Are Bearded Dragons Venomous? | Fact-Checked Explanation

Reptilians scare many people and therefore they ask pet owners if they can interact with their reptilian pets or not. Are Bearded Dragons Venomous? If you feel you want to keep a dragon as a pet but you are unsure if it is safe or not, here is all the information you need. Bearded dragons are like large lizards, with scaly skin and long tails. These reptiles are found in deserts and dry regions mostly.

However, they adapt well to the indoors and are good pets. If you are worried that they might be poisonous to humans, and even other animals, read on and find out all about bearded dragons.

Are Bearded Dragons Venomous

Are Bearded Dragons Poisonous

Bearded dragons are not poisonous to humans, or any other big animals. You can safely own a bearded pet and it will pose no danger to you or any of your home inmates including other pets. If you have a hamster or a mouse, that might be a point of concern. Bearded dragons feed on insects and small animals. These small creatures are their main source of protein. Moreover, the wild habitat for bearded dragons means they have to be prepared to survive among large and small predators. Bearded dragons do secrete a venomous liquid, but it is too mild for humans and larger animals.

The purpose of this venom is not to kill humans or other big animals, it is to slow down or sedate small prey like insects and small animals like mice or hamsters. This venom is very mild and will not harm any of the family members. While the intensity of the venom can only paralyze or slow down prey, the bearded dragon’s bite is strong and can cause slight swelling. If you are not careful with your new pet and if it gets threatened by your hand movement, it might temporarily hold your arm or hand in its mouth and this can cause swelling.

Having mentioned this, it is essential to revise that bearded dragons are quite docile and they can be domesticated to never bite and feel threatened, or vice versa. If your bearded dragon does not feel threatened by you, it has the ability to stop biting and even forget about it. Also, check out Why Hissing Bearded Dragons Seem Angry.

Are Bearded Dragons Poisonous

Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous

Bearded dragons grow up to two feet maximum, and they are too small to pose any danger. Their venom release is mild, and they are quite submissive toward their owners. If you have a bearded dragon, you would know that it does not show very intense reactions. However, there are some things that may make the bearded dragon very anxious and once they are upset, they may try to strike back.

Bearded dragons may get upset or anxious if there are loud noises or fast movements around them. If you shake your hand or wave a paper above their heads they become alert. If you see that they are moving around or taking an upright stance as if preparing for defense, you may feel a bite or scratch on your hand!

If you keep all movements around your bearded pet calm and slow, they will not feel threatened and there will be no unpleasant reactions. You may feel that the bearded dragon is biting for no reason but look closely, there must be something disturbing it and in reaction, it will begin to bite.

Some pet shops may warn you that bearded dragons are poisonous, but the complete sentence is that yes, these creatures are poisonous for small insects and not for humans or big animals. You will not be harmed by a bearded dragon pet because they are quite calm in nature and do not bite or use venom on humans, let alone their owners.

Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous

Bearded Dragons And Venom

Venom is a liquid that contains poison and is secreted by special glands in reptiles. The venom of bearded dragons is not so strong that it will harm you at all. So if you are considering getting a bearded dragon as a pet, you will not have to worry about its venom because these creatures will only be using it on small insects.

Some bearded dragons who are fed insects daily, and are brought up in a safe environment will not require venom secretion at all. The adaptation of reptilians is according to their surroundings so if you ensure a safe place for them, they will become venom-free and there will be no fear among owners about any venom anymore!

Other Bearded Dragon Dangers

The only danger that humans may have from bearded dragon pets is if they do not keep them clean and catch an infection that may run for days. While these infections are not prolonged, they may cause discomfort for a few days. Salmonella is a common bacteria and it is present in dragon feces. If you do not keep the dragon clean or if there is fecally remaining in their tank setup and you touch it, there is a chance that will cause the bacteria to become a problem for you!


Bearded dragons secrete venom mild enough to paralyze insects and small prey. This venom does not harm humans and once these dragons live in a safe environment, the secretion levels drop significantly. These pets are not dangerous in any way and will not bite or scratch owners unless they feel threatened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my bearded dragon’s bite going to cause poisoning?

No, bearded dragons do not bite deep into the skin but the bite can be painful and it may also cause swelling. It is always good to consult a doctor but many experiences of pet owners show that using ice and keeping the hand or bite area clean can eliminate swelling completely.

What kind of poison do bearded dragons secrete?

The venom is mild and will only impact small creatures like insects, mice, and hamsters. However, humans and big animals are safe from this venom.

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