Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets? | Pros And Cons Explained

People often can’t wrap their heads around the idea of owning a reptile as a pet and this is why the most common question regarding bearded dragons is “Are bearded dragons good pets?” Well, the definitive answer would be a Big Yes! Bearded dragons are amazing creatures and are ideal for petting. So if you are thinking about owning one, you are about to experience some unforgettable leisure times with your beardie. However, if you can’t make up your mind just as yet because of unsure inklings, then go through our article below! Find out why our bearded dragons are good pets after all.

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets

Bearded Dragons Are Calm And Gentle

Beardies are known for their docile and friendly behavior. These beardies are surprisingly gentle and calm, unlike their appearance. One might think that with the scaly skin paired with the spiky beard, these reptiles are aggressive creatures, but no, you are mistaken here. A beardie’s smile shows how docile it is. Humans can easily handle this pet with affection and care. As you treat the exotic lizard with gentleness to create a bond over time, the lizard will reciprocate the same gentleness towards you.

Bearded Dragons Are Calm And Gentle

In fact, it is very rare for a bearded dragon to ever bite its owner. They only bite when they feel threatened or are in unusual discomfort. However, the bite of a beardie is so painless and powerless that it merely leaves a cut on the skin. These calm lizards enjoy the company of humans and interact with them too. You can even let them out of their enclosures under supervision, and let them explore for some time. Hence, bearded dragons are no creatures to be scared of.

Bearded Dragons Have A Fairly Long Life Span

We all want our dearest pet to live with us forever. After bonding with them in just a few days, our attachment to them is always far greater than what we had expected while choosing a pet in the pet store. So it’s fair enough to choose a pet according to its life expectancy.

Bearded Dragons Have a Fairly Long Life Span

None of us wants to shatter our hearts while bidding goodbye to the pet we are so emotionally attached to. And this is why bearded dragons are such good pets. These amazing reptiles live as long as 8-15 years in captivity. Although they can die in 3-8 years in the wild, due to the competition, lack of food, and wild predators, they outlive a majority of pets if they are kept in enclosures in loving homes.

Just feed your dragon wisely with high protein and calcium foods that are also low in goitrogens and oxalates. Furthermore, take care of their hygiene, clean their enclosures timely, set the right temperatures and UVB lighting, control humidity levels, and provide the right substrate. If you take care of all these factors for your beardie when it is young, then your pet will surely live as long as 15 years.

Bearded Dragons Are Easy To Handle

Bearded dragons are low maintenance and so both kids and adults can take care of them easily once they learn how to. The owner only needs to put effort before bringing the beardie home, just when you are setting up its home. It is essential to set up the enclosure with optimum measures and after that, all you have to care about is feeding.

Bearded Dragons Are Easy To Handle

The tank or enclosure of a beardie should be 55-75 gallons with a safe screen top. UVB lighting bulbs, time switch, thermometer, and the perfect substrate should be installed and laid. The cherry on the top is the branches, rocks, and a suitable background, that makes it feel like a natural habitat.

Once the enclosure is set, you just have to let the beardie get comfortable with its new home and enjoy its company as it basks, climbs, digs, and moves around. You can feed nutritious meals according to the age of the beardie easily as the gentle pet won’t bite, plus it takes handling very well. You can lift it up with both of your hands for bathing and cleaning without any stress.

Taking care of the pet’s hygiene and tank cleaning once a week takes a very little amount of time as compared to the other pets. Therefore, even children can handle this pet effortlessly. Also, check out Are Bearded Dragons Smart.

Bearded Dragons Are Intelligent Pets

Many of us are unaware of this fact. Bearded dragons are actually intelligent reptiles. They are smart enough to recognize their owners and act accordingly near them. They can even be trained if the right approaches are used. A trained beardie recognizes the face and voice of its owner and approaches the owner when he calls it for food, water, bath, handling, etc. Moreover, these intelligent pets can even walk on a leash. Establish a strong bond with your beardie and train it well to see its intelligence level yourself.

Bearded Dragons Are Intelligent Pets

Bearded Dragons Love Their Owner Back

It is true that domestic pets like cats and dogs are unmatchable when it comes to showing affection, this is because they bond and recognize their owners too quickly. But it is also true that reptiles can show affection too, while many stay unaware of this fact, beardies display affection to their owner with cute gestures.

