Do Bearded Dragons Sleep During The Day? Daytime Habits

Caring for bearded dragons can be tricky since they are not like any typical pet and there are not too many websites covering how these creatures live, what they like, and what will make them happy. The first thing will be to figure out their routine and ensure that they follow it. Do bearded dragons sleep during the day? If yes, how many hours do they sleep at night? Figure out what should be most suitable for them after getting to know more about them.

Bearded dragons are reptilians that live in the wilderness of arid areas. These animals do not have high adaptability, and then there is always the concept of day and night in wild animals like these small creatures. So what time will they have to sleep? And what time should they be awake? To know all of this, you should know some interesting facts about these reptilians.

Do Bearded Dragons Sleep During The Day

Do Bearded Dragons Sleep During The Day – Are They Diurnal

Bearded dragons are diurnal, which means that they sleep during the night, and work and play during the day. When these creatures are going to be awake, all their energies will be invested in looking for food, chasing insects, and hiding from predators. When you are going to keep these reptilians as pets, you will have to ensure that they sleep at night and stay awake during the day. When their routines are set in this way, they will be healthy and they will thrive.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Sleep All Night

Bearded dragons have a sensor eye at the top of their head. This is called the third eye, which can sense danger, light, movement, and even any object approaching. This third eye will make these bearded dragons sense that the night is low, and it sends a message to their brain that it is time to sleep. When these dragons sleep, they need full darkness, just like it is in the wilderness.


All animals need a habitat that mimics nature. Similarly, bearded dragons will need absolute darkness so that they can rest fully. The third eye needs to sense complete darkness during the night, and light during the day. This way, their diurnal nature remains intact and they do not upset their routine.

What Happens If Bearded Dragons Do Not Sleep Well At Night

If the bearded dragons do not sleep at night, they will react like we all do when we don’t sleep well. What do you do when you sleep less for a few days? You become irritable, tired, cranky, and even stop focusing on work. Similarly, bearded dragons also get upset and show their restlessness in different ways.

If bearded dragons do not sleep properly at night, they will become irritable and show it through anger. They will bob their head, hiss loudly and even start digging the sand in their tanks aggressively. If the routine remains upset for a long, their food intake becomes poor. This will gradually add to their anxiety and they will act strange and disturbed and their condition will keep worsening.

What To Do To Make These Creatures Sleep Well At Night

Pet parents will have to ensure twelve hours of light, and twelve hours of complete darkness to ensure that their bearded dragons believe that it is night, which means that they have to sleep and rest. If there is even a small night light on in the tank, the third eye will send a signal to the brain that it is still day and these creatures will stay awake even if their bodies need rest. This situation might seem acceptable to humans, but these animals are quite rigid when it comes to day and night hours.

When you set up their tank at home, be sure that your bearded dragon gets a spot that is dark at night. Do not place them near the window, or near any light source that may disturb them. Moreover, try to keep all moving objects like fans, active décor, or even swaying curtains away from their tank. If there is any movement that they sense, they will try and stay vigilant. This is because these dragon pets are programmed to defend themselves and they keep thinking that there is a danger if any object is moving around them.

Another way to ensure that these pets sleep well at night is to ensure that there is ample light in the daytime. Keeping the tank in a dark place does not mean that there is no light in the morning either. These reptilians are quite sensitive and they become anxious very quickly. When you have to keep a pet at home, you want to see it happy, healthy, and active.

Be sure to provide a lamp in the tank that is lit all day to keep the bearded dragons active, warm, and thriving. Remember to turn it off at night. However, if the lamp is the only heat source in the tank, turning it off would mean a cold environment for the dragon. Either get a heated tank so that you can keep the temperature regulated while the lamp is off.

Bearded Dragons During The Day

If your bearded pet is happy, active, and eating well during the day, it will automatically feel tired by the time night comes. Bearded dragons can be funny creatures to care for, and you can easily control their temperament by keeping all the above factors in check. Once the routines of these subtle, yet interesting creatures begin to settle down normally, your pet will be happy and healthy, which is what every pet owner wants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my bearded dragon take a nap?

If you see your bearded dragon close its eyes during the day, it is fine. However, there is no need to turn off the lamp or switch off the lights. If the bearded dragon senses darkness before it is time to sleep, they get disturbed and their body clock gets upset.

What if I leave a light on at night near the tank?

The bearded dragon will not be able to sleep well and it might not be as active and alert the next day. You might not want to leave the lights on as that can disrupt the sleep cycle for dragon pets.

How do I tell if my dragon does not get good sleep?

If your dragon pet is not sleeping properly, it will become irate and show it by hissing, scratching the tank walls, digging, and scratching the flooring of the tank. Gradually, their food intake will also be disrupted.


Do bearded dragons sleep during the day? This question may seem easy to answer and many people might think that these small creatures can take naps and laze around all day, but they are different. Pet parents should ensure that their dragons have a healthy routine so that they stay happy and active. If you can keep their sleep cycle in check, you will enjoy these pets like you always wanted. Also, find out Why Bearded Dragons Close Their Eyes.

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