Why Does My Bearded Dragon Stare At Me? | Reptile Behavior Explained

Animals may seem quirky to all of us. This is mainly because these creatures cannot communicate, and we cannot decipher every move of theirs. Furthermore, reptilians are more closed-up, and pet owners usually cannot understand the various gestures of bearded dragons. Why does my bearded dragon stare at me? Sounds familiar? Here’s all you need to know.

Bearded dragons stare at humans because they like to observe moving things. More so, if it is an ‘object’ or person who moves around these pets every day, the bearded dragons want to know what you are trying to do, or maybe what you are up to. Bearded dragons stare at owners because it is their instinct to observe the surroundings, and you are a part of it! However, the good news is that the more they stare at you, the more they know that you are part of their everyday routine, and they stop fearing you.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Stare At Me

What Will Make My Bearded Dragon Stare Less

When you have had the bearded dragon in your home for years, it will know that you are a part of its environment, and as they get used to the climate, air, food, and other amenities, they get accustomed to its owner’s habits. You wouldn’t believe this, but your pet dragon might know more about your habits and movement than you do. Some owners find it creepy, while others find it funny and play along with their staring pets.

What Will Make My Bearded Dragon Stare Less

Staring Means Bored

If you are one of the owners who feel that bearded dragons staring at you can be creepy, there are a few tips and tricks to get you off their radar! First of all, understand that the bearded dragon looks at you because you are a moving object in their surroundings. Get a diversion if you want the bearded dragon to stop staring at you! Staring is their pastime when there is nothing better to do. Try to engage your dragon in an activity meant for them so that you are off their mind and they keep busy with something more interesting.

Try to get one of those moving ornaments or soothing lights that make a pattern on the wall and move in various colors. These things keep bearded dragons mesmerized for hours. Moreover, you can even turn on the TV, and the bearded dragon will keep looking at the new shows with you. Also, find out Why Do Bearded Dragons Turn Black.

Staring Means Bored

Pet Owners And Dragons Relationship

It is natural to feel concerned about how your dragon thinks about you as a pet owner. As we mentioned earlier, bearded dragons do not have a lot of expressions. Dogs can wag their tails and lick you while cats purr or cuddle against you, but bearded dragons don’t do any of this. How do you know if your bearded pet likes you or not? Bearded dragons consider you necessary enough to observe you, which means something! Staring is not an adverse action coming from your pet, and it just means that they are getting used to you.

Pet Owners And Dragons Relationship

Keep Your Dragon Entertained

Bearded dragons who are entertained and have a few things to do throughout the day will not get the time to stare as much as idle pets. Moreover, having an activity will make the bearded dragons get busier with a more entertaining activity. You can keep these pets busy by placing a moving object in their tanks. A small wheel, a bubble machine, or even a moving light can be an excellent way to keep these dragons bust. Moreover, if you feel that there has to become physical activity involved, you can place a plastic toy that they can scratch.

Living inside a glass tank all day can be tedious, and when you let them out, the dragons may try to be near you and stare at you. This habit may be instinctual, but it also tells pet owners about the dragon’s likeness of you! Moreover, you can take your bearded dragon for a swim or a ride in the car. While we do not always recommend a change in lighting for the bearded dragon due to their third eye that gets confused between natural light and artificial light, we do believe that your pets deserve a trip outdoors to find new objects to worry about.

Keep Your Dragon Entertained

How Does A Bearded Dragon Show Love

Pet owners who wonder if their pet like them or not can look for any signs that will satisfy them and make them feel good. Apart from staring at you, the dragon will press against you or come and sit near you, and this is all the admiration, or love, that you will feel from them!


Bearded dragons stare at pet owners because they have the instinct to observe movement. Since you are visible to them every day, and your actions are always in their view, they will stare for hours! However, these pets may be inexpressive, but they love their owners. You can look for different ways to keep them from staring, and when you do, their subtle expression of love will become apparent. Also, check out How To Tell Age Of Bearded Dragon, you may find it useful too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will bearded dragons stare at people other than their owners?

Bearded dragons will stare at all humans and moving objects, which does not mean that they will only stare at their owners! If more than a few people are in the room, the bearded dragon will stare at the one he has not seen before. Similarly, if there is a more interesting moving object, these bearded pets will be more interested in looking at them!

Is a staring bearded dragon dangerous? Do they attack?

Bearded dragons are not harmful creatures, and staring is an instinctual habit that does not mean that they will attack you. Moreover, the bearded dragons do not pose any danger to anyone they feel attacked or violated. If you throw something at them or feel insecure around you, they will become alert, but they will not attack you.

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