Bearded Dragon Stress Marks | Identifying And Managing

Bearded dragons and all other pets can express their emotions and fears in specific ways. Just as we understand the expressions and moods of our family members, we begin to understand the behavior of our pets. Bearded dragon stress marks might make you worry, but if you know how to address them, they can disappear in a short time.

There are many reasons why pets stress, and if you can understand these, you can ensure that your pet dragon will always remain happy and healthy. Here is all you need to know about bearded dragon stress marks.

Bearded Dragon Stress Marks

Bearded dragons get dark stripes on their body if they get stressed. There can be several other indicators too, but the most common are these stress marks all over the body. Here are some reasons that might cause these marks. Read on to know how to keep your bearded dragon comforted and happy. Also, have a look at Bearded Dragon Diseases.

7 Signs Of Stress In Bearded Dragons

When your bearded dragon begins to show a pattern of dark lines, or oval outlines on its back, belly, limbs, and face, there is something that is upsetting it. These stress marks can be for a number of reasons:

Signs Of Stress In Bearded Dragons

When The Bearded Dragon Is In A New Environment

When you bring the bearded dragon home for the first time, it will take time for it to adjust to the new habitat. Similarly, if you change the glass tank or if you add new fittings or decorations, the bearded dragon might get stressed.

Bearded dragons do not stop eating, or stop barking like cats or dogs. You will have to rule out various reasons to see how these reptilians behave and what made them uncomfortable in the first place. You can see stress marks on your bearded pet if they see other dragons, or if they think that there is a new place that they are not adjusted to!

Shedding Skin

Bearded dragons shed their skin and it doesn’t come with a lot of comforts. The reptilian feels a lot of distress during this phase. When your bearded pet is shedding, they become stressed and it can get difficult for them to cope with it. The stress marks can be visible when they are about to shed so be supportive and do all that can make it easier for them. A warm bath helps.

Loss Of Appetite

If your bearded dragon is not eating properly, it will get stressed. Remember to feed your pet all the things that they like, and that are suitable for them. When your pet is eating well, it will not be stressed and there will be no stress marks to worry about! Bearded dragons are sensitive, and if they show signs of stress related to their food, then it is time to change what you are serving. Read Metabolic Bone Disease In Bearded Dragons next.

Glass Surfing

When bearded dragons are uncomfortable with their surroundings, and glass surfing in an attempt to climb out of the glass cage, they may get stress marks. These stress marks can put owners in a stressful position as well! Try to make your bearded dragon adjust to its habitat by being extra-loving. Once they have gotten used to their home, do not move things around.

Activity Levels

When bearded dragons are lazy and especially when the season is changing, they stress out! The activity levels matter a great deal for bearded dragons. Make sure your pet has an active lifestyle because when they get lethargic, they feel as if something is changing and they worry about it. You must ensure that they keep a consistent routine because then they will not stress over it!

Exposure To Natural Light

If it has been days since the bearded dragon did not feel the sun bask, it can be a stressful situation. We recommend that you keep natural light around the dragon’s cage so they know that it is daytime. If they live in artificial light for days they can stress out and that will only make them more anxious and worried.

Aggressive Behavior

When there are too many things moving around, or if there are loud noises or bright lights, bearded dragons get aggressive. This behavior change makes them stressed and they get marks. Owners must ensure that their bearded pets are at ease all the time.

Remember, routine changes and anything out of the ordinary can make them anxious and aggressive. Even if you leave insects in their tank that buzz a lot or create noise, it can stress bearded dragons and they begin to show marks.


Bearded dragon stress marks are common when they feel something is out of routine or if they are uncomfortable with their surroundings. Pet owners must ensure that their dragons are well-fed, and happy all the time. Stress marks are not harmful but they certainly impact the dragon’s routine and that can worry you as you would always want to see your pet happy. Also, read What Cant Bearded Dragons Eat?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will stress marks go if my pet is feeling comfortable again?

Yes, stress marks on bearded dragons are temporary and they fade away when your pet is comfortable and happy. Try to ensure a healthy meal, a good routine, and a comfortable environment to keep stress marks a rare sighting!

How can I know what makes bearded dragon stress marks appear?

When you see stress marks on the dragon’s body, you can check the signs that we stated above. One by one as you rule out the various reasons for stress in bearded dragons, you will be able to locate the problem and work on it constructively. Remember, your pet needs love and attention and once they start getting it, their stress will vanish!

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