Why Is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing? | Understanding Behavior

Bearded dragons can be entertaining pets with their unique behavior and subtle actions. You will feel entertained and accompanied by these reptilians as they bob their heads and perform push-ups. If you ever wonder why is my bearded dragon glass surfing, it can be a state of concern. While we enjoy the actions of the bearded dragons, all these actions do not mean they are happy and want to keep you amused.

Glass surfing is also an action that needs to be attended to. Bearded dragons need more attention due to their subtle actions, and you need to understand what they require at the right time. Glass surfing is the action of climbing a glass cage. Bearded dragons use their forelegs to scratch the glass as if they are trying to climb out of it. As the bearded dragon begins to climb the glass wall, it appears to be dancing and paddling up the wall.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

Why Do Bearded Dragons Glass Surf

Bearded dragons try to climb out of their cage when they are stressed. Your pet will be glass surfing when it feels distressed for various reasons:

  • If the glass enclosure is too small, or over-crowded.
  • New additions to the cage can cause distress and bearded dragons try to escape it.
  • Another bearded dragon is outside and your caged pet feels that it is losing out in the competition.
  • The reflection of the bearded dragon on the glass wall causes it to interact with the shadow.
  • Hunger or boredom can cause the dragon to glass surf.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Glass Surf

Also Inappropriate lighting, third eye-catching unknown movements may make the dragon feel threatened. Glass surfing is common among caged pets, and many reptilians behave similarly when they are confined in a restricted space. Also, find out Why Do Bearded Dragons Dig.

Health Issues And Glass Surfing

There are no health issues related to glass surfing. Bearded dragons may be hungry when they surf the glass surface, but that is not a serious health concern. This action of pet dragons is more deeply linked with stress, which can be due to numerous reasons that we discussed above. However, if you observe that your beaded pet dragon is not shedding well, or that it isn’t eating properly, there may be some health issues that lead to these changes. Bearded dragons will rub their bodies against glass surfaces and their limbs move in a way that they appear to be glass surfing.

Health Issues And Glass Surfing

How Can You Stop Them From Glass Surfing

If you observe that your pet dragon is glass surfing, look for the factors mentioned above. Did you place a new decoration in the aquarium? Is there a new bearded dragon in the house? Or is the dragon hungry? You will have to closely observe the bearded dragons for a few days to understand what is causing them to become stressed. Once you locate the problem, it becomes easier to address it and make your bearded pet happy and content once again!

If the lighting is causing the dragon anxiety, then adjust the lighting and keep it according to the natural light hours. The third eye of these bearded dragons is naturally attuned to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Do not leave the light on at night as it will make the bearded dragon anxious and restless, causing stress.

Similarly, if you placed a new decoration or if the glass cage/aquarium is too crowded, the bearded dragon will begin glass surfing. Remove the new decorations and adjust the older props in a way that the dragon feels comfortable at home. When you get a bearded dragon as a pet, either get a pair or introduce the new member to your older bearded dragon as if it is its companion before yours. Competition and jealousy can cause stress in dragons and glass surfing is their way of expressing this emotion.

How Can You Stop Your Bearded Dragon From Glass Surfing

Owners must know that their pets require attention and may feel out of place if they are not petted or left inside the aquarium for long periods. Maybe more time out of the tank will make the pet dragon feel more at ease. As they feel relaxed, their stress will reduce, and even if you place them back in the cage, they will not begin glass surfing!

Other factors that may be impacting the bearded dragon are humidity and temperature. If there are sudden changes in their habitat, they stress over it and begin glass surfing. You can try to set up a controlled environment for them in which they feel comfortable. However, if you replace their aquarium, be sure to adjust all the props and decorations in the same way so that they do not feel as if it is a new environment.

Bearded dragons are homely creatures and they do not like change. Stress can be the result of putting them out of place and that may result in glass surfing. Try to make them feel at home under all circumstances so that they are happy and content.


Many first-time owners ask why their bearded dragon is glass surfing. We have discussed all the reasons and remedies to prevent bearded dragons from glass surfing. When you feel that your pet is giving in to this new activity, check for the mentioned factors in its environment. Nobody wants a stressed pet. Also, find out Why Do Bearded Dragons, Hiss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my bearded dragon glass surfing because of lack of sleep?

When the bearded dragons’ third eye detects darkness, they know that it is time to sleep. Are you leaving the lights on near your pet dragon? If it does not detect darkness, it will not sleep well and the stress can cause it to glass surf. Lack of sleep due to lighting can be a reason for stress in your pet dragon.

What can I do to stop my bearded dragon from glass surfing?

You can check the bearded dragon’s environment for any irregularity. Bearded dragons like routine and they want your attention. Pet them more, clean their cage, and ensure that they are getting good sleep in a homely cage where there are no over-crowding decorations or new additions. Once they feel safe and loved, they will stop glass surfing.

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