Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rose Petals? | Safe Floral Treat?

Bearded dragons love to eat insects, vegetables, and fruits. While insects fulfill their protein consumption with insects, fruits, and vegetables remain their biggest source of vitamins and calcium. Apart from these food groups, bearded dragons do not rely on any other food types on a daily basis. If you are looking for allowed foods for your bearded pet, you must know what their food requirements are and what they require from the various items they eat. Rose petals are flower parts, so can bearded dragons eat rose petals?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rose Petals

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rose Petals

Bearded dragons can eat rose petals as there is no harmful component in petals. However, there can be pesticides and harmful chemicals on the petals, which pet owners must be careful of when feeding their dragons.

Rose petals can be fun food for bearded dragons because they like colorful food items. However, the dangers of rose petals may be the various kinds of gardening sprays that include pesticides, fertilizers, and other sprays that can be harmful to any living creature. Bearded dragons are very subtle in their reactions, so if there is anything they do not like, pet owners cannot expect a very outrageous reaction.

Rose petals are rich in moisture and also have smaller quantities of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and C, and iron as well. Potassium is also present in rose petals, and due to all these essential nutrients, these petals are used in Chinese medicines as well. The reason that rose petals cannot be everyday food for your pet dragons is that they have a high phosphorus content, which cannot be good for bearded dragons. Also, have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary and find out everything about it.

Bearded Dragons And Rose Petals

What Do Bearded Dragons Need

Bearded dragons need calcium and protein more than any other nutrient because their bones need to be strong and the protein keeps their muscles strong. If there is phosphorus in any food item, it hinders the absorption of calcium in bearded dragons.

When bearded dragons eat rose petals, they are also consuming phosphorus alongside calcium. This element can diminish the benefits of calcium and therefore, it becomes not only less beneficial but almost dangerous for dragons if they consume it daily. The ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus in bearded dragons is around 2:1, or it can be 1:1. However, if there is phosphorus in a bigger proportion, the food becomes a rare treat rather than a daily food item.

However, if you want to feed your dragon this fragrant food item, it may be a good idea to keep their consumption in check. Everyone wants to see their pet thrive and that is why a timetable of providing occasional and daily treats will be a good idea. For instance, blackberries are good for bearded dragons as an occasional treat.

How Often To Feed Rose Petals To Your Dragon

You can feed rose petals to your dragon once a month or twice a month at a maximum. The more often you feed these petals to your pet, the greater the dangers of increased phosphorus in their bodies. The high levels of phosphorus can be a problem because if the bearded dragons do not retain enough calcium, the bones in their bodies become soft and this leads to metabolic bone disease.

This disease leads to softening of the bones and eventually causes paralysis or immobility in the dragons. This disease can lead to death and therefore, it is essential to ensure that you do not feed too many rose petals to your pet.

Dangerous Aspect Of Rose Petals

Where do you get the rose petals from, and how fresh are they? Some pet owners believe that if they feed their pets different vegetables and fruits from their gardens, it will be economical and convenient. However, one thing that these people often miss out on is that the garden plants are usually sprayed with pesticides and there are many fertilizers and grass foods that contain chemicals.

If the petals are covered with chemicals from pesticides, it can cause poisoning in bearded dragons and their health will gradually deteriorate. Everyone who plants roses at home is presumably concerned about how their gardens look. If they use pesticides for plants to remain free from insects and pests from ruining them, these plants are unhealthy for bearded dragons!

How To Ensure Safe Rose Petals

If you want your bearded dragon to enjoy the petals, you can ensure that you get all-natural and pesticide-free petals from plants that are pure to be fed to animals. While petals contain phosphorus and may not be the best food for your pet dragon, the leaves and stalk of the rose plant can be a good source of nutrition for dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my bearded pet any other flower petals?

Bearded dragons like to eat colorful foods and they can enjoy flower petals. You can feed your pet marigold and sunflower. There are many other aromatic flowers that bearded dragons can eat but you must know what is in them to allow them this food option.

What will happen if my dragon pet eats more petals than once a month?

If your bearded dragon eats petals more than once a month it may not show any signs of discomfort if the petals are clean. Moreover, the number of petals eaten is also to be considered. However, if bearded dragons eat as much as twice a month, it is normal, but try not to give them rose petals for the next month just to remain safe.


Pet owners often ask, can bearded dragons eat rose petals? While the petals are an attractive and aromatic food, they contain high phosphorus which makes this food item a good occasional food only. You can feed petals to your pet dragon only once or twice a month, and that too in moderation. Feeding them anymore will be a problem due to the unfavorable proportion of calcium and phosphorus.

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