How To Make A Bearded Dragon Poop? Helpful Tips

Bearded dragons are omnivorous reptilians that can live in dry conditions for a long and can go without water for a day or two. However, their food intake and dehydration might become a reason for constipation at times. How to make a bearded dragon poop if it becomes uncomfortable and its lifestyle begins to get adversely affected.

A slight issue can become complicated in small pets. Similarly, constipation can progress into a state of impaction, which means that the bearded dragon’s intestine gets clogged and it cannot move its hind legs due to that. However, if you correct a few daily practices, this can be avoided and your dragon pet can have regular bowel movements.

How To Make A Bearded Dragon Poop

Bearded Dragon’s Diet And Bowel Movement

Dragons are omnivores and they eat insects, vegetables, and fruits. Sometimes when their diet is not balanced and there is too much protein or calcium in their diet without any fiber, they may get constipated. All pet owners must know that they have to avoid this from happening, and this can be done by keeping the water intake and food in the correct proportion.

Bearded Dragon’s Diet And Bowel Movement

While protein and calcium are the main nutrients for bearded dragons, however, if there is no fiber, and minerals in the diet of bearded dragons, their bowel movements will be impacted and it might lead to worst conditions of impaction.

How To Make A Bearded Dragon Defecate

It is normal for bearded dragons to poop once a day. Sometimes, their movement is less but they still defecate. However, if you see that there have been no droppings in the tank for a few days you must make some changes in your diet.

How To Make A Bearded Dragon Defecate

A Warm Bath

A warm bath is an excellent way to accelerate the metabolism and circulation of the bearded dragon. Once the body systems pick up, the bearded dragon becomes active and the bowel movement begins. Moreover, if there is any impaction, the warm water penetrates the body and helps the clogged intestine. Also, read How To Give Bearded Dragon Bath.

Feeding Them Olive Oil

Just like olive oil helps constipation in humans, it helps bearded dragons as well. The impact of olive oil is that it softens the stool and makes the intestine lining more favorable for the dragon. You can add oil to vegetables without cooking them in them.

Massage Them

If owners gently massage the bearded dragon and create a rush in blood circulation, these creatures will feel more active and their bowel movements will increase. The massaging motion helps the dragon relieve itself of any digested food that passes through the intestines.

Optimal Temperature

If you maintain an optimum temperature in the tank for your dragon pet, they will remain active and their metabolism will remain normal. The bearded dragon will remain healthy if it stays in the same temperature range as is most suitable for it.

How To Note If The Bearded Dragon Is Defecating Or Not

Apart from the fact that you will see the fecal waste in the tank, there are many simple ways to understand how regularly your bearded pet defecates, and what is normal for it. Then, there will have to be some action if you see that your pet is not defecating as regularly as it used to. This means that if your pet has a habit of defecating twice a day, and begins to only do it once a day, there is some issue. If you do not address this problem immediately, it can gradually end in impaction and immobility of the hind legs.

How Many Times Does A Bearded Dragon Poop

Bearded dragons are different from each other. Every individual has a different body cycle and a different diet. The impact of external factors such as temperature, water consumption, and even the physical activity of the pet will have an impact on the number of times it poops in a day. Whenever you see any reduction in this frequency, it must be addressed because that means there is some problem.

Bearded dragons may have reduced bowel movement when they are stressed. They become anxious and their body systems slow down. You would want to see your bearded dragons happy and in order to do that always ensure that their digestive system must be active and efficient. You can find more details about it here How Often Do Bearded Dragons Poop.

How To Get A Bearded Dragon To Poop – Instructions For Owners

One of the simplest ways of ensuring that your bearded dragon remains healthy and passes stool regularly is to ensure that they eat fibrous vegetables. Even if you feed them more insects, be sure to give them enough fibrous fruits and veggies so that they do not miss out on their frequency of defecating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my bearded dragon doesn’t poop for a day?

Even if it is only a day, you must make some changes to the dragon’s diet to ensure it takes enough fiber to help defecate. When you balance their diet and give them more water and fiber, they will have better bowel movements.

What is the best vegetable for constipation in bearded dragons?

All vegetables are good for constipation, but some effective ones are squash, celery, and turnip greens. These vegetables have high fiber and are good for your pet!


Bearded dragons are not difficult pets but owners must be mindful of their health, which begins with bowel movement! Understanding how to make a bearded dragon poop will help ensure that your pet is healthy and exhausts all waste regularly. Ensure a good diet, a good amount of water, and healthy physical activity. Once your dragon pet is comfortable in its tank, it will become regular in bowel movements and will have a balanced routine.

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