Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ham? | Everything You Should Know

Bearded dragons are omnivores and there are many kinds of rodents, insects, and pests that suit their palate. Your pet dragon may enjoy eating some foods but that does not mean they are good for them. Similarly, all insects and meat items are not 100% suitable for them. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could eat all the same things that we enjoy? Can bearded dragons eat ham? What will happen if you feed them ham daily to fulfill their protein requirements?

To understand what is suitable for the dragon pet, it is essential to understand what they require and what a definite no for them is. If a particular food item contains even a small amount of substance that does not suit dragons, it is best to avoid it. Get to know what is in ham, and whether bearded dragons can eat it or not.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ham

Why Bearded Dragons Should Not Eat Ham

Bearded dragons shouldn’t eat ham because it is processed meat. Processed meat contains various kinds of substances that include preservatives, sugars, and salt. All these things might be acceptable for humans but these small reptilians are not as strong-gutted. Moreover, they also need to consume low sugar and salt levels on a daily basis.

Bearded Dragons Should Not Eat Ham

Pet owners might debate the logic that since ham is meat, and bearded dragons can eat meat, all is ok. However, that is not so. Ham is processed meat and contains many unfavorable components for bearded dragons. Bearded dragons have a slow metabolism and they consume less water than many other animals.

These creatures are made to live in desert areas, and their bodies are acclimatized to consuming less water, and fatty foods that take longer to digest. The slow metabolism indicates that you must feed your dragon things that are nutritious. Ham can be toxic and feeding it to them may even result in malnutrition.

Bearded dragons eat in small amounts and if what you feed them is not good, it means that you are wasting their daily intake by giving them food that is not beneficial. Ham is also high in fats, which is another component that will not suit your dragon. Due to their low metabolism, these dragons cannot consume high-calorie or high-fat foods that are hard to digest. In the wilderness, these reptilians have to hunt for food and even move around large distances.

On the contrary, bearded dragons in captivity are not as active and may become obese if they consume fat and sugar. Salt and sugar are not recommended for dragons as they can be too heavy to digest and may cause some complications. High sugars can make the dragons obese while a high amount of salt is unhealthy as it causes water retention that may upset your bearded pet. Have a look at Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes which will be helpful for your pet.

What Kind Of Meat To Give Bearded Dragons

You can feed your dragons all kinds of insects that are not venomous. Moreover, small rodents like mice are also acceptable. The best is to feed bearded dragons insects so that they can get their daily protein intake along with other minerals and calcium. Dragons love to eat soft, slimy, and tiny insects that have soft coats and skin.

When bearded dragons eat meat, it means they are consuming high protein which is good, but they are also consuming high fat and salt. Processed meat is not recommended for humans either if they want to remain healthy. However, this meat is delicious and hard to resist. Your bearded dragon can live without eating this processed meat item!

What Kind Of Meat To Give Bearded Dragons

What Will Happen If Bearded Dragons Eat Ham

If your pet dragon eats ham, it can make it obese and the high sugar may cause them to become lazy and overweight, due to which its activity levels drop. Your pet will become immobile if its body is too heavy to allow them to move about freely. In captivity, dragons hardly have any physical activity and if they take meats with higher fat content, they will not remain healthy. Obesity is a problem in all living creatures and therefore pet owners will have to ensure that their pets are fed healthy items only.

What Other Meat Is Allowed For Dragons

Dragons can eat small rodents, frogs, and insects. Even so, if there is any insect or rodent that cannot be fed as a whole must be cut up and chopped into small pieces. The best food for dragons is insects and they love to eat these creepers and crawlers because they are small and tasty. If your bearded dragon is not used to eating meat, it is best not to feed it to them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my dragon pet going to die if it eats ham?

No, your bearded dragon will not die if it eats ham but there are many dangers like getting overweight and becoming unwell. Obesity in small dragons can become a very big issue as it can lead to immobility in dragons.

What should I do if my pet ate ham?

If the bearded dragon ate ham once, it is fine but does not feed it again as there is no nutritional value in this meat for your bearded pet.


Bearded dragons cannot eat ham because it is high in sugar, salt, and preservatives and also has higher fat content than what is recommended for dragons. You can feed them insects and smaller creatures but make sure that there is no processed meat in their diet. These dragons are reptilians with a slow metabolism and they cannot eat foods that take longer to digest. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Have Cucumber.

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