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Kiwi is a healthy green fruit that can be a perfect treat for a bearded dragon. It consists of many healthy nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium. But can bearded dragons eat kiwi? Are they safe and healthy for them?

The answer is yes bearded dragons can safely eat kiwi. Kiwi can be a healthy treat for your bearded dragon because it consists of so much healthy nutrition. This fruit is a good source of Vitamin C which boosts your immune system. Certainly, Vitamin C is not only a vitamin you will find in the kiwi. It also contains Vitamin K and E moreover healthy minerals like copper, zinc, calcium. However, it cannot be given as a full meal, you should only give kiwi to your bearded dragon occasionally or else you will face difficulties and you can also get your bearded dragon in danger.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kiwi?

Your bearded dragon must be fed one averaged size kiwi once or once in two weeks and it should only cover ten percent of your bearded dragon’s overall diet. If you will not do this kiwi can be toxic for your bearded dragon. This fruit should be fed in moderation due to some reason.

It’s true that this green fruit is rich in nutrients. However, it has one particular deficiency and because of this particular shortcoming, you should only feed your bearded dragon once in a month or once in two weeks.

It contains a great amount of oxalic acid, which is surely also known as oxalates.

It is much similar to phosphorus acid; oxalic acid can cause metabolic bone disease. By feeding fruits occasionally you can help your bearded dragon with this disease.

Nutritional Facts About Kiwi

The mouth-watering fruit contains all sorts of nutrients inside it, it is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, energy, and useful macromolecules. These nutrients work spectacularly for a human’s body but can bearded dragons eat kiwi like humans too?

As a matter of fact, the nutrients in the kiwi are more than enough for the little reptile, therefore these beardies can only engulf a very little amount of this fruit, and that too occasionally.

The nutritional chart below gives the values of nutrients in 100 grams of Kiwi fruit according to the US department of agriculture.

Nutrient Value Unit
Vitamin K 40.3 ug
Vitamin A 4 ug
Vitamin E 1.46 mg
Vitamin C 92.7 mg
Vitamin B6 0.063 mg
Vitamin D 0.31 ug
Iron Fe 0.31 mg
Sodium Na 3 mg
Phosphorus P 34 mg
Calcium Ca 34 mg
Sugars 8.99 gram
Fibers 3 gram
Carbohydrate 14.66 gram
Total lipid (fat) 0.52 gram
Protein 1.14 gram
Energy 51 kcal
Water 83.07 gram

As we can see kiwi is rich in nutrition that provides a health boost for your bearded dragon. There is a good number of antioxidants in a kiwi, which are best for aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system moreover your bearded dragon immune system can be improved because this fruit contains a good amount of vitamin C. not only vitamin C you can find a lot of vitamins like K, E, A, D, C, B6.

Moreover, there are also some minerals such as copper, zinc, and calcium. Potassium is essential for good heart health and calcium helps to improve bone health; both are important minerals that you can find in this small green flesh of kiwi.

There is also some amount of fiber in a kiwi, which is great for healthy digestion. Even a small dose of protein can provide you with a good amount of strength and energy, and a little dose of zinc can be great for your recovery from injuries.

You will also not find any fat in a kiwi fruit, which is good for your bearded dragon, your dragon will be saved from being overweight. Last but not least, 80% of the fruit contains sugar. However, kiwi comes out of 80% which means less sugar and if this fruit is not rich in sugar, then your dragon is saved from tooth decay and obesity.


Can bearded dragons eat kiwi? Yes, they can. Kiwis are rich in nutrition; however, they can only be fed occasionally to the bearded dragons. This is because these tasty fruits contain lots of oxalates that can cause metabolic bone disease. Therefore, only treat your beardie with one average-sized kiwi once or twice a month.


How to serve kiwi to a bearded dragon?

There are a few rules that should be in your mind when you are serving kiwi to your bearded dragon.

Firstly, wash the fruit before feeding it to your beardie. Secondly, check the fruit for chemical remnants from pesticides. Thirdly, remove the kiwi skin because it is hard and dense so it will not be easy for them to eat. Finally, serve kiwi in small pieces so it will be easy for them to digest.

Can a bearded dragon eat kiwi skin?

No, it is better not to eat kiwi with its skin because this fruit skin is dense and hard so it will be difficult for a bearded dragon to chew and digest.

Can a bearded dragon eat kiwi seeds?

Yes, a bearded dragon can eat kiwi seeds, however, only adult bearded dragons are suited to digesting them. The young bearded dragons often face difficulties in eating and digesting kiwi seeds and get an upset stomach. Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding kiwi along with their seeds to any bearded dragon. Use a knife to take out the middle part of the kiwi and then chop the rest of the seedless fruit, to feed your beardie.

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