice them eating less. If the tank is not cleaned regularly and the dragons have to live in an untidy and unclean environment, they will fall ill. On the contrary, if they live in a happy place, they will remain satisfied and grow well. A happy adult is always going to be a loved pet!

A Clean Tank Means A Happy Bearded Dragon


Many new pet owners ask about how to clean the bearded dragon tank. While it is an easy method, you must know what should be done and what should be avoided at all times! While daily cleaning is essential, you must ensure deep cleaning on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I leave my dragon pet when I clean the tank?

You can take your pet dragon out of the tank and place it in another tank, in the bathtub or just let it roam while you rearrange and clean its habitat. If it is going to take a few hours, your pet can enjoy the company of family or even relax on the chair.

What is the best cleaner for bearded dragon tanks?

You can use natural substances like baking soda or vinegar with water. However, if you want to use any commercial cleaner, that will work. Nowadays, you can get reptile shampoos and soaps that can be beneficial in cleaning the tank. All you have to do is ensure no residue or scent can disturb your pet.

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