Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cantaloupe? | Feeding Guide

As with most fruits, cantaloupe is rich in sugar so you can only feed it in moderation to your guinea pig. Can guinea pigs eat cantaloupe? You must know what kind of nutrition they need to understand why moderate amounts of cantaloupe are allowed.

Whenever anyone gets a pet, they want to see them healthy and active so they can enjoy their company. The first thing to ensure is a good diet so these little rodents can grow well and remain happy. Their diet is going to be a great way to ensure that you see your guinea pig pet happy and doing cute things around you.

Guinea pigs are rodents and they need high-fibrous food to keep their bowel movement in check. Moreover, they require a few primary nutrients that must be fulfilled on a daily basis. Get to know all about the impact of each nutrient in cantaloupe on these furry little creatures and you will be able to ensure a healthy and happy pet.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cantaloupe

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cantaloupe? Complete Guide

Guinea pigs can have cantaloupe on rare occasions. Sugars can be a harmful substance for these rodents and we will discuss how, but for now, you must know that this fruit cannot be served every day.

Cantaloupe is considered very healthy for all of us as they are rich in water, vitamins, and many other nutrients. Since this sweet fruit comes in the summer, it is rich in many vitamins that our bodies need to fight the loss of essential minerals and vitamins every day.

Guinea pigs also need minerals and vitamins, so there can be many benefits to feeding this fruit. However, what kind of disadvantages will there be? The disadvantages will help pet parents understand what kind of nutrients are not the daily requirement for guinea pigs. Let’s take a look at the nutrients in cantaloupe and understand what each of them has to offer. Check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Parsley next.

Nutrients In Cantaloupes And Their Effects

The most prominent nutrients in cantaloupe are discussed here. Now you can see how each of these components works for these rodents.

Vitamin A: Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin A, which keeps their eyes healthy and the immune system strong. Guinea pigs have a healthier reproduction system when they get enough vitamin A. Guinea pigs have weak eyes and they need this nutrient more than other pets might. This vitamin also prevents diseases like vitamin C. While that is more vital for guinea pigs, this vitamin also has a lot of benefits for your rodent pet.

Calcium: Calcium is great for bone health and there is plenty of it in cantaloupe. You will see your guinea pig grow well if it has strong bones. In some cases, the calcium requirement can be more for guinea pigs. If your pet is pregnant, or if it is an infant, there should be more calcium in their diet.

Calcium is not only good for bones, but it also has a lot of other benefits as it helps with various body functions. You can ensure a healthy pet if they get enough calcium on a daily basis.


Phosphorus: Phosphorus in cantaloupe will help calcium absorption and guinea pigs will become more healthy and strong. Phosphorus also has various positive effects on different body systems so this nutrient makes cantaloupe beneficial for guinea pigs.

Water: The water content in cantaloupe is great for guinea pigs. You will not have to refill the water bowl because this fruit can fulfill its requirement to a great extent.

However, too much water can cause diarrhea. Moreover, if a fruit has a high water content, it does not have many nutrients that guinea pigs need. Since they are not big eaters, the small portions of food they have should be full of healthy nutrients. Also, read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peaches?

Disadvantages Of Cantaloupe For Guinea Pigs

The water content in cantaloupe can be too high for guinea pigs. These rodents get diarrhea and that may upset their activity levels. Moreover, if they have diarrhea for a long they may become irate and weak. If this happens, they will lose their appetite and their illness will worsen. Another disadvantage can be the high amount of sugar.

Cantaloupe is not as sweet as other fruits but they still have enough sugar to pose a risk for guinea pigs. If they eat this fruit daily, they will get obese and it may cause a lot of health issues beginning with a lack of ability to move actively. These disadvantages make it necessary to limit the dose of cantaloupe to only once a week.

How Many Cantaloupe To Feed Guinea Pigs

You can feed a thin slice of cantaloupe to your guinea pig pet, or it can be a one-inch cube. Usually, pet parents stick to a small portion when they are feeding this fruit for the first time. When they get used to eating it, you can increase the amount to a thin slice or one-inch cube.

Be sure to only feed this amount once a week. Any more than this would mean risking your guinea pig’s health by feeding it excess sugars and water. Moderation is key to seeing that your guinea pet enjoys its fruit treats. Guinea pigs enjoy aromatic and delicious fruits and you will like them to enjoy cantaloupe once a week. Also, check out Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can guinea pigs eat cantaloupe seeds?

No, the seeds must be removed from cantaloupe because they can choke the rodent. You must clean the cantaloupe slice or cube well enough to ensure that there is no seed stuck to it. If the guinea pig swallows the seeds, it can get stuck in the intestines causing constipation and this can lead to impaction, which worsens the condition.

Will guinea pigs become fat if they eat cantaloupe twice a day?

No, guinea pigs can have cantaloupe once a week, or a smaller portion twice a week. However, do not feed it to rodent pets more regularly. Cantaloupe cannot be a daily treat for guinea pigs.

Are there any other fruits I can serve my guinea pig?

There are many permitted fruits for guinea pigs like apples and pears and they will love to eat them. You can serve many other nutritious vegetables and fruits to these cute little pets.


Can guinea pigs eat cantaloupe? Yes, they can, but moderation is the real way to go. Keep the dose as low as once a week and you will see guinea pigs thrive and enjoy their fruity treat. If you feed them extra cantaloupe, it can lead to diarrhea and obesity due to high water content and sugar. When picking any fruit for your pet, check the nutrients in it so you can decide if it is healthy or not. Furthermore, must read Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapples.

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