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Bearded dragons are one of the most exotic pets to own. They are also known by their biological name, which is Pogona. Pogona is a Greek word it means beard. And this is what makes beardies attractive and appealing in the sight of every one of us and the puffing black beard differentiates them from the rest of the reptiles. The characteristic and rare features of the dragons make all of us wonder in awe, “Where Are Bearded Dragons From?”

Bearded dragons have their origin in Australia. The exotic lizards have 8 species in total and each of them comes from different parts of the diverse land of Australia. However, all the spectacular species have common environmental needs. So if you ever think of the origins of beardies, know that all of them come from an extremely hot, arid, and dry homeland. Of course, these exotic reptiles are traded from Australia to a few countries (more commonly the US) where they are legal with the use of a license. You also need a license to keep a beardie as a pet.

Where Are Bearded Dragons From


The natural habitat of the gentle and docile beardies is an extreme one. They live in extremely hot conditions where the temperature is usually 75-100 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime with a basking spot having the highest temperature of 88-110 degrees Fahrenheit. While a slightly lower temperature in the nighttime ranges from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the humidity level of their environment in their natural habitat is 20-40%.

As the continent of Australia is arid and semi-arid, beardies enjoy their best time basking on rocks or boulders, and on tree branches. Bearded dragons are semi-arboreal creatures, which means they live in arid and semi-arid areas where they can find branches to climb up. It is actually a myth that beardies are lazy creatures and have low activity, in fact, healthy beardies are very active, and besides basking, they often move around and climb on bushes, rocks, and branches.

The Natural Habitat Of Bearded Dragons

And although every species has a slightly distinct natural habitat, you will find bearded dragons in scrublands, savannahs, deserts, heathlands, coastal dunes, and subtropical woodlands of Australia. Also, find out What Can Live With A Bearded Dragon.


Bearded dragons come from different locations as per their species. Interestingly, the species are identified by their location of origin in the huge continent of Australia. Below are the locations for each species from where do bearded dragons come:

1. Pogona Vitticeps

Pogona vitticeps are the most common and popular species of beardie, as they are the species that are mostly traded to countries like the US. You are more likely to find the Pogona vitticeps in a reptile pet shop. These docile and friendly beardies are found in Central Australia and therefore also known as Inland bearded dragons or Central bearded dragons.

Pogona Vitticeps

2. Pogona Henrylawsoni

The Pogona henrylawsoni are small-sized species of beardies and are found in the Western and Central islands of Australia.

Pogona Henrylawsoni

3. Pogona Barbata

The Pogona Barbata species originate in the hot eastern outskirts of Australia and are popular for their vibrant red and unique gray colors.

Pogona Barbata

4. Pogona Microlepidota

The next small-sized species is the Pogona microlepidota. These are commonly found in the Northern side of Australia. The Pogona microlepidota is the smallest species of Bearded Dragon.

Pogona Microlepidota

5. Pogona Minor

The Pogona minor bearded dragons are dark brown beardies and are found in Western and Central Australia like the Pogona henrylawsoni species.

Pogona Minor

6. Pogona Minor Minima

The Pogona minor minima species are rare species found in the Houtman Abrolhos Islands.

Pogona Minor Minima

7. Pogona Minor Mitchelli

The Pogona minor mitchelli lizards are red in color and come from Northwestern Australia.

Pogona Minor Mitchelli

8. Pogona Nullarbor

Pogona nullarbor or the Nullarbor Bearded Dragon comes from Southern Australia.

Pogona Nullarbor


Where Are Bearded Dragons From? These extremely exotic pets are traded for us all the way from Australia. They are used to living in extremely high temperatures, low humidity levels, rough and arid terrain, and under sufficient sunlight. The various species of bearded dragons come from different parts of the huge continent of Australia. You will find these docile lizards in central or inland Australia, the Westerns and central islands of Australia, Eastern Australia, the Northern sides of Australia, the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, and also Northwestern and Southern Australia.

Keeping in mind the unusual demands of this rare pet, a caretaker must create the beardie’s habitat in the enclosure it is going to reside in. One must have a resembling substrate, sufficient UVB type of lighting, the optimum range of temperatures of both day and night periods, controlled humidity, and also some natural objects like rocks, and branches to make the beardie comfortable. Moreover, find out Are Bearded Dragons Reptiles.


What do bearded dragons eat?

Bearded dragons are omnivores, therefore they eat insects, fruits, and vegetables in the wild. When you pet a beardie, feed it a balanced meal, with a larger portion of insects rich in protein, and a smaller portion of fruits and vegetables rich in calcium and vitamins. Baby bearded dragons and juvenile beardies need a higher portion of insects as they are growing, while adult dragons need a higher portion of fruits and greens. You can feed your pet mealworms, king worms, crickets, kale, parsley, bell peppers, apple, mango, watermelon, etc.

What should bearded dragons never eat?

Avoid feeding certain foods to beardies such as lettuce, beet tops, rhubarb, avocados, fireflies, spinach, and shamrock.

How long do bearded dragons live?

In the wild where survival chances are low due to lack of food, competition, and fierce predators, the lifespan of bearded dragons is 3-8 years. Whereas, in captivity, bearded dragons can live up to 8-15 years easily. If you take proper care of the beardie’s environment, hygiene, and food, your beardie can easily live more than 10 years.

Do bearded dragons bite?

Bearded dragons do not bite for no reason, they are gentle and very docile pets and are known for their friendly behavior. However, they may bite when they feel threatened, or uncomfortable. Make sure you do not have any other beardie or other creature near them as they are very territorial. Nonetheless, the bite of a beardie is harmless, and may only cause a slight sting or cut.

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