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If you are looking for the right kinds of insects for your bearded dragon, it might be a consolation to know that this search is common for all pet owners. Superworms for bearded dragons are the top search for new owners. Everyone wants to see their pet thrive and become healthier as they grow and with a wide variety, each type of worm is worth a try, especially superworms.

Before you mark out the insects for your pet, note down a list of vegetables and fruits that you will be serving on a daily basis. There are so many options when it comes to insects that anyone can get overwhelmed but superworms remain more in demand.

Superworms For Bearded Dragons

What Are Superworms

Superworms are a kind of worm that looks like any other species but bearded dragons love them. The taste may be appealing but it is not necessary that the nutritional value of any insect will match the taste. Mealworms and superworms are similar as the latter develops into darling beetles. The protein and hydration factor may be ok for your bearded dragon but are the rest of the nutrients favorable? Every pet owner needs to know what is in the food to understand if it is good for their pet.

What Are Superworms

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Superworms

Yes, bearded dragons can eat superworms as they are a good source of protein and can help meet the daily protein requirement for adults. Bearded dragons love the taste of this high-protein worm. However, it is not favorable for younger bearded pets! As the bearded dragon grows, its daily nutritional value also grows. Since superworms are very rich in protein, young bearded dragons might suffer from severe impaction due to their high protein content. Also, find out Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cicadas.

Advantages Of Superworms For Bearded Dragons

There are numerous benefits of superworms for your pet dragons. Here are a few that will convince you to feed them these insects:

Advantages Of Superworms For Bearded Dragons

Great Taste

The great snack that these worms make for bearded dragons is mainly due to the taste. While these reptilians can be picky eaters of green vegetables and fruits, insects are their favorite food and superworms are the best out of them! Your pet will get excited after feeding on these worms because they love the taste.

They Are A Chase

Bearded dragons are omnivores and have a passion for moving, flinging, and crawling insects. It is their nature to chase insects and eat them. However, superworms give the bearded dragons a good chase and that makes them more rewarding to eat.

Optimum Moisture

The amount of water in superworms makes them the delicious crunchy treat that bearded dragons love! This insect has high water content and your bearded pet will enjoy the hydration from a tasty treat.

High Protein

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of superworms is the high protein content and the fulfillment of daily requirements means that the pet will thrive. A delicious meal that fulfills their daily requirements, is good news!

How Many Superworms To Feed A Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons can be picky eaters, and yes, there is a reason for that. While superworms are an exception due to taste, there are numerous reasons why they cannot be consumed regularly but occasionally.

How Many Superworms To Feed A Bearded Dragon

Low Calcium

The low calcium content in superworms is the reason why these insects cannot be consumed daily. Bearded dragons require more calcium to thrive and remain healthy. Moreover, the phosphorus and calcium ratio has to be in favor of calcium so that phosphorus cannot hinder the absorption of this bone-builder element.

Lack of calcium can lead to metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons and that can be fatal. If you want to feed your dragons these worms, try and put calcium powder or some other calcium-rich vegetable on the insect before feeding it.

High Fat

The high-fat content of superworms makes them an unfavorable snack for regular intake. Bearded dragons have a slow metabolism, which means that they cannot digest heavy foods or sugary items. Since superworms have high-fat content, they can be a bad choice for daily consumption. If you feed superworms to your pet every day, they will become obese and their physical activity will decrease, which may result in stress and anxiety.


Yes, superworms are a good treat once in a while, but they are high in protein so if your bearded dragon eats too many of them, they can suffer from gut impaction. If this happens, going to the vet and getting a laxative or hydration therapy is best. However, the stress and anxiety that the dragon goes through are irreparable.

How To Feed Superworms To Bearded Dragon

There are many stories about superworms and why they got this name. Some people say that these worms can eat their way out of the dragon’s gut. Well, this is not true! Superworms do not need to be cut. Bearded dragons can chase these insects, in fact, they enjoy chasing. However, if you feed these worms out of a feeding can, you can cut them into pieces to avoid gut impaction caused by deposits of un-chewed insects.

If you are storing superworms, be sure to keep them in a warm place in a perforated lid jar. You can feed these worms a slice of potato or any other vegetable. If you keep the worms in a well-crowded jar, they will not turn into beetles.


Superworms for bearded dragons are a good idea, however, you cannot feed them this insect every day. Superworms have numerous benefits but there are numerous disadvantages to consuming them regularly. Pet owners must be careful about the feeding times of superworms for bearded dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many superworms can I feed my pet dragon at one time?

You can give your bearded dragon more than five superworms. Lift them with tweezers and place them on the feeding dish and your bearded dragon will rush to them!

How can I store superworms?

You can store superworms in a warm drawer in the pantry or a place where they cannot escape. Be sure to feed them some vegetables. These worms need a crowded place so that they remain crawlers and do not develop into beetles.

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