Do Bearded Dragons Fart Just Like Other Animals? | Funny Or Myth?

Bearded dragons are reptilians, with a subtle nature and a non-communicative disposition. These cold-blooded creatures live on insects, vegetables, plants, and fruits. You can feed your pet dragons from a variety of herbs, shrubs, and greens and each of them will provide various minerals and vitamins. New owners often ask, ‘do bearded dragons fart?’ and our answer is always the same!

Do Bearded Dragons Fart

Every animal has a digestive system and there can be flatulence, belching, nausea, and other kinds of short-term side effects to various foods that they eat. Bearded dragons are living creatures that consume a variety of greens, fruits, and insects. While the stomach and intestines play their part in breaking down every food item, there can be a gas!

Can Bearded Dragons Fart – How Much Is Normal

Some new owners might wonder how much farting is normal for the bearded dragon, and when they must think of addressing it. The answer is simple. When you observe your new pet, notice how its gut works by the number of times it defecates or passes gas.

Once you have understood the normal routine, any less or any more than this activity would mean that something is wrong. Even if the bearded dragon does not fart at all, it is an issue and you will have to address it by doing the same things that you do when they experience flatulence in excess.

A warm bath, more fiber, and some changes in the diet will help bearded dragons get normal in terms of gut movement, and digestion. Also, know about Bearded Dragon Impaction.

Bearded Dragons And Flatulence

When bearded dragons digest foods, some bacteria in the intestines will cause gas, and that results in reptilian farting. However, if the dragon pet farts a lot that means that there is some abnormal activity that is causing the system to produce more gas.

Pet owners must realize why this is happening because smaller, and negligible issues in pets can aggravate into something more serious, and sometimes it is irreversible!

Bearded dragons can fart a few times a day, and that may be normal. However, if you see your dragon have flatulence issues, along with some offensive and unpleasant smells, it is a point of concern.

Bearded Dragons And Flatulence

What If Bearded Dragon’s Flatulence Increases

If you feel that the bearded dragon is farting more than usual, you can check what it ate on the last day. If any particular vegetable or fruit caused this condition, it is time to reduce that food item!

We all know by now that there are a few veggies that are allowed while some greens and botanicals are not at all suited for bearded dragons. Even so, every dragon varies in nature and even in choices. Some bearded dragons might react to some allowed vegetables.

Many owners cannot understand when their dragon pet dislikes a vegetable that is allowed for all dragons generally. Some of these creatures might get gas from a specific fruit or green, and if the owner notices it, then they must do something about it so that their dragon feels better. Check out Is My Bearded Dragon Dying.

What To Do If Bearded Dragon’s Flatulence Increases

If your bearded dragon is having flatulence issues, you can make a few changes to ensure that they feel better soon. Flatulence can be uncomfortable and these small activities can improve the situation temporarily:

A Warm Bath

You can put your dragon in a shallow warm bath to help its body systems work fast. When the dragon feels the warmth, it gets easier for them to relieve the colic gas that is disturbing them. Moreover, the warm bath soothes the creature and it can expel the gas that may be troubling them.

Drinking Water

Give your bearded dragon water to drink as that also hastens the digestive system. If you give them water at room temperature, it will help the dragon defecate and empty the intestines so that the bacteria-producing gas becomes inactive and the bearded dragon does not feel uncomfortable any further.

Add Fiber To The Diet

Fiber is a magical food component as it helps keep the intestines clean, bowel movements regular, and even the gut healthy by eliminating any flatulence-causing bacteria under control. If your bearded dragon is eating enough fiber, it will have a healthy gut, which means that there will be no chance of extra flatulence, making the bearded dragon uncomfortable.

Increase Physical Exercise

If you add some physical activity for the bearded dragon by keeping the food at the end of the tank and adding a few rocks here and there for it to climb and descend before getting to the food.

Yes, adding props to the tank is never a good idea, but if the dragon is new, you can decorate it in a way that there are a few hurdles for the dragon to pass before it gets to the food. Moreover, a walk outside the tank will also be a good idea. These creatures do not need a long walk like us, a few meters and they are done for the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my bearded dragon antacids or any medicine for flatulence?

It is best to avoid medication by yourself. Even if you use over-the-counter first-aid medicines, it is recommended that you discuss them with the vet first. Instead of giving any medicine, try some small tips and tricks that may improve the situation or take the dragon to the vet.

How do I know how much normal flatulence is?

Many owners get confused in the assessment of normal flatulence. However, if you observe the activity level, mood, and appetite of your dragon, you will be able to understand if the creature has any digestive issues. Moreover, observe the dragon for a few hours and if they have flatulence issues, you will be able to tell easily. A slight bloating of the belly also denotes flatulence issues.


Bearded dragons feel the same kinds of things as all other creatures and humans. If a bearded dragon is your new pet, you may wonder if they fart like mammals or not. The answer is yes, they do. However, if you see your dragon pet become gassier or if it does not experience any flatulence at all, there are a few things to change about its daily routine. Also, check out the reasons for Bearded Dragon Throwing Up.

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