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Bearded dragons can sometimes be passive pets, which means that they cannot wag their tails like dogs or purr in delight like cats. If these creatures like or dislike something, their behavior will not show you their sentiments. So how will you know what vegetables can bearded dragons eat and enjoy?

Bearded dragons can be pretty unexpressive when it comes to their diet, so you will have to observe how quickly they devour food to show their pleasure. Vegetables are an integral part of the diet for bearded dragons. You might feed an adult dragon some spinach leaves, and it will just be standing next to it, not eating. That’s the first indication that spinach is not at the top of their list.

What Vegetables Can Bearded Dragons Eat

The Importance Of Vegetables

Vegetables are an essential part of your bearded dragon’s diet. However, once they start eating insects, there is a chance they might not like veggies at all. Every mealtime can take hours if they feel they are not getting their favorite foods. You should start feeding veggies to your pet as soon as you bring them home because the more it is delayed, the less they will adapt to it, which can be unfavorable for them. Individual bearded dragons may develop a specific taste for the vegetables you feed them, but you might find them looking for insects even when their meal is unfinished.

What Vegetables Can They Eat And Like

All living creatures have an internal program to eat foods that are essential for their survival. Without any training, each species reaches out for specific food groups, and vegetables are necessary for bearded dragons. You will have to introduce them to all the veggies they will get accustomed to quickly. Here is a list of five vegetables that bearded dragons tend to like.

Vegetables Can Bearded Dragons


All owners treat their pets like babies, and these ones have vegetable preferences any mother will love! Turnips are a good choice for bearded dragons as they offer all the nutrients these reptilians need for growth. Make sure you Chop up the root of the turnip well and feed it with leaves to make it an exciting palate for your pet. Turnips are a good source of calcium, fiber, and vitamins A, C, and E. Your dragon pet will like the purplish peel, and the leaves are never off the plate!

Green Beans

Green beans are rich in beta-carotene, fiber, and vitamin B. These vegetables, when chopped up well, will be an excellent addition to their diet. The crunch and the sweet taste of beans is something the bearded dragons like, and they will give them a full feeling which can go on for days! You might want to cut the beans into smaller portions so the dragon can consume them quickly.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Most bearded dragons love to devour these sprouts, and they can be a top choice for them! Alfalfa sprouts are highly nutritious, and your pet will love them. The whitish-green sprouts are a part of salad bars and vegetable platters for all, and if you ever serve them on the table, your pet will come for them too! Bearded dragons like alfalfa sprout more than other veggies, and we can only assume that these reptiles have a liking for the crunch and water consistency of sprouts.


The various kinds of squash will become a part of your grocery item for your bearded pet. Once you incorporate yellow, butternut, or spaghetti squash into their diet, your pets will become happy creatures. Apart from the nutrition, the taste of all kinds of squash is a favorite. Among all the vegetables that bearded dragons like, squash is a topper.

You can Chop up cubes and feed your pet, and they will enjoy the texture and taste. Moreover, yellow squash is bright and has a unique flavor that these creatures will like even more than butternut or spaghetti squash. Bearded dragons like colorful food and yellow squash offer this pleasure with magnesium, vitamins, and potassium.


Cabbage offers the same crunch and lush texture that bearded dragons like. This vegetable is rich in calcium and potassium and contains many vitamins that will keep your pet busy for more than an hour! You can Chop Cabbage and add it to the salad you serve your bearded dragon, and you will see them go for it before any other veggie on the plate.

Apart from these five vegetables, bearded dragons like leafy greens like mustard leaves or collard. Try to avoid spinach, although kale is also a good choice. Moreover, you may also like finding out What Fruits Can Bearded Dragons Eat.

A Special Entry

One of the leafy greens that bearded dragons like are dandelions. Most of us consider dandelions as weeds, but your pet will be the eradicator of this green plant! In the Mid West and some parts of America, people eat dandelions, but it is not one of the most popular foods among the masses. However, your bearded dragon friend can finish off any dandelions growing on the lawn, and you will consider it weed-free then!

Some grocery stores and greengrocers offer dandelion leaves, but you can feed the bearded dragon some organic leaves if you have a lawn. Before serving, make sure the leaves you pluck are pesticide-free!

The Best Way To Serve Vegetables

Bearded dragons can be termed as picky eaters, and to keep them satiated, you must serve them vegetables after chopping them in a food processor or giving it to them in a salad bowl, ripped up and cut into small pieces.

For convenience, you can prepare the salad bowl servings and keep them in a bag in the fridge. When you serve your pet dragon some veggies, the smaller pieces mixed up well will not help them avoid any of the components. They will pick a mix of everything and munch on it while fulfilling their nutritional requirements.

You can prepare a mix of turnips, Cabbage, sprouts, beans, and collard to give the bearded dragons a punch of goodness, with a blend of flavors that they love. If you cannot find fresh vegetables, go for canned veggies available in supermarkets and create the perfect salad for your friend. The only thing to ensure is that you chop them up so small that your bearded dragon can consume them without any problem.

Vegetables That Bearded Dragons Can Eat

Apart from these, liked veggies, cucumbers, capsicum, sprouts, kale, mustard greens, carrots, parsnips, and many others are acceptable. Bearded dragons may like some vegetables more than others, and the bright color and aroma add to the charms. However, if you feed them any vegetable apart from the ones that must be avoided, these bearded babies will eat them all!

Vegetables To Avoid

The few veggies that are not suitable for bearded dragons include the following:

Avocado, spinach, broccoli, and romaine salad are not fit for your bearded dragon as they can be harmful. The nutritional balance for all animals is vital, and for your dragon friend, these vegetables do not offer the best value.


Bearded dragons require vegetables as a central component of their diet, and therefore, many pet owners ask what vegetables can bearded dragons eat. We have discussed some veggies that these pets will love and some that you must avoid. You can ensure that your bearded pet will remain healthy and happy if you provide them with the right foods. Also, find out what are the Best Greens For Bearded Dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to feed vegetables to my dragon?

All animals have primary nutritional requirements and bearded dragons also need vitamins, fiber, and minerals. You can create a veggie salad, or a bowl with some fruits and vegetables together to suit their palate.

Will bearded dragons fall ill if I give them spinach?

Spinach is not a favorite vegetable for bearded dragons. You can feed them kale, mustard greens, and a few other leafy vegetables but keep spinach off the table as it can be harmful to your bearded pet.

Do I need to give vegetables to my pet bearded dragon every day?

It is essential that bearded dragons eat vegetables at every meal. Adult dragons may miss their meals for a few days, but for pet dragons, it is beneficial if you feed them every day.

Do I need to feed dragons whole carrots or other vegetables?

It is best to Chop veggies and give your pet dragons a blend of various vegetables. That way they will get used to eating all kinds of vegetables, and it will be easier for you to prepare the salad in a food processor.

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