Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley? | Can They Eat It

Parsley is found in every kitchen and we all use this herb as a garnish or to flavor special foods. It is natural for pet parents to ask, ‘Can guinea pigs eat parsley?’ because it is easy to take some out and feed it to the pet. Guinea pigs can eat parsley but it should be an occasional feed. Parsley is rich in terpenes and flavonoids that give it a rich aroma and taste. However, how useful is it for guinea pigs?

You can understand the benefits of parsley for guinea pigs if you know what this herb contains and what the guinea pig requires on a daily basis. If the nutrients match, that will be great. However, the recommended frequency of feeding parsley to guinea pigs is occasional, which means there must be some nutrients that are not most suited.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley Or Is It Unsuitable

Guinea pigs can eat parsley occasionally because some of the nutrients can be unsuitable for these rodents. Guinea pigs need high roughage foods, which is why hays and grasses can be a good pick for them. The daily vitamin and mineral requirements are fulfilled by feeding guinea pigs fruits and vegetables.

You must realize that these furry little animals do not have a large appetite. If they are eating hay mostly, the little number of vegetables and fruits they consume must offer all the vital nutrients so that the daily requirements are met and they remain healthy.

Parsley has many benefits for guinea pigs, but you have to know why it cannot be fed every day. Once pet parents know why any particular fruit or vegetable is not to be fed daily, they will be able to filter through many other food items. Moreover, also find out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cantaloupe.


What Does Parsley Offer To Guinea Pigs

Parsley offers many nutrients and you should know how many of them will match your guinea pig’s nutritional needs.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is good for eyesight and as your guinea pig will age, it will become an integral part of its daily diet. Make sure your rodent pet does not have vitamin A deficiency so that it can see properly.

Vitamin C: All little animals are prone to infections and guinea pigs are no different. The Different infections caused by vitamin C deficiency can become a peril if you do not feed this vitamin to guinea pigs. Parsley is rich in vitamin C so your pet will be safe.


Vitamin K: Another vitamin found in parsley is vitamin K. If you want to see your guinea pig strong and stable, vitamin K is a must. This nutrient will ensure blood health and a strong nervous system. Parsley is beneficial as it contains all these vitamins, which make this herb safe for these rodents.

Calcium: Parsley is rich in calcium and this mineral is the maker of bones. Guinea pigs must consume calcium because it will strengthen their bones. However, too much calcium can cause bladder stones in these cute little creatures and that may become a serious problem as it causes pain and makes guinea pigs immobile.

These nutrients make parsley a good choice for guinea pigs. Why is this herb recommended for an occasional feed then? Let’s see what the disadvantages of parsley can be. For more food guides, check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches.

Disadvantages Of Feeding Parsley To Guinea Pigs

The only problem with feeding too much parsley to guinea pigs is that this herb has oxalic acid. This acid is found in many herbs and vegetables that contain antioxidants. Oxalic acid can cause numerous health problems that linger on for a long. You can rely on parsley for vitamins and calcium but the presence of oxalic acid can become an issue.

Oxalic acid leads to nausea, diarrhea, and stone formation in guinea pigs. These furry little animals can become anxious when they feel poorly. Moreover, stones can cause a lot of pain and these rodents stop moving to avoid pangs of pain. As they stay in one place, they lose their appetite and become irritable. Pet parents must address this problem and seek medical help immediately. Also, read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pears?

How Much Parsley Should I Feed To My Guinea Pig

The recommended amount of parsley is between five to ten sprigs at a time. Any more than this may cause diarrhea so try and stay within this amount. As for the number of times, you should offer this herb to your rodent pet, try and feed parsley one or two times a week only.

May pet parents might feel that the recommendation and the strict limits of feeding parsley to guinea pigs are too much. However, the truth is that these little rodents do not mind food when you feed it to them. Of course, they cannot tell you what suits them and what doesn’t, so it is essential for you to keep the limits. All guinea pigs enjoy food and will keep eating if you keep feeding. Try and keep the quantity of parsley limited.


Do Guinea Pigs Enjoy Parsley

Suppose you come home with some fresh parsley and stay close to your rodent pet’s cage. These little creatures will come running towards you. The way they sniff and try to get hold of the parsley will show you that they like the aroma and flavor of this herb. We all like it and guinea pigs are no different.

Guinea pigs like to eat parsley because of the taste, and also because they like to snack all day. Another reason to like parsley can be the texture of this herb. After eating stiff hay all day, parsley can be a sweet treat for these rodents. You will see guinea pigs pick up the parsley sprigs quickly when you feed them. However, keep the amount limited to what is most suitable for them. Also, check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapples?

Types Of Parsley For Guinea Pigs

There are a few types of parsley and if you are a cooking enthusiast, you might ask if guinea pigs can eat both these famous types of parsley. The two types of parsley are curly and Italian flat-leaf parsley. Guinea pigs can eat both these kinds of herbs. The only difference is in the texture as the Italian parsley is slightly softer and the curly parsley is a little greener and crispier.

It is pertinent to mention that every guinea pig can have individual preferences. When you feed parsley to your guinea pig, you must see how they enjoy each type of parsley. Next time, feed them the ones that your guinea pigs like more. When you feed guinea pigs foods that they enjoy eating, their activity levels improve as a sign of a happy mood.


Parsley Stem Is Allowed? How Should I Serve Parsley

Guinea pigs can eat parsley stems because they like to chew on crunchy food items. The stem of parsley is harder than the leaves, which makes it a great choice. You can feed full stems and do not have to give parsley leaves only. These little rodents can chew on hay so they can eat parsley stems without any problem.

Parsley sprigs are available in the market with stems, and you can serve them easily. However, make sure that you wash this herb properly. Mostly parsley is grown in gardens and pots in the house. If you do not grow parsley at home, you can buy a fresh bunch from the vegetable grocer. Washing this herb is a must.

Many pet parents chop up the parsley but that is not necessary. You can serve it as long stems with leaves and guinea pigs will enjoy them. Parsley is not hard enough to choke your rodent pet so do not worry about that. As long as the herb is washed well and fresh, the guinea pigs will eat it with pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parsley going to choke my guinea pig pet?

Parsley is softer than many fruits and vegetables that guinea pigs eat. Moreover, it consists of small leaves and a thin stem so it does not pose any choking hazards.

Should I cook parsley before serving?

Guinea pigs eat raw vegetables and fruits so you do not have to cook any food before serving it to your pet. They will enjoy a well-washed and fresh sprig.

Should I serve parsley with any other vegetables?

Yes, you can serve parsley with any other suitable vegetable. Guinea pigs like aromatic and fresh vegetables so make sure you serve clean and organic vegetables.


Can guinea pigs eat parsley? The answer is yes, but only once or twice a week. The reason for this frequency is that this herb has oxalic acid, which is not good for guinea pigs. You can find out all about parsley and how to serve it so that your pet rodent is happy when you give it parsley to eat.

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