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Do you know how often do bearded dragons poop? Don’t we just love taking care of our gentle beardies? We try to gain as much knowledge as we can when it comes to keeping them healthy. We take care of their diet, hygiene, temperatures, enclosure environment, and whatnot! But very rarely do we pay heed to its poop! Yes, you heard it right, a beardie’s poop should be taken care of too. The defecation of your dragon tells a lot about its health.

It is very important to time your pet’s egestion. A caretaker must observe how often his bearded dragons poop. Although you might think it’s insignificant, it is considered one of the key factors to examine a beardie’s health condition. Find out all about it in this article.

How Often Do Bearded Dragons Poop

How Often Do Baby Bearded Dragons Poop

The number of poops depends on many factors, the most important is age. Newly born beardies to 4 months or juvenile beardies that are considered to be younger than 18 months poop more often than adult bearded dragons. Baby beardies or hatchlings have more to eat and take in more proteins than the older ones, therefore they are expected to poop at least once a day. However, they can also poop twice or thrice a day. In any case, if your hatchling does not poop in two days, take it to the doctor immediately, as odd bowel movements indicate health issues.

How Often Do Adult Bearded Dragons Poop

The diet of adult dragons varies greatly, as they grow older, they are fed less, and so they poop less often too. A healthy grown beardie can poop once a week. But it can be more often too, ranging from daily to once a week. However, it is not normal for adult beardies to poop more than once a day. If that is the case, your pet might have a digestive problem and you should see a veterinarian.

How Often Do Adult Bearded Dragons Poop

How Does Normal Bearded Dragon Poop Look

First of all, every beardie is different from the others, and so their eating habits, metabolism, and pooping habits may differ from the others. It is not alarming if your friend’s dragon poops more or less than yours. However, there are some signs that you should know about. The poop of a dragon is supposed to be dry, long, brown in color, and have a white ending. The white part of the poop is actually excreted urine.

The excretion should not be too runny or of lighter yellowish shades as it shows the dragon is sick and has diarrhea. This could be a result of excess meals or an unhealthy diet. It can also be due to a change in the environment. You can scrutinize the cause of diarrhea and fix it as soon as possible but if the condition prevails, it is best to take your pet to the vet.

The other digestive issue that alters the appearance of the poop and makes it look darker and hard is constipation. This is also another adverse effect of a problematic diet or low water content in foods. You can give your pet a warm bath to soothe its digestive tract and relieve its constipation instantly. But again you must know how often bearded dragons poop, constipation, and diarrhea, are unhealthy conditions. Also, find out How To Make A Bearded Dragon Poop.


It is essential to keep a check on your beardie’s bowel habits to avoid health issues. A hatchling or a 4 months-18 months beardie can poop daily or even 3 times a day, whereas an adult dragon poops 1-7 times a week. In case it is fewer or more often, the caretaker must take his pet to the reptile doctor, as diarrhea and constipation both can give rise to other health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UVB help in digestion for bearded dragons?

UVB or ultraviolet type B light helps bearded dragons with healthy digestion. It also produces heat and sets the temperature for the dragon. The favorable environment makes the dragon comfortable and helps its body to carry out its physiological activities smoothly.

Does calcium cause more frequent pooping in bearded dragons?

Yes, bearded dragons poop often if they are having a high calcium intake. However, more calcium is healthy to a certain level and so results in healthy bowel movements.

What does black poop mean?

Black poop is a sign of a serious illness. It shows that there is internal bleeding in the dragon. Take your dragon to the doctor immediately and get it checked.

What does green poop indicate?

If a bearded dragon excretes green poop, it means it has been feeding on too many vegetables. It’s important to give a balanced diet to your dragon with portions of insects, veggies, and fruits. Change the diet for your beardie if you witness the green color.

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