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Bearded dragons are not as expressive as cats or dogs and it can be hard to understand their liking. If you are a new owner and if you are wondering, ‘can bearded dragons eat onions?’ you came to the right place!

Bearded dragons are pretty passive when it comes to food. So if you want to work on the right kind of food for your pet dragon, it is essential to know whether they can have vegetables like onions or not. For this, you have to understand the nutritional value of onions, and also the requirements of your bearded dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Onions

Do Bearded Dragons Eat Onions

Onions are off-limits for bearded dragons because they are too acidic and your pet’s digestive system is not strong enough to tolerate that. If bearded dragons eat onions, it can cause complications, even if you cook them and try to reduce the acidic quality.

Onions are the most common vegetable and they are used in every dish no matter which region you belong to. However, even cooked onions are more acidic than what bearded dragons can take. You might feel they are the perfect vegetable to go with burgers, pasta, and a million other things. However, as much as you like them, your bearded dragon will not be taking them down nicely.

Onions are one of the forbidden foods for bearded dragons but we hear about owners feeding them to their dragons. Many people think they can feed their pets off their own plates, but that is not the case with onions. Also, read and find out Can Beardies Eat Arugula.

Nutritional Value Of Onions

Onions are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. However, they have calcium and a higher amount of phosphorus. The calcium and phosphorus ratio in onions is pretty high and that can be harmful to bearded dragons. Your pet requires calcium because it is essential for their bones. However, if the phosphorus content is high it can be harmful as the dragon will not be able to absorb the calcium.

Nutritional Value Of Onions

Apart from this, there are folic acid, pantothenic acid, and niacin present in onions. The high acid content is dangerous for bearded pets as these reptilians are made for desert weather. These arid creatures are built to store water and go without food for days. Their digestive system is slow and they cannot process acidic foods.

Many of you might think that if you cook onions with vegetables it will be a good idea. Cooking with onions can be a great way to increase the bulk and add some texture to cooked vegetables. However, it will not make onions move from the list of forbidden vegetables to approved foods. If you go for the packs of frozen vegetables available at supermarkets, look for the ones that do not have any green onions or even shallots. Also, give a read to Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes, it would be helpful.

What Happens If You Feed Onions To The Bearded Dragon

It can be an honest mistake to feed your bearded pet onions. This vegetable turns out to be poisonous for bearded dragons! However, if you have fed onions to the dragon, and you got to know later that it is not suitable for bearded pets, you will have to ensure that you clear it out of the system. This is possible by feeding them fruits and vegetables that are alkaline in nature.

What Happen If You Feed Onions To The Bearded Dragon

The best way to avoid any onion feeds is to be the sole one in charge of feeding your pet. Moreover, keep all kinds of acidic vegetables away from the bags of vegetables that you prepare for the bearded dragon. We always recommend owners take their pets for regular checks so that there is no chance of prolonged illness or abnormality in the digestive system.

If you have been feeding onions to your dragon, immediate action would be to take them to the doctor. The diet changes that can help reduce the acidity will be to add some vegetables that are basic, such as turnip greens and collard.

Which Other Vegetable Is Forbidden For Bearded Dragons

There are many vegetables that are off the charts for bearded dragons. Either the phosphorus-calcium ratio or the acidic nature of veggies makes them unfavorable for your dragons. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that you must avoid.

Which Other Vegetable Is Forbidden For Bearded Dragons

  • Rhubarb has high oxalic acid content and must not be given to bearded pets! The high acid content makes it a bad choice and can bring about the same digestion issues as onions.
  • Spinach has a chemical phosphorus ratio higher than the recommended ratio for bearded dragons. It is best if you keep this veggie out of bounds forever.
  • Lettuce is a common mistake as people feel that it is a salad, and bearded dragons like the crunchy leaves of other veggies so lettuce might be fine too. However, the water content of this vegetable is not good for bearded dragons.
  • Avocados have high-fat content, and again, this fruit can be harmful to a reptilian that has a slow metabolism. Moreover, the number of time avocados take to wash out of the system is too long for your pet.


Bearded dragons do not express their discomfort or dislike for any particular food. Owners must know the nutritional value of each vegetable so that they can feed their pets freely! Onions are a common veggie for all of us but they are not good for bearded dragons. The acidic content and the high calcium-phosphorus ratio are not favorable for them. Furthermore, you can also find out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Parsley.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed my dragon-cooked veggies with onions?

No! Onions whether raw or cooked, will not be a good choice for your bearded dragon pets. Try to remove all kinds of onion-cooked veggies and ensure that you only give the bearded dragon fruits and vegetables that are allowed.

If I feed onions, does that mean that my bearded dragon will die?

Bearded dragons can get poisoned by onions if fed continuously. Be sure to take your pet to a doctor if you have been feeding it onions. The Doctors can treat bearded dragons while home remedies include feeding alkaline veggies such as turnip greens and mustard greens.

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