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Caring for a pet can have its challenges, but if the pet owner is well-prepared, it is not such a big deal. However, caring for multiple pets can mean more work and special consideration of their co-existing factors. Can bearded dragons live together, and if they can, then what do you need to keep in mind?

We try and discuss issues that will help new pet owners ensure the well-being and health of their pet dragons. If you want to get two bearded dragons at once, or if you already have one and want to double up the love and care with another one, there are many things that you need to know before planning the big welcome.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Together As Pets

Bearded Dragons Living Alone

The best environment for any bearded dragon is to have its exclusive space. Whether you have a whole team of dragons, if each of them has their specific space where they enjoy solitude, all is going to be fine! However, if you plan on bringing in two dragons in one tank, they might not respond well to it.

Bearded dragons are reptilians that like solitude and love to have their space for all kinds of idol activities like basking in the light, or even gazing at you through the glass wall! They like to live alone and may show displeasure when they are made to co-exist. Bearded dragons are quite subtle in their behavior, but if you put two or more together, there are going to be some behavior changes that are bound to get your attention.

You do not need to feel bad if you have two bearded dragons at home because they can co-exist, but these reptilians like solitude more. This point clarifies the fact that there will be no animosity but the adjustment needed for co-existence may be a challenge for pet owners. Also, find out Where To Buy Bearded Dragons.

Bearded Dragons Living Alone

How Do Bearded Dragons Co-exist

When two bearded dragons live together, they have to decide which one is boss, and which one has to submit to its dominance. Head bobbing is a common way of trying to exude dominance and you will see both the dragon pets do this to show the other that they are dominant. However, after a few days, whichever bearded dragon takes the lead will be declared the boss as the other dragon will begin to bob its head differently, which is a sign of submission.

Apart from dominance, the bearded dragons do not like to share their free space where they sit to relax and absorb heat from the UVB lamp. If you see two or more dragon pets scratch the floor, or develop stress marks, it is due to the overwhelming invasion of space. Bearded dragons will not fight and they will not mark their territories like doge, but they will want to be in their exclusive space, and if that does not happen, you will see them scratch the floor or show their anxiety in other ways.

How Do Bearded Dragons CoExist

Bearded dragons can have serious territorial issues, especially if they are males. Try to get a pair of female and male bearded dragons, and do not compromise on the space and necessities for each. Male dragons may partake in aggressive and ferocious fights that may become harmful. However, a male and female pair will learn to exist together.

When there are two female dragons in a tank, there will be slight agitation from both as they will decide their ways about the various spots that they will use for laying eggs. As long as the bearded dragons know they have their exclusive places for hiding, sleeping, basking in the warmth of the lamp, and even defecating, all will be fine.

One Important Factor

If you decide to keep two bearded dragons, ensure that they are the same age and size. They should not be the same gender, especially males. However, the importance of size is also a vital factor. If the bearded dragons match in size, it is a good match. However, if there is a small dragon, and the other one is big, there will be a major conflict of supremacy and dominance. These creatures do not fight but if the opponent is small enough to be governed, it can end in a bloody fight and the small dragon might even lose its life.

Moreover, the consumption of food will also be unbalanced as the older dragon will be consuming more than the little one. Once you intervene and separate places, then the two will have limited interaction, and their survival chances will be better. However, if you think that they will settle their quarrels on their own, that is not going to happen! These creatures are social but not as much that they decide to be civil!


Bearded dragons like to live alone but that does not mean that they cannot co-exist. However, pet owners have to be careful about how much they allow their dragons to dominate each other. If you get two bearded dragons, they will have to be the same size and of different genders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will bearded dragons kill each other if they live together?

If the bearded dragons are big and powerful, they may only fight from a distance which means that they state their dominance. However, if one of the dragons is smaller, the older one might be violent and the fight can result in the death of the smaller ones.

What should I do with my bearded dragon couple?

If you have a male and female dragon, they do not fight or try to dominate each other. However, you will have to give each of them their exclusive space.

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