Bearded Dragon Tank Setup | Complete Care Guide

When you make up your mind about getting a bearded dragon pet, the festivities begin even before you bring it home. The bearded dragon tank setup is an exciting step to preparing the big welcome. However, this setup can be overwhelming too, because you do not know what the new pet will be needing, and what makes it feel at home.

The temperature of the tank, the kind of material, and even the props that you should, or should not keep are critical decisions that will impact the wellbeing of your new pet. The first step of the way is not to worry! You can start planning the tank setup by getting the supplies first, and then make a comfortable home for your dragon pet.

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup Supplies

The first step to setting up a tank is to get all the supplies. You will need an aquarium-like enclosure made with glass walls and a polymer, or glass base. The top can be open, or if you want to keep it closed, make sure you have a ventilated lid. A UVB light is essential to keep the tank well-lit and warm. Apart from the light, there has to be a thermometer and a heating device such as a hot fan or tungsten lamp.

For your bearded dragon’s lounging, there has to be a basking rock or a log where the pet can pose for you all while enjoying a nice time in a heated place. The flooring can be tile as it is easily cleaned and does not scratch the dragon. Pebbles are not a good idea because the dragon can eat them, and they may cause impaction. Feeding dishes will go in the tank too so make a place for a dining area. No this isn’t a joke; you will have to arrange some space for the feeding area! Live feeder insects and tweezers to feed these insects to the dragon are also an integral part of the setup.

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup Supplies

Bearded Dragon Tank Setup Ideas

The enclosure for your bearded dragon must be according to the space you can arrange in the house. If you have ample free space, there can be a rectangular glass tank for the pet. However, if you have less space, you can buy a glass box or a plastic box with transparent walls. This tank will be your dragon pet’s home so make sure you give it enough space to move around and feel comfortable.

The perfect size for an adult bearded dragon is a tank of over 20 inches long. The width should be at least a foot so that your dragon can roam about. An aquarium with a capacity of 125 gallons is a good space for your bearded pet. Infant dragons may require less space but always remember that they will grow up fast. Then you will need another tank! Isn’t it better to get one big tank and ensure that your new pet feels at home in it so that by the time it gets older? It will become comfortable and will love to spend time there.

The Best Location For The Tank Setup

When you are placing the tank in your home before completing it, choose a spot that has the following features:

The Best Location For The Tank Setup

No Direct Sunlight

The tank must be in a place where there is no direct sunlight. The tank will be lit with a UVB light, and there will be a heating fan or bulb as well. However, bearded dragons will get confused if you expose them to natural light and the artificial light from the bulb as well.

Keep It High

The tank must not be placed on the floor or on a table if you have children at home. The bearded dragons are very private and do not like to be moved. Similarly, if you have kids, they might be interested in moving the things in the tank or would poke the dragon. These actions disturb the bearded dragon in their tank.

Keep The Same Place

As we mentioned earlier, there should be no movement of the tank because dragon pets love to be in the same place and do not welcome change. If you move the tank from one place to another, it may stress out the bearded dragon.

No Noise, Please!

The bearded dragons get confused when there is a lot of noise around them. Make sure that you keep the tank away from the music system or the television. A dark, silent spot in the house should be a good spot for the reptilian pet.

Night Lights Are Not Allowed

Bearded dragons need to feel 12 hours of light and 12 hours in the dark. This means that you must place the tank in a place where the dragon gets to experience complete darkness at night.

Cohabitation Is Not Recommended

If you plan to get two or more bearded dragons, remember that they do not like to share space! Either you will have to dedicate more space for them or keep them individually to ensure that they do not intervene in each other’s personal space. There can be numerous other things to consider for the bearded dragon’s tank setup. However, the essential things to remember are that the supplies we mentioned above are necessary. Moreover, you will have to set a flooring that is acceptable and place props that will not cause overcrowding.


Bearded dragon tank setup can be an overwhelming task if you do not know much about it. However, we have simplified this exciting step for welcoming your new pet. Try to keep the setup simple, yet complete so that your pet feels at home and stays comfortable. Moreover, you can also find out How To Clean A Bearded Dragon Tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place newspapers as flooring in the tank?

Yes! Newspapers are a good option so that you can clean the tank easily by replacing them. Bearded dragon tanks often have removable flooring to ensure cleanliness.

What kind of props can I place in the tank?

The bearded dragon will require a hideout, a log or basking rock, and some regular plantation to feel at home. You can place a small shrub, some rocks for the bearded dragon to climb, and a few artificial plants for it to hide behind. Dragons feel at home if the tank is not overcrowded.

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