Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches? | Diet Safety & Nutritional Value

Guinea pigs can eat peaches and there is no surprise here because this fruit is delicious and we all love it. However, everything that guinea pigs eat is not necessarily healthy for them. Can guinea pigs eat peaches?

You can find the answer by understanding what your guinea pig pet requires in a day. Every individual has different tastes and prefers different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Even then, it does not mean that the particular fruit or vegetable is healthy for them.

Guinea pigs are rodents and their metabolism is different from mammals. These rodents need to have high roughage and a few other different things in their diet will ensure that they remain healthy. So what are these small changes? If you have gotten your new pet home, don’t worry, we will make sure that by the end of your reading, you will know what these little creatures require and how many peaches can you feed them.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches? Will It Be Nutritious Or Not

Guinea pigs can have peaches but not every day. The amount and the frequency of this fruit should be less because these rodents have a weaker metabolism and cannot consume sugary fruits. Since they will not be able to digest sugar, it will make them obese.

Guinea pigs are small creatures and they do not eat big meals. You will have to feed them things that suit them and are good for their daily routine too. Isn’t it better to fill their plate with all the fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for them, instead of feeding them fruits that may cause more problems if consumed daily?

Guinea pigs consume dry pellets and hays mostly. The little portion of fruit and vegetables must have the right nutritional value. Peaches are nutritious, but they are not the best fruit for your cute little pet.

There can be better choices and that is why feeding this substance in moderation is good. When you limit the daily consumption and offer it after days, the fruit will be better for these rodents. Also, read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley?

Nutrients In Peaches For Guinea Pigs

Peaches are seasonal fruit and are packed with many good nutrients. Here is a brief list of nutrients that are found in peaches.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is essential for guinea pigs as it prevents infection and diseases. These rodents are prone to viral and bacterial infections and vitamin C can build their immunity to fight them. Moreover, their body does not produce this vitamin and a daily supplement is a must. Since peaches are high in vitamin C, they will help guinea pigs significantly.

Potassium: Potassium keeps all of us upbeat and active. These furry little pets like to run around, and stay active. Potassium is beneficial for them as they can move about and stay energetic. Moreover, this mineral can help with the nervous system and the unconscious systems like breathing and digestion. Peaches offer a good amount of this substance.


Phosphorus: This element helps the formation of bones and teeth. Moreover, it helps with many internal body systems. Calcium, this mineral can be a great way to ensure health and skeletal strength. Tissue repair and maintenance of the body are ensured when guinea pigs consume this mineral.

Sugar: The sugar content in peaches is high, which means that guinea pigs will be taking in a lot of sugar even when they eat this fruit daily, it can make them obese. Obesity also makes guinea pigs anxious because they cannot move and they are not even going to like staying inactive.

We all want to see our pets happy and high sugars are surely the biggest hindrance to their activity and health. For more information about food, check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cantaloupe.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Peaches have a high amount of antioxidants which ensure tissue and cell repair. Moreover, the guinea pigs remain free from toxins and free radicals, which also adds to their health. Another advantage is that the fruit has some fiber, and is rich in water so your guinea pig pet will remain hydrated.

However, peaches are acidic and that can make their stomachs upset. These little rodents can get mouth sores from peaches and that is why it can be a problem if you feed too many peaches.

Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches

How To Feed Peaches To Guinea Pigs

When you feed peaches to guinea pigs, make sure that you wash them properly and cut a wedge of the fruit only. Guinea pigs can bite into the fruit and they chew it well before swallowing so there is no risk involved.

However, peaches can be hard sometimes and if you find an unripe or hard peach, cut a thinner slice to avoid choking or impaction for the guinea pig.

Another thing to consider is if you should peel the fruit or not. You can serve peach with the skin but double-check that there is no dirt or chemicals on the skin.

Guinea pigs must not eat more than two pieces of a one-inch wedge in a week. You can serve the two wedges together or on separate days but make sure that the weekly consumption does not exceed this.

What Kinds Of Peaches Are Off The Table

Peaches must be organic and free from chemicals, we already know that. Did you know that there are various kinds of peaches like white, yellow, and nectarines? The sugar level in each of them is different with the white peach having lower sugars and the nectarines being too sweet. You must keep the portions limited with all kinds of peaches and your guinea pig will enjoy all of these types.

Pet parents must know that canned peaches and frozen peaches are off-limits for guinea pigs. Canned peaches have added sugars and frozen peaches can be low in nutrition. Candied peaches are also a big no for guinea pigs. Apart from added sugar, these kinds of peaches are stiff and can choke guinea pigs.

If they can swallow them, the pieces of fruit can get stuck in the intestine, making your guinea pig pet suffer impaction. Impaction is the clogging of the intestine by semi-solid food. This clogging can cause constipation and discomfort in the lower body which can lead to a lack of appetite and depression. Check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pears next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are peaches a dangerous fruit for guinea pigs?

No, peaches are not dangerous but they can be a problem if your guinea pig eats a lot of them. By a lot, we mean a big portion of peach every day. Make sure that you stick to the recommended amount shared above.

What is the best type of peach to serve?

The peach with the least amount of sugar will be best for your guinea pig pet. White peaches are usually lower in sugar than other peach variations.

Can I give peach leaves to guinea pigs?

Yes, guinea pigs can have peach leaves but do not make it a part of their daily routine because they do not offer any added value.


Guinea pigs can eat peaches but only a small amount once a week. The various kinds of peaches that are not fit for consumption are candied, frozen, and canned peaches. Pet parents must make sure that they feed the right amount and the right type of peaches to see their guinea pigs thrive. Also, do read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapples.

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