Bearded Dragons Love Their Owner back

When you have bonded with your beardie long enough for them to recognize you, they will be comfortable enough to spend their time with you. Take your beardie out of the enclosure for walks and hold it close to your body, you will see it get cozy in your palm, or on your chest. It will caress its head against your neck or chest and snuggle to show affection. Beardies often sleep while snuggling with love, on the chest of their owner. Don’t let myths fool you. Beardies love you back too.

Bearded Dragons Have A Manageable Size

Unlike most pets, you don’t need to worry about the space in your home when buying a bearded dragon. Beardies have a very manageable size. They are neither too small to be a danger for toddlers or little children in your house, and nor too big to take up much space in your house. They are just medium-sized reptile lizards that can live easily in a 55-75 gallon tank.

Bearded Dragons Have a Manageable Size

The size of the common pet bearded dragon is 12-24 inches. They grow rapidly when they are babies or juveniles. That is the first year of their life, and then the second year is of very little growth. Fortunately, dragons don’t weigh much and even adult dragons can easily be lifted and snuggled.

Bearded Dragons Are Inexpensive

If you are looking for a pet that is affordable too, then a bearded dragon is the perfect pet for low maintenance altogether. You do not need to spend loads of money on a bearded dragon for pet-specific food or vet checkups, unlike other domestic pets. The regular meals of beardies are very cheap and are easily available in the market and there is always a high probability that you already have them in your kitchen.

Bearded Dragons Are Inexpensive

Secondly, regular checkups from reptile vets are not as expensive as those of cats and dogs. The only money you need to spend after buying a dragon is the enclosure, which is a one-time investment. One can spend about 200-600 dollars on the enclosure depending upon his wish to buy a quality enclosure, light source, thermometer, substrate, etc.

Bearded Dragons Are Fun

There is no doubt about that. Beardies are very amazing and entertaining creatures and it’s almost surprising that a lot of people are totally unaware of this. A beardie may run back and forth in its enclosure to get your attention. You can harness your dragon or get a leash after taking it out of its enclosure and take it for a walk around the house or in the yard. They are cute explorers and love to see around their environment.

Moreover, they are very fun to observe when they are bathing or swimming too. You will see them enjoy themselves while they play and splash in the water. Especially juvenile beardies who are more energetic and lively. It is fun to observe them as they play with toys too. Put a ping pong ball in their enclosure, or wrapping paper, and see them using their arms and tail to play. It is sure to cheer up your mood anytime.

Bearded Dragons Are Easy To Feed

You don’t need to worry much about feeding your beardie. The meals are already present in your house and as the beardie grows older feeding becomes easier. You do not need to be worried about limited feeding choices. Bearded dragons are omnivores and a plethora of vegetables, fruits, and insects can fit into their diet plan.

Bearded Dragons Are Easy To Feed

You can feed your beardie insects like mealworms, king worms, crickets, earthworms, silkworms, etc. and greens like kale, arugula, bell peppers, bok choy, cabbage, and the list go on. There is also a variety of fruit that can be fed in small amounts like mango, apple, watermelon, grapes, peach, etc.


So are bearded dragons good pets? A big yes! They are calm, gentle, docile, and very fun to play with. They are low maintenance, and very easy to take care of. You do not need to worry about feeding on a narrow choice of foods, there is a huge variety of meals that you can feed your beardie. Not only this, but they are also very affordable and have a manageable size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bearded dragons friendly?

Yes, beardies are very gentle, docile, and easy-going pets. They take time to bond with their owners, but when they do, they play with their owners, snuggle up, and show affection gently. They also sleep on the chest or palm of their owners.

Do bearded dragons like to be handled?

Yes. bearded dragons are very territorial creatures in the wild, but when they are in enclosures and bond with their owner, they make handling very nicely. Bearded dragons become very comfortable in their owner’s hands and like to be petted.

Are bearded dragons cuddly?

Yes, many people do not know this but a bearded dragon loves to snuggle with its affectionate owner. It may sleep close to you and also show affection when you cuddle it.

